Mangools Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for a Mangools Review? Should you use it to optimise the SEO of your websites? You will find the answer in this comprehensive review.

SEO tools are essential in crafting effective strategies for your websites. 

However, with the abundance of SEO tools in the market, sometimes it is hard to know which one can help you work more efficiently on the tasks like keyword research, backlink checking, content research, SERP analysis and even grammar checking.

One of the latest looks that have helped me successfully achieve 4 figures monthly income in a matter of a few months is Mangools, which offers 5 tools in one single package. I have tried other versatile SEO tools before but none of them works like Mangools. 

If you want to get ahead in the SEO game, you might want to know more about your competitors such as the backlinks they’re getting and the keywords for which you can also rank and optimise.

Mangools Review – Key Takeaways

  • Name: Mangools 
  • Features: Organic search competitive analysis, backlink research, and the best keyword research tool
  • Website:
  • Pricing: Get 10-Day Free Trial
  • Overall Rating: 4.9/5
  • Who is Mangools For: Newbie to Experts in Search Engine Optimisation

Below is my Mangools review which covers the SEO tools KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner and SiteProfiler. 

What is Mangools?

Mangools is one of the most popular SEO tools which bring innovative approaches to keyword research. 

It offers 5 different SEO tools in one package, including the KWFinder for keyword research, SERPChecker for SERP analysis, SERPWatcher for Rank Tracking, LinkMiner for link tracking, and SiteProfiler for SEO metrics and insights. 

When you log in to Mangools, you’ll see your dashboard page as below:

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

The interface is so beautiful and easy to use that you can navigate the tools and do research efficiently.

Key Features of Mangools – Mangools Review

1. KWFinder Keyword Research Tool Mangools Review

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

Keyword research is the most important step in optimising your content for SEO. Without doing keyword research before writing your content, your chance of ranking it on Google is slim. While Google algorithm is getting smarter and understands natural language, writing your content with a keyword in mind is still very important.

To find the best keyword to target, you have to rely on a keyword research tool. A good keyword should have a decent amount of traffic but easy to rank.

KWFinder helps you find the best keywords for your website and content, by offering more options than other keyword tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner.

In addition, it offers many important details for each keyword such as Trends, Search Volume, Cost per Click and Keyword Difficulty.

Unlike most keyword research tools, KWFinder offers three types of keywords, namely, Suggestions, Autocomplete, and Questions.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

With the Suggestions option, you can simply enter a keyword and get hundreds of keyword suggestions and variations of your target keyword.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

With the Autocomplete option, you can get access to the autocomplete data from Google searches. Google Autocomplete suggestions can find out the keywords people are using when looking for something on the search engine.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

With the Questions option, you will be provided with the questions people are asking related to your target keyword. These questions can help you better refine your content and give you guidance in content strategy.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

In any SEO game, it never works by stuffing keywords in your article. 

Instead, you should begin with researching what questions people might be asking and then write content relevant to those questions and naturally incorporate the long-tail keywords.

KWFinder also allows you to see important details about the target keyword, what websites are ranking for the keyword and each keyword suggestion on the side.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

Results Filter is another feature that sets KWFinder apart from other similar keyword tools available. 

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

It enables you to filter the keyword suggestions based on the minimum and maximum Search Volume, CPC, PPC, number of words, etc. 

That way, you can single out the winners without going through hundreds of similar keywords.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

One of the most important and accurate data that KWFinder provides you is the Keyword Difficulty Score. it measures and estimates how difficult it is to rank for a keyword.

The higher is the Keyword Difficulty Score, the more difficult it is to rank on the first page of Google.

Mangools KWFinder takes into account your competitors’ Link Profile Strength on the first page to give you the score, which is very accurate indeed.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

You can use this Keyword Difficulty Score to find and rank for the low-hanging fruits. It will save you a lot of time in deciding what keywords to target and drive traffic.

In short, KWFinder is an advanced upgrade from free keyword tools and it is probably the best keyword research tool on the market. 

Get 10-Day Free Trial Here 

2. LinkMiner Backlink Analysis Tool Mangools Review

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

If you have learnt SEO, you should know quality backlinks are important to outrank your competitors on Google. Google sees a quality backlink as a vote for the content, which indicates the content is relevant and valuable. So content that has more quality and relevant backlinks will be ranked higher in the SERPs.

To outrank your competitors, you have to understand their backlink profile. LinkMiner allows you to find out what pages are linking to your competitors’ website. 

Just enter a URL into LinkMiner and you will see all the backlinks your competitor has.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

One of the best features that LinkMiner has is that you can filter the links based on the link types such as Blog, Q&A, forum etc. 

You can also filter the backlinks based on metrics like Link Strength, Citation Flow, Alexa Rank etc. That way, you can sort out the valuable backlinks and reach out to the website owners to link to your website.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

LinkMiner not only helps you find the existing backlinks, but also the lost backlinks of your competitors. That means you can reach out to those website owners of the lost backlinks and ask them to link to your site instead.mangools review: is it the best seo tool?


If you want to do other advanced analysis of the backlinks yourself or upload it onto third-party software, you can export the links into a CSV file.

3. SERPChecker Keyword Difficulty Tool Mangools Review

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

Over the years, Google has been personalised according to personal preference. Therefore when you enter a keyword on Google, the results you see can be entirely different from what other people see.

Here is where SERPChecker comes into the picture. With SERPChecker, you can see what most of the people searching for a keyword will see.

Apart from that, it also tells you how difficult it might be to rank for that specific keyword. 

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

There is a difficulty score for every keyword you enter, based on metrics such as an average number of links and domain authority.

You can also make reference to other SEO metrics such as Page Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow and Referring Domains for every page ranking for your target keyword.

Most of all, SERPChecker provides you with a number of details for every keyword you search. For example, it tells you whether there is a featured snippet, stories box or knowledge box.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

It also estimates the percentage of clicks the search results might be getting, so that you know the number of clicks you might get if you were ranking in that place:

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

With SERPChecker, not only can you see the research results in your own country but also in other countries.

