Income School Project 24 Review (2023): My Personal Experience

As a personal testimony to the effectiveness of Income School Project 24, this comprehensive review aims to provide insights and guidance based on my personal experience as a paying member since 2020. 

Having dedicated over 50 hours to exploring Income School’s free and premium training materials, I offer an in-depth analysis of what Project 24 teaches, how it compares to other courses, common criticisms, legitimacy, and more. 

With over 18+ verified student reviews gathered and my own firsthand experience, this review provides an authentic and reader-friendly perspective on the course.

My Journey with Income School Project 24

When I first discovered Income School in 2020, I was immediately captivated by their authentic approach and the results they had achieved on their own websites and YouTube channels. Intrigued by their training materials, I decided to become a paying member and delve into Project 24 to further enhance my skills as a content creator and internet entrepreneur.

Income School Project 24 Review

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What Does Project 24 Teach?

Project 24 encompasses an extensive range of courses, covering various aspects of content creation and digital marketing. Whether you are interested in blogging or YouTube, Project 24 offers dedicated paths tailored to each platform.

For aspiring bloggers, the P24 Blogging System provides valuable guidance on niche selection, blog setup, content creation, and monetization strategies such as display ads and affiliate marketing. On the other hand, the P24 YouTube System offers step-by-step instruction on selecting engaging topics, creating compelling videos, expanding your audience, and exploring diverse revenue streams on YouTube.

Throughout my membership, I found the training to be well-structured and easy to follow. Each course primarily consists of video lessons, featuring both talking heads and screencasts. While some lessons include brief text notes or timestamps, the focus remains on visual content delivery. 

However, it’s important to note that subtitles or closed captions were not available, which may pose a challenge for non-native English speakers or those with hearing impairments.

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The Community and Additional Benefits

One of the highlights of Project 24 is the vibrant and supportive community it fosters. Upon joining, I gained access to the P24 private community, which proved to be an invaluable resource. The community forum, powered by Discourse, facilitated interactions with fellow students and provided a platform to share experiences, seek advice, and gain insights. The members’ collective knowledge and willingness to help one another greatly enhanced my learning experience.

In addition to the community, Project 24 offers several other benefits. Two member-only podcasts, dedicated to blogging and YouTube, provide regular insights and updates. Live mastermind sessions, covering a wide range of topics, offer opportunities for interactive discussions and Q&A sessions with experts. 

Moreover, Project 24 members receive a premium WordPress theme called Acabado, helpful content templates, custom-built monetization plugins, and access to Jim Harmer’s book, “Work Energy.” These additional resources complemented the core training and enriched my overall experience.

The Community and Additional Benefits

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Comparing Project 24 to Other Courses

When considering the plethora of content creation courses available today, Income School Project 24 stands out for its authenticity and integrity. Throughout my journey, I explored various alternatives and extensively researched competing programs. What won me over with Project 24 was Income School’s commitment to honesty and their willingness to admit when they missed the mark. Unlike courses that rely on hype and sleazy sales tactics, Project 24 offers a transparent and trustworthy approach, aligning with my values as a content creator.

While some critics argue that Project 24 lacks certain advanced information, such as off-page SEO and link building strategies, I believe this simplicity is an advantage, especially for beginners. Income School places a strong emphasis on writing high-quality content that resonates with readers, which sets them apart from courses that focus solely on technical SEO aspects and link building. During my time with Project 24, I found their approach to be effective in attracting organic traffic and building a loyal audience.

Common Criticisms of Income School

No program is without its criticisms and concerns, and Project 24 is no exception. Some students have found it challenging to manage the workload associated with the training. Building a successful blog or YouTube channel requires dedication and commitment, and Project 24 is no different. While the course provides clear instructions, it is essential to set aside sufficient time each week to complete the training modules and implement the strategies effectively.

Another concern is the absence of refunds, except for a specific scenario mentioned in Income School’s refund policy. Unlike competing courses that offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, Project 24 does not provide refunds as a general rule. However, it is worth noting that the majority of Project 24 students appear satisfied with their purchase and have not raised significant issues regarding the refund policy.

Additionally, some students have expressed that Project 24 lacks certain advanced information, particularly regarding off-page SEO and link building strategies. While Income School’s focus on creating high-quality content is commendable, it may leave advanced content creators desiring more in-depth insights into these areas. It is important to weigh these considerations when deciding if Project 24 aligns with your specific goals and requirements.

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Legitimacy and Reputation of Income School

Income School has established a solid reputation within the content creation and digital marketing community. Founded by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler, both experienced niche website builders, Income School has been actively sharing their knowledge and expertise since 2015. Their success has been recognized through invitations to speak at conferences alongside respected online entrepreneurs.

While Income School’s stances on paid keyword tools and active link building have sparked controversy within SEO circles, their authenticity and dedication to building authority through quality content cannot be denied. As a member of the community, I have witnessed their commitment to teaching effective strategies and their willingness to adapt their methods when necessary.

Legitimacy and Reputation of Income School


Results Achieved by Project 24 Students

One of the key factors that attracted me to Project 24 was the impressive results reported by its students. Numerous individuals have achieved substantial earnings through their blogs and YouTube channels, showcasing the effectiveness of Income School’s training. Income School’s website even features a page highlighting P24 students who have surpassed $1000/month and $4000/month in earnings.

It is important to note that building a successful blog or YouTube channel requires time, commitment, and consistent effort. While not every student will achieve the same level of success, the majority of those who diligently follow the training and put in the work have reported positive outcomes.

Results Achieved by Project 24 Students

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Investment and Additional Expenses

The pricing structure of Project 24 consists of an initial payment of $449 for the first year and subsequent annual payments of $249. This amounts to a total expenditure of $698 for a full 24-month membership. While this cost may appear steep at first, it is essential to consider the long-term value and potential returns.

Furthermore, it is important to note that there are additional expenses beyond the course price. For the P24 Blogging System, expenses include purchasing a domain and hosting, which typically amount to less than $100 per year. 

On the other hand, following the P24 YouTube System entails additional costs of approximately $400, even if you utilize your existing smartphone camera. These expenses are reasonable and comparable to what other blogging and YouTube courses recommend.

Investment and Additional Expenses

My Personal Experience with Project 24

Throughout my membership with Project 24, I have found the training to be well-structured and easy to follow. The video-based lessons provide clear instructions and valuable insights, allowing me to develop my skills as a content creator and apply the strategies taught. 

While a search function within the course dashboard is currently lacking, the active community forum compensates for this by providing a platform for discussion, support, and the sharing of tips and experiences.

Income School’s emphasis on creating quality content aligned with my own values as a content creator. By focusing on writing content that meets the needs of readers and viewers, I have witnessed the positive impact it has on attracting an engaged audience.

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Pros and Cons of Income School Project 24


  • Authentic and Transparent Approach: Income School’s commitment to honesty and integrity sets them apart from other courses. They are willing to admit their mistakes and continuously improve their teachings.
  • Comprehensive Training: Project 24 covers a wide range of topics related to content creation and digital marketing, offering dedicated paths for blogging and YouTube. The training is well-structured and easy to follow.
  • Supportive Community: Project 24 provides access to a vibrant and active community of fellow students. The community forum offers a platform for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and gaining valuable insights.
  • Additional Resources: Project 24 offers various benefits such as member-only podcasts, live mastermind sessions, a premium WordPress theme, helpful content templates, and access to Jim Harmer’s book. These resources complement the core training and enhance the overall learning experience.
  • Positive Reputation and Student Results: Income School has established a reputable position in the industry, and many Project 24 students have reported impressive results, including significant