In addition, you can also choose to see the search results that will be displayed on mobile devices. 

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

You can also check a preview of what the search results would look like in the country and device type you chose.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

Since Mangools’ LinkMiner also provides backlink analysis, you can easily analyse the backlinks of each search results from SERPChecker.

What’s more, if you want to compare your website’s ranking with your competitors on the SERP, you can do this within SERPChecker.

Just enter your site’s URL in the compare box.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

Now, you can easily compare your website with your competitors on the same page.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

Within SERPChecker, you can also see the Top Stories box, People Also Ask box and other details.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

Also, SERPChecker gives you the freedom to choose the metrics to show for the search result.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

I personally use SERPChecker to analyse if a keyword is easy to rank or not before I spend hours to write a post for it. You’ll waste a lot of time producing content that can never be ranked if you skip this important step.

Get 10-Day Free Trial Here 

4. SERPWatcher Keyword Rank Tracking Tool – Mangools Review

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

SERPWatcher is designed to help you keep track of your keyword rankings. To optimise your website’s SEO, you need to understand your ranking for the target keywords and measure the changes. That way, you know what to make improvements to.

When you have lots of keywords to keep track of, it’s not possible to do it manually. That’s why you need SERPWatcher. 

SERPWatcher will help you track the ranking of keywords you aim to rank for. You can get an overview of how your site is performing in terms of SEO.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

It’s important to know when your blog post’s ranking falls. Sometimes, you would need to improve the on-page and off-page SEO in order to rank higher again.

Just add your site to SERPWatcher and you can see the biggest changes in the rankings of your website. You will know what keywords are falling and what keywords are increasing ranking. You can then take action to make adjustments.

Moreover, you can see your site’s Dominance Index, which is a useful metric developed by Mangools. It tells you the organic traffic share of your website based on the current keywords you are ranking.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

If you want to know how much Google loves your website, there is a chart that shows you the keyword position distribution within SERPWatcher. That gives you an idea of your overall SEO results.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

5. SiteProfiler Website Analysis Tool Mangools Review

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

SEO is a game where you have to compete with other websites to rank for certain keywords. To win the game, you have to constantly spy on your competitors’ website and see how they are doing.

SiteProfiler allows you to analyze your competitor’s website thoroughly. It gives you all the important metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow and Trust Flow.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

You can also see the Alexa Rank, Referring IPs, and Facebook Shares of your competitor’s website.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

SiteProfiler shows you a Total Backlinks graph of your competitor’s website as well.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?


What I like about SiteProfiler is that you can see the Anchor Texts box, which shows your competitor’s anchor texts.

If you want to outrank your competitor, you need to use similar anchor texts of your competitor. With SiteProfiler, you can see what type of anchor texts are common in your niche.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

Get 10-Day Free Trial Here 

Why Choose Mangools Over Other SEO tools?

Mangools is a complete SEO package that allows you to do link research, keyword research and tracking of rankings.

If you want robust keyword research and competitor analysis, Mangools offers great value at a very affordable price. 

While SEMrush and Ahrefs are great alternatives to Mangools, they are too expensive. They cost at least more than $100 a month and most bloggers cannot afford it. Actually, most of the features are redundant for bloggers or small businesses.

Mangools is different. It offers robust and essential functions for bloggers and small businesses for doing SEO. The suite of tools has really cool features, which allows you to do thorough keyword research (KWFinder) and backlink analysis (LinkMiner). It’s more than enough for SEO purposes. 

Get 10-Day Free Trial Here 

What I Like About Mangools Mangools Review

I like Mangools for a number of reasons.

First, Mangools has a very user-friendly interface. It’s easy to navigate as the buttons and labels are very clear. Each metric is clearly explained, which helps you understand the metrics and do analysis.

Second, Mangools is a great deal. It only costs $29.9/month for accessing all the valuable features. Actually, unlike other expensive SEO tools which limit the number of features in the basic plans, Mangools gives you access to all the features in the cheapest plan.

Third, it’s very easy to do keyword research with Mangools KWFinder. You can generate a lot of keyword ideas and analyse which keyword is profitable. That saves me a lot of time in sorting out the best keywords to target and increase the organic traffic of my websites.

Fourthly, Mangools is a huge upgrade from Google Keyword Planner as you can get many important metrics for each keyword, including the Google Trends, Google search volume, keyword difficulty etc. The metrics are very accurate when compared with other SEO tools. Actually, I do not recommend using Google Keyword Planner as the data is very misleading.

What I Don’t Like About Mangools Mangools Review

Mangools is not perfect and there are some areas that need improvement. 

Firstly, Mangools is a bundle of 5 powerful and user-friendly SEO tools. The 5 apps seem to work separately and do not integrate with each other fully.

Also, many SEO tools offer a limited free version, but Mangools doesn’t have one. You only get a 10-day free trial. However, as mentioned before, Mangools paid plan is much cheaper than other SEO software, so it’s understandable that they don’t offer a limited free version.

Moreover, in terms of features, Mangools doesn’t have some of the features that other expensive SEO tools have. For example, Mangools doesn’t have a Content Explorer available in Ahrefs. It helps you find mostly-shared content.

Also, Mangools doesn’t have SEMrush’s SEO site audit tool and features that help running PPC campaigns.

Despite the lack of some features in Mangools, the most critical features in keyword research and backlink analysis are all available in Mangools, so personally, Mangools meets all my SEO needs and help me generate a 4-5 figure income consistently.

Get 10-Day Free Trial Here 

How Does Mangools Work?

Mangools is an excellent software package with a link-building tool, keyword-search tool, and ranking tracker. 

Mangool looks like this:

Competitor Backlink Analysis (LinkMiner)

As with other SEO software, it is possible to find competitor links and find links on the web.

I’m especially fond of Mangools’ ability to preview the link’s target in the same window (iframe) without leaving the research tool. That’s a game changer!

Robust Keyword Research

With Mangool, they came up with something very cool with their keyword research tool. As a first step, you get the usual keyword volume, CPC, etc. metrics. Toggle to “questions” and all related questions will be found based on your keyword. You can access additional information about related autocomplete terms by clicking “autocomplete”. With the combination of questions and autocomplete data, we think it’s easy to come up with content ideas. Simple, yet so powerful.


Mangool’s traffic estimator tool. Like similar tools SEMrush and SpyFu, the accuracy is always questioned, but at least you get some idea.

Get 10-Day Free Trial Here 

Mangools Pricing

Mangools has three pricing plans. The basic plan only costs $29.9 per month. The difference between the three plans is the usage credits for the tools. The credits will reset every day.

mangools review: is it the best seo tool?

If you are a beginner at SEO and have a small website, the basic plan should be sufficient. You will get 100 daily credits for keyword lookups.

However, if SEO is your major traffic source and you have to do intensive SEO research every day like I do, then the Premium plan is more suitable for you.

The premium plan is only a little bit more expensive but you will have many more usage credits. So the Mangools Premium plan has the best value for the price. 

Get 10-Day Free Trial Here 

Mangools Pros

1. Mangools is an All-in-one SEO toolset 

Mangools seems like a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. With this tool, you can handle the SEO side of your business easily.

2. Mangools is Affordable

With the cheapest plan (paid annually), you get access to all five apps and have a decent usage quota. However, even the most expensive plan is more than 3x cheaper than Ahrefs’ high tier.

3. Mangools Has Good UX

 It is a pleasure to use Mangool’s app and dashboard. The interface is intuitive, elegant, and very simple. Even a complete noob can get the hang of the tool in 10 minutes or less.

4. Mangools Has Good Link Index

Link building is crucial for SEO, and LinkMiner’s Majestic-powered index gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Mangools Cons and Complaints

1. Lack of integration

Since Mangools 5 apps are not integrated, when using Mangools toolset you are actually using 5 different tools simultaneously. The process becomes cumbersome and unwieldy quickly.

2. Mangools’ Free trial quota is severely limited 

A free trial of Mangools allows you to track 10 keywords, perform 5 keyword searches per day, profile 3 websites, and view 2000 backlinks. That’s enough to get a taste, but if they decide to double, triple or quadruple that quota, I won’t complain.

Mangools Review: Final Verdict

Mangools comes with everything you need to build a successful blog or website that relies on organic search traffic.

If you are a blogger or a small business owner, Mangools SEO tools are all you need to dominate the search engine in your niche.

Mangools is not the most feature-rich SEO tool, but it is much cheaper than other SEO tools on the market. You can get a lot of value for what you pay for. Personally, I think the value far exceeds the price.

Therefore, I personally use Mangools to build my 4-5 Figure online business and hence I highly recommend Mangools to anyone who wants to succeed in online marketing.

Get 10-Day Free Trial Here 

Major Software Review Sites’ Rating on Mangools

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

GetApp Rating: 4.7/5

Crozdesk Rating: 4.5/5

SoftwareSuggest Rating: 5/5

SaaSworthy Rating: 4.6/5

Software Advice Rating: 5/5

Mangools Review FAQ

Are Mangools tools free to use?

Mangools tools are premium. You can, however, sign up for a free plan and get 5 keyword lookups with KWFinder, SERPChecker, SiteProfiler per day, 10 tracked keywords with SERPWatcher and 500 backlinks with LinkMiner per day.

When I sign up for Mangools, what tools do I get access to?

With their premium plans, you’ll gain access to five of their tools that include KWFinder, SERPWatcher, SERPChecker, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler.

How easy is it to use Mangool’s tools?

You can easily use Mangools SEO tools even if you’re a beginner. They provide you with apps for each of those 5 SEO tools so you can perform keyword research, SERP analysis, Rank Tracking, Backlink analysis, and Profile analysis really quickly and effortlessly.

What is the best way to get started with Mangools tools?

Mangool’s tools are pretty easy to use. To start using all the SEO tools to boost search rankings and sales, click on this link and create an account for yourself.

If I am not satisfied with Mangools tools, what can I do?

They will issue a full refund within 48 hours of receiving your payment if you are not satisfied. You can also downgrade, upgrade, or cancel your Mangools account at any time.

How is the keyword difficulty (KD) calculated?

Using Mangools’ own SEO metric known as Keyword difficulty, you can determine how difficult it is to rank on Google’s first page for a particular keyword. The higher the value, the more difficult it is to outrank your competitors.

What sources are KWFinder’s data from?

Mangools uses multiple data providers alongside their own expertise and processing to keep the data as relevant and fresh as possible.

How can I pay for Mangools subscription?

Credit cards, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrency can be used to make a payment.

Can I only purchase KWFinder?

No, Mangools tools are included in all the subscription plans, and Mangools tools are highly interconnected. For example, running a KWFinder without SERPChecker doesn’t make sense since the Keyword Difficulty metric is based on data from SERPChecker.

Get 10-Day Free Trial Here 

Mangools Alternative: A Must-Have Online Marketing Tool

As you are reading this review, I’m sure you are an online entrepreneur, so I would like to introduce a very powerful marketing tool to you to help you scale your business to the next level.

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Where to Get ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial.

If you want to try ClickFunnels and see if it fits your online business model, you can sign up for the free trial here (no worries that you can cancel it anytime within 14 days and won’t be charged a penny).

With the free trial, You can get instant access to every amazing feature of ClickFunnels:

  • Drag-And-Drop Website/Page Builder
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  • Third-Party Integrations & Apps
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  • And many more…

If you want to see a detailed evaluation of ClickFunnels, you can read this ClickFunnels review.

Anyway, I strongly recommend you to register a free account with ClickFunnels and see it yourself.

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  1. Thank you for the in depth review of mangools. With all that you have outlined it looks like this is something I need as in yesterday. My rankings are bad and close to non existing and I am not quite sure what the problem is. I need a tool like this to help me with keyword research and links research. Thank you for opening my eyes to this. I also like the affordable price.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, Mangools is the most affordable but powerful SEO tool. I have been using it for driving thousands of traffic to my websites. It’s very accurate and can help you uncover a lot of low competition keywords.

  2. Thanks for the Mangools review! I’ve always wanted to use an SEO tool like this for so long. I learned about Linkody recently in a blog post and thought it’s a similar tool like Mangools. I was about to sign up to Linkody before I saw your post, but I will have a look into Mangools now. Checking the competitors’ links will go a long way in helping with link building.

    Backlinks are a significant ranking signal. It’s as important as content for SEO purposes. If I may ask, which of Linkody and Mangools would you recommend I go for? Thanks.


    • Hi Joyce. I recommend Mangools. It is the best keyword research tool on the market. The data it provides is very accurate and can guide you to rank for the targeted keyword. The backlink analysis function is also very robust that you can uncover your competitor’s backlinks and build your own. I have been using Mangools myself, so I highly recommend it to you.

  3. Hi Isaac, 

    Thank you for your review on the SEO Mangools tool, you have covered a great deal of information and its nice to hear of your success in a short period of time. The thing I found most interesting is the important of keywords to get to such high rankings. You have provided a balanced review here by informing the short comings with the other SEO tools on the market. 

    This has been a great article for me as I am still in the process of researching SEO and your article has helped me, Mangools could be my final choice. 

    Thanks, All the Best 


    • Hi Wince. Thanks for your comment. Yes, keyword research is the most important if you want to succeed in driving organic search traffic. Mangools is the best tool I have found for keyword research. You can unlock a lot of profitable keywords which have a decent amount of traffic but easy to rank. You should definitely consider getting Mangools if you want to improve your website SEO.

  4. Woah! Very impressive platform you’re reviewing. I have never heard of this tool before but from everything that I could gather from your research and experience, I think it is definitely worth a try. One thing I wish it had incorporated is a deeper feature towards checking for grammatical errors. Having English as my second language can be quite challenging at times and I know my grammar skills are not as sharp as I would like them to be, but regardless of that, I really do think this tool can be extremely beneficiary.

    • Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your comment. Mangools is mainly for keyword research, which is the best on the market in my opinion. The data it provides is very accurate. I have been using it to build a 4-figure online business. If you need help with grammar checking, you can install Grammarly, which I highly recommend. 

  5. Thank you very much for this article and for explaining it in depth. I have just recently started my blog and I need a reliable SEO tool so that I can leverage it for maximum success. Mongools really does some ideal in helping me reach my goals, I have not heard of this tool before, however, your article has really sparked some interest and I am definitely giving some thought to obtaining this great SEO tool. Take care!

    • Hi Jean, thanks for your comment. Yes, Mangools is a game changer. It really helps me uncover a lot of golden keywords that are not yet exploited by others and hence help drive a lot of easy traffic to my websites. You should definitely invest in it if you want to gain results faster than the average people. You will be amazed by how accurate and reliable its data is.

  6. This is a very helpful review on Mangools, a SEO tool that I have not heard of before. I like the fact that you get five SEO tools in one with Mangools and that includes the keyword finder as well. I am particularly impressed with the three different options that you get with the keyword finder. 

    I am currently using Jaaxy for keyword ersearch, but I am pretty impressed with the features of Mangools that you have outlined. How would Jaaxy compare with Mangools?

    • Hi! Thanks for your reply. I think Mangools has many more features than Jaaxy. Jaaxy doesn’t consider the link profile strength of your competitors, so it cannot reflect accurately the keyword difficulty. Google ranks websites with higher domain authority and backlink profile is the key to domain authority. You can uncover many more profitable keywords accurately with Mangools. That is why I invest extra in Mangools in addition to Jaaxy, which saves me a lot of time in keyword research.

  7. Hello there! Oh wow, this has been an informative read. I guess you can say my understanding of SEO is still at a very basic level. All I’ve been working on so far is searching for a set of key terms where it is not as popular just yet to beat the competition (the low hanging fruits). That seems to be working for me since the articles on my blog are google indexed. But I had no idea about this other side with all these details to it like what your article mentioned. I am definitely going to have to explore the current one I have. If i find that it is limited, I might try the program you have been suggesting. Thanks for creating this informative post!

    • Hi Mike. Thanks for your comment. Mangools KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tools which is affordable and powerful. Posts being indexed and ranked are two different things. Any new posts will be indexed by Google, but it is useless if you cannot rank for the keyword on the search results. I highly recommend using Mangools KWFinder to find the golden keywords that are easy to rank and have a decent amount of traffic.

  8. First of all, congratulations on the fact that you managed to achieve such excellent results in such a short time, and I wish you much success in the future.
    Thanks for this really very detailed presentation of Mangools. I started building my site a few months ago, and now I’m constantly upgrading my knowledge, and I’m just delving into the field of optimization, so your article gave me a lot of useful information, especially what is important in SEO, and how you can with such a tool effectively choose keywords, monitor keyword rank tracking, and backlink analysis, especially in this area I am still very weak.
    According to your presentation, the Mangools SEO tool really convinced me that it is among the better providers, especially I like the simple and transparent Dashboard.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hi Nina, thanks for your comment. Yes, you are right. Mangools is a great SEO tool that is suitable for most bloggers. You can get much more traffic to your website with its help and hence make more sales. So I highly recommend investing in Mangools.

  9. Thanks for sharing. It is helpful to see that there is a 10-day trial for free, but I was hoping to also see the actual cost in that location. I found it farther down on the page and even though there is a “basic” tier, the price tag is significant at $30 / month. I appreciate that this is something that you find to be a great SEO tool even if it does have some limitations. 

    • Hi Aly, thanks for your comment. Mangools is the cheapest SEO tool on the market. It gives you a lot of useful data that you need for SEO. Other SEO tools like SEMrush cost at least $100/month, which is too expensive. I have used Mangools for a year and it works very well and the return on the investment is always positive. In business, we have to make a wise investment, so I highly recommend investing in Mangools.

  10. Thank you for the insight in this article, for people newer to online business like me finding the right tools has never been more important than it is now, I will give the free trial a go and if it fits then I will go for the yearly option, once again thank you for sharing you personal insights on this.

    • Hi Marthin, thanks for your comment. Yes, I’m sure you will get results faster than the average people on Wealthy Affiliate if you get Mangools as your additional weapon. You will have a competitive advantage over other people. I can’t stress enough the importance of investing in a great SEO tool like Mangools to succeed in affiliate marketing.

  11. This is an excellent and informative post.  

    SEO is of major importance to every website owner in their efforts to get ranked by Google and the other search engines.  

    You have stepped out all that Mangools has to offer in clear and concise steps.  Thanks to your post I now know exactly what they can offer me.

    The backlink tool was of particular interest to me as I don’t understand these.  Could you please explain what exactly a backlink is and how you get them.

    Thanks.  Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Geoff, thanks for your comment. Yes, Mangools is a powerful SEO research tool. I guess you are using Jaaxy. If so, you won’t be able to do a backlink analysis of your competittors. Backlinks are an important ranking factor. When relevant websites are linking to your post or website, it can boost the authority of your website and Google will rank your content higher than others. So having a tool to analyse your competitors’ backlinks means you can copy their success by getting the same backlinks from other websites.

  12. Hi, I’ve just gone through this amazing and helpful article review of Mangools. I agree with you that sometimes it’s always difficult to know which tools will work perfectly for you. To be honest, I did not know about Mangools and I just learned how important the tool is for SEO keyword research. I also like the fact that you can use it for 10 days free to check if it works. I’m definitely going for this tool because success is what I’m looking for. Thanks for sharing this helpful review.

    • Hi Kokontala, thanks for your comment. Yes, Mangools is a powerful SEO tool that every blogger needs it. You will be able to improve your SEO tremendously with the help of Mangools, which can provide all the essential data for analysis.

  13. Thanks for writing an in-depth review of Mangools. I’m really glad that SEMRush finally has other competitors with more affordable prices. However, I’m still weighing between this tool and Ubersuggest. Do you have any plan to compare those tools? One thing that I like from Ubersuggest is the ‘forever free’ use. It’s limited but enough for a beginner like me. Too bad Mangools don’t have a free plan.

    • Hi! I used Ubersuggest before, but the free version has very limited capability. Also, the keyword research function of Ubersuggest is not so good and the data it provides is not as accurate as Mangools. Mangools KWFinder is the best keyword research tool on the market, which you should give a try.

  14. Thank you for your review on Mangools. As we all know that SEO is the most important tool for all affiliate marketers. I came across Mongools the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about. I love the keyword researching tool, the question option is an amaing option! I am going to give the basic a try and take it from there. 

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Yes, you should give Mangools a try. You will get much better SEO results using Mangools. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  15. Successful affiliate marketers write articles that rank well on the search engines.I can see how these tools have helped you achieve high rankings and therefore contribute to your success. I have seen a lot of keyword research tools and used some similar services to the ones you show here on your post. My experience has helped find some nice phrases, but nothing explosive. It looks like these mangools may be the product I am missing. Thanks for the review. I will check it out further.

    • Hi Gilbert, thanks for your comment. Yes, before I found Mangools, I found it hard to do SEO. Mangools has helped me a lot in finding the best keywords to target and do SEO analysis. You should give it a try. You got a 10-day free trial for Mangools.

  16. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations on mangools and it was straight to the point and also easy to understand as well. It is indeed a very powerful SEO and it is also very affordable as well

    • Hi Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated. Yes, Mangools is a very powerful SEO tool that I highly recommend. You should also give it a try. You can get a 10-day free trial and see it yourself.

  17. Thanks for sharing this incredibly in-depth of Mangools with us. Although I know that there are a lot of different SEO tools out there, the only one I am even just a little bit familiar with is All-In-One SEO. I like that Mangools is a five-in-one package and even includes a keyword research tool. It may be worth it to look into this software in the future. 

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. All-in-one SEO is just an SEO plugin, not an SEO research tool. Mangools is a powerful SEO tool that enables you to do keyword research, backlink research etc. So you would need it to optimise your site’s SEO.

  18. Thank you for the helpful information you shared with us in this article. I’ve never heard of Mangools SEO before. All of these benefits that are obtained by using this tool should be taken into account. It’s certainly very useful and can improve your job. I wish you many successes in your work!

    • Hi Jas, thanks for your comment. If you don’t know Mangools before, you should now know it’s a powerful SEO tool for bloggers. I highly recommend you get a 10-day free trial.

  19. Hi
    This is an informative post.  I am new to affiliate marketing, just about 2 months in.  I have not heard of Mangools.  This sounds like a useful tool.  I am looking for ways to increase my content rankings and this sounds like it would work.  I will have to check it out.  Mangools seems to be cheaper per month then other SEO tools.  For now I think I will stick to Jaaxy, until I see some money coming in.  I will definitely look into this platform in the future.

    • Hi Thanks for your comment. I use Jaaxy as well, but I found that it’s not enough for keyword research. The data provided is not very accurate and it ignores the domain authority factor of your competitors. Having a low QSR doesn’t mean you can rank for the keyword. So it’s necessary to use Mangools in addition to Jaaxy if you want to optimise for SEO.

  20. Hello Isaac! As a recent initiate to the world of affiliate marketing I am still getting the lay of the land. I use Jaaxy. I read in a comment you left that backlink profile is key to domain authority with Google, which Jaaxy does not provide. I didn’t know that. I’ll probably invest in Mangools in the future, once I have established myself a little more with the tools I have at my disposal.



    • Hi Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are many features lacked in Jaaxy. I think Jaaxy is just for beginners. If you really want to optimise SEO and drive more traffic to your website, you need Mangools, which will give you more accurate data for SEO analysis.

  21. I have been running my blog for over a year now. And I have seen I my Google Analytics how Google Searches are by far my main source of traffic. I began to investigate how I could take my SEO game to the next level and SEMrush and Ahrefs immediately poped up. But I can’t afford them. So I am delighted to try Mangools for free these next ten days. Thanks a ton!

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Yes, I cannot afford SEMrush and Ahrefs as well. Mangools is more than enough for most bloggers. So you should try Mangools for sure.

  22. I have been using a different keyword analyzer but this one appears to be much more complete!   I love the LinkMiner Backlink Analysis Tool.  Backlinks are key to building a following and I like that this tool can track the competition in regard to who links to them and who no longer does.  SERPWatcher Keyword Rank Tracking Tool is also valuable.  I would love to see which of my keywords is actually ranking.  Thank you for posting this great information!

    • Yes, you are right. Mangools features are more than enough for most bloggers. Every feature of Mangools is essential and very useful. You can take your SEO to the next level with it.

  23. Hello Isaac, I want to congratulate you for your success at Wealthy Affiliate within such a short period, way to go.  

    I thank you for such great information on “Mangoools”, this is the first time I’m hearing about this.  It sounds like a great platform.

    I’m impress with all the great features that it provides, but I’m currently using Jaxxy for my keyword search right now.  Mangools sound like something I may invest in, in the near future.  Right now I’m just getting my foot wet at Wealthy Affiliate and there is much to be learn.

    Thank you for your post.


    • Hi Nicole, thanks for your comment. I used Jaaxy as well, but it lacks some important features to optimise SEO. So I highly recommend you using Mangools as well to save time and get results faster.

  24. Thank you for this awesome review,

    I will have to check out Mangools as I need some new ways to boost my rankings and generate some more website traffic. I’m currently using AIOSEO at the moment but I always like to try out different options so I will be sure to check this one out. Thank you for this content.

    • Hi Alex. Yes, you should give Mangools a try. It’s free to get a 10-day trial. It will help you drive more traffic to your website. I’m sure you will like Mangools as it is easy to use and very powerful.

  25. Thank for the awesome review article on Mangools SEO tools. I have looked at a lot of SEO tools in the past and some have helped and some have failed me. I am very interested in Mangools from this thorough review. I am going to try the 10 day free trial that is recommend in this article to test it out. Thank you again.

    • Hi Jason, that’s brilliant. Give it a try and don’t miss this great SEO tool to boost your website traffic and ranking. Mangools is my most recommended SEO tool for bloggers.

  26. This sounds like an excellent package for creating content to drive organic traffic. I know that you say that it doesn’t have all the features but then again when you are small you don’t need all the bells and whistles and by the time you need them, you can go to Ahrefs or another and be happy to pay $100 a month. This is a real gem and definitely worth considering at $30 a month. Thanks for this great review, I have bookmarked this page for when I am ready.

    • Hi Lily, thanks for your comment. Yes, some super expensive tools have more features than Mangools, but you don’t need that many features. Mangools has all the essential features you need for SEO. So I highly recommend you give it a try.

  27. Mangools looks like an awesome tool for affiliate marketers. I especially like the LinkMiner which finds backlinks, existing as well as lost backlinks, which is really helpful, as I can’t seem to find help on this area within Google analytics.

    I also like the fact that you can see the search results in different countries. The Serpchecker is another great function so that you can compare your competition. My word I wonder if I would get any content written if I had this tool at my disposal?

    I will definitely bookmark this page so that I can try the free version and see if it is worth joining up. Does the free trial let you try out everything the platform has to offer?

    • Hi Michel, thanks for your comment. Yes, you can get access to all the features with the free version, but it has a limited number of credits. I like the LinkMiner so much as it helps me analyse my competitors and I can have a good idea of how to outrank them.

  28. Holy crap! I can definitely see that you have provided the most amount of information on this program/tool than anybody else. You are definitely a website that I will be coming back to in the future for more in-depth information on topics regarding SEO. Thank you so much for this article and for being not biased with this review

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, I tried to tell you everything about Mangools so that you don’t miss out on this great tool to optimise your SEO and make more sales.

  29. This is  great article and it sounds like a good platform.

    My question is how do you get enough traffic to your site? Is it The Key words important in this aspect?

    I need to get more into Mangools and see if this can work for me, I always thought that multiple incomes is the best thing to make good money.

    Thanks for this information!

    • Hi Ana, thanks for your comment. You need Mangools to research for the low competition keywords so that you can create content and rank for those keywords on Google. When you get traffic, you will get sales automatically.

  30. Hi Isaac. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and posts like this are extremely helpful. I was looking for SEO tool proper for my blog, but options on market were either too expensive or their usefulness was limited. I haven’t heard before about Mangools tools, but looking on your review it seems as a perfect starting point for small business like mine. Price is reasonable, and available tools (especially Keyword tracker) looks as very interesting option. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes, most SEO tools are very expensive on the market. Mangools is the most affordable but powerful tool you need to optimise SEO. Give it try. It’s free for 10 days.

  31. This looks way more beneficial than Jaaxy!  I am definitely checking this out to give it a try.  How long have you been using it?  I am curious if you ever used Jaaxy and how this compares?  I like that I can start out with the basic to see how well this works for me and then work up to the  agency level.  Wonderful, thanks!

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. I have been using Mangools for a year, and it works great. I used Jaaxy as well, but not as much as Mangools because Jaaxy lacks some essential functions in researching great keywords and doing competitive analysis. Mangools has all the great features I need for SEO. So I highly recommend Mangools.

  32. Isaac, this is the first i am seeing any information about Mangools. I like the fact that you have worked it, have results to show and give an honest testimony of the pros and cons. My first like is ‘user-friendly’. I can only work with user friendly applications. When I started out working online, I didn’t know about SEO and just skipped the research steps. It was when my results were so slow and almost non existent that I have begun to read more about it. I like this for its suggestions, ranking, giving a peek at competitors, and anchor texts. I agree, the price is not prohibitive.Thank you. i am bookmarking this page.

    • Hi Thanks for your comment. Yes, you cannot drive traffic with SEO if you don’t do proper research and analysis beforehand. Get Mangools if you want to have faster results. It has everything you need to optimise your website’s SEO.

  33. My first thought was “another keyword tool–how many do I need?” but then I read through your review and now I’m thinking that this one might replace one of my current ones. It seems to be a very solid reference tool that might help me improve my keyword research. And I am always open to better tools!

    I clicked on your link and see that they even offer a 10-day free trial which makes the trial very enticing! I will probably give it a try and compare to my other current tools. Have you compared it to other popular tools? 

    Thank you for a very convincing review of the Mangools keyword tool!

    • Hi Diane, thanks for your comment. You don’t need a lot of keyword tools. Mangools can meet all your needs for your blog’s SEO. I have compared Mangools to other tools, and my conclusion is that Mangools is the most affordable and powerful SEO tool. Get the free 10-day trial and I’m sure you will love it.

  34. Hi, Isaac,

    Thanks for your review of Mangools SEO. Now I’m considering checking out this too. This move will tell you my impression of your review. 

    Currently, I use Google and Jaaxy for my keyword search and analysis. And so far, I have not seen the light at the end of the tunnel. 

    Your review has shown me something new, making me want to give it a trial. The five areas it covers – KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWwattcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler are the areas I have been struggling with. 

    Anyway, the test of the pudding is in the eating. I will give it a trial. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Cal, thanks for your comment. Yes, you should give it a try. Jaaxy is not good enough for SEO research. Mangools has all the essential features you need for SEO. You can get access to KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWwattcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler at the same time.

  35. I tried Mangools at your suggestion, and I have to say that it is simple and easy to use. It does provide some great functionality. 

    I use The Hoth for my SEO needs. And RankMath as the main SEO plugin. 

    But I do need a good keyword research tool. And a rankings checker. 

    Thanks for all this information.



    • Hi Aps, thanks for your comment. Yes, Mangools is very easy to use with great functionalities. It is a great keyword tool that you can find a lot of low competition but profitable keywords. I highly recommend Mangools, which is a game-changer.

  36. Finding the best SEO tool is a good thing to remember to do;
    Mangools sounds like an interesting service that helps
    with bloggers and marketers.
    Do you know how it compares with other services
    like Jaxxy or WordPress SEO?

    I am of course unsure how it stands out
    but it seems like Mangools is not one of the most
    known SEO tools, how long has it been around?
    How many people use it?

    Good job on the article, it seems pretty interesting of a topic to talk about.

    Best of luck,

    • Hi Leon, thanks for your comment. Yes, Mangools is the best SEO for bloggers. I did use Jaaxy but it lacks many essential features for SEO. Also, Mangools’s data and metrics are more accurate as it takes into account many more important factors in ranking on Google. Mangools is less well-known than some big names like SEMrush, but it’s undervalued. That’s why I call it my secret weapon.

  37. Wow, this SEO tool sounds fantastic. Especially for someone like me who isn’t the best with new online technology. There’s always something new coming out and more to learn. I currently am using Jaxxy Lite and was wondering if there are any major differences that would make it worth the switch. Thanks for your review, I feel much more informed now!

    • Hi Nicole, thanks for your comment. Jaaxy Lite is not enough, which lacks a lot of essential features for SEO. It doesn’t have the keyword difficulty score, backlink analysis, and some data is not as accurate as Mangool I personally use Jaaxy for brainstorm keywords only, but for keyword and competition analysis, I use Mangools, which is much better.

  38. Hi Issac!

    Wow, great comprehensive review on Mangools! I am currently in the search for more SEO platforms that I can utilise for my affiliate website and I am glad to have come across your review. Where you provided an in-depth insight to the key highlights of using this platform to increase business productivity through SEO.

    Personally for me, I am still learning and understanding more on SEO using jaxxy as a starter. But I would be interested in diversifying using more SEO features for the future. Just a question, how does Mangools compare to jaxxy in terms of the usability and types of SEO tools different from jaxxy?

    I am also very intrigued by the SiteProfiler Website Analysis Tool, where I can better understand the ranking competition. Have you used this SiteProfiler feature and what are your thoughts on it? Furthermore, I would like to ask if my knowledge is rather basic in SEO, would using Mangools require deeper SEO learning before using, or would it be straight forward to adopt the features and maximise productivity on it as a learner?

    SERPChecker keyword difficulty tool seems like a helpful feature when planning to use keywords for content, giving a chance to identify if its worth investing into that particular keyword which may be able to rank well or not.

    Overall, solid presentation on this platform explaining in detail the features of Mangools. I’ll definitely keep this review in mind for the future if I can afford to adopt Mangools as another set of SEO tools that I could use. Certainly you have motivated me into considering this platform based on your success stories. Thanks again and wish you well!

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Mangools is a great SEO tool that is suitable for bloggers. I used Jaaxy as well, but it is not as good as Mangools. There are some essential features that are only available in Mangools. Also, the data that Mangools provides is much more accurate. That means you can do better keyword research and get more traffic to your site. I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s free for the first 10 days.

  39. Interesting article… I use Jaaxy but once I get the hang of things a bit better maybe I will add on Mangools too.  It looks like it offers a lot more information that can help me pick stronger keywords for my posts.  The fact that it looks at competition is helpful.  I haven’t gotten any money coming in from my work yet, but maybe once I do I can start to invest it into Mangools since it just seems overall better than Jaaxy, and right now $30/month is too much for me.  Thanks for the help.

    • Hi Max, thanks for your comment. Mangools is more powerful than Jaaxy, which has many essential features you need to optimise SEO. $30/month is a worthwhile investment in my opinion because you will waste a lot of time and money on creating content that cannot be ranked without Mangools.

  40. I have never heard of Mangools and I am pretty new to the affiliate marketing game. This tool looks like it is a good deal and I learned a lot of information from your post that I didn’t know about SEO and what to look for. In the future, once my website is a bit more filled out I will look into Mangools again.

    • You should use Mangools from now on if you don’t want to waste time on creating content that cannot be ranked. Keyword research is very critical as it saves you time and guides you in the right direction of content marketing. Give it a try now and don’t wait.

  41. Thank you for the very informative review!  It seems to me that Mangools is a very powerful SEO tool, that can help you really build up your website and get more traffic.  There are so many features that Mangool has!  I think, to me, the Keyword Search is probably one of the most helpful features that is being offered with Mangool, and I can see why you gave it such a high rating!

    • Hi Jessie. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the KWFinder of Mangools is very powerful. I heavily rely on it to do keyword research and build my 4-5 figure affiliate business. I think you should also give it a try.

  42. Thanks for this extensive review of Mangools. I had not heard of this tool before. For the price and what it does, it seems to be a very good option. I see this as a very good choice.  My rankings can use some improvement on some of my pages and I see that this tool can possibly help. This can most definitely improve my keyword research.  With such an affordable price it is well worth testing this out. 

    • Hi Joseph, thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s very affordable but powerful. You should give it a try to optimise the SEO of content marketing. You won’t create content that is hard to rank with Mangools.

  43. Hi, nice to know that someone is doing such thorough research on word search platforms. Fascinating reading. I can hear for the first time from a platform like Mangools. It seems to be even cheaper than the Jaaxsi currently uses. It seems to be very easy and user-friendly. Can I try to use it without passing on my credit information to them?

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Yes, Mangools is better than Jaaxy in a lot of aspects. You should give it a try. It’s free for 10 days and you don’t need to provide any payment information to open a free account on Mangools.

  44. Hi Isaac, thanks for this fantastic professional review. This comes at exactly the right time. I also started in 2020 and didn’t make a single dollar. I use Yaaxy to find keywords. I don’t really like it but I haven’t found anything better. You convinced me, fantastically written with all the screenshots. I will also use Mangools in the future.

    • Hi Monique, thanks for your comment. Yes, Mangools is a game changer. Jaaxy is not enough. You need a more powerful and accurate keyword research tool like Mangools KWFinder. Give it a try for 10 days, which is free.

  45. Hi Isaac, thank you for the super in-depth review of the Mangools SEO tool. Mangools looks like quite the tool for doing keyword research and implementing advanced analysis for optimizing a blog’s SEO. I might give the tool a try myself since I’m a blogger. I really like that you can use the SEO tool to analyze competitor sites. Do you know how long Mangools (or the company that created Mangools) has been in business?

    • Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment. Mangools was established in 2014, so it’s not a new SEO tool. It is a very powerful SEO tool for bloggers. I use it and have a lot of success. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

  46. Thank you! This is a very helpful and informative review. My learning mindset has definitely grown ever since reading this review. Thus, I think that mangools could be a very worthy investment to make in the future.

    Do you have any advice on when to expect results on a blog that has consistent high-quality, is properly researched, and is published on a regular basis?

    I just couldn’t help but wonder if my site is on the right track to success. Indeed, I am on the right track but your review is so excellent that it got me to think more constructively. I am so happy for you, your very effective review, and how incisively you articulate the pros and cons of your program.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Mangools is the best investment for bloggers as you will know what content to create and rank on Google for more traffic. You can expect results in a few months with the help of Mangools.

  47. Hello, Very informative review. I’m not sure you u could have went any deeper into it. Yes we all understand the need for low research and the value, importance of back links. The price seems reasonable enough.!I will probably give the free trial a spin. So far I’m using the methods taught at W.A. And of course Jaaxy (s.I,c.?). 
    mom really not sure if it’s my phone ( I’m on iphone 11) but I had to zoom in and out through out your review to be able to read the chats and graphs. if you don’t mind I would like to use a link to you site incase I want to purchase Mongools. 
    which brings me to another question: do you have to ask a website owner if you can link to their site?

    Sounds like you doing something right though.
    Thanks for the information! 

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Yes, the price of Mangools is very reasonable. I used Jaaxy as well, but it’s not good enough. You need more features to do SEO and hence Mangools is a must for bloggers. I suggest getting the free trial of Mangools.

  48. I’m going to have to keep this one saved for when I’m ready. I’m still learning how to study my competitors and how to learn from them. This is something i don’t feel comfortable paying for yet until I know what I’m doing. I’m glad I found this and thanks for giving the information in an understandable way. Sometimes the tech speak gets too difficult.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Sure, Mangools is very easy to use and you don’t need to know tech. Grab it when you are ready. I also recommend you to take the 10-day free trial.

  49. Excellent review on Mangools. It certainly does look like it is a good value for money. I like the fact that they offer a 10-day free trial. SEO is certainly crucial; if you want to make sales, you need to be noticed. If this SEO tool helps with that, I will give it a go.

    • Hi! Yes, it’s the most affordable but powerful SEO tool on the market. I like using Mangools a lot, which helps me find a lot of profitable keyword ideas. You should give it a try.

  50. I have never heard of Mangools before but I now realize it is something I definitely need to look into further. 

    Thank you for going so in-depth with your review, 

    You have certainly pointed out many things that I should be paying more attention to but was completely unaware of until now. 

    I definitely still have a lot to learn and have bookmarked this site so I can return to learn more.

    I struggle with the most basic of tasks yet I keep trying to figure out how to make a blog profitable.

    Do you think it is user-friendly enough for someone who barely knows their way around a computer? 

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Yes, Mangools is very user-friendly. The interface is very intuitive. I am sure you can navigate the apps easily without problems.

      You should invest in Mangools to do SEO and drive traffic. It’s very powerful indeed.

  51. I am excited and happy to read through the Mongols Reviews. Your reviews teach me a lot of things that I have never known, that can benefit my website performance.

    In fact, I am doing the stuffing keywords to make it cover all my niches. You are right, I should focus on what keywords users use for searching.

    I have no doubt Mangool tool is very useful to improve the SEO practices and most importantly is ranking. I would love to have it.

    Regarding the importance of backlinks and anchor text is still my deadlock because I do not have this tool to help me. Now I have bookmarked your link on my PC, I will seriously consider taking it or not. Of course I am curious to know your secret of success since it is a free offer.

    Thanks for awesome content, it’s really an eye opener to me.

    • Hi Stephen Tan, thanks for your comment. Glad that you find this review helpful. Mangools is a great SEO tool that is worth the investment. Start the free trial and see it yourself.


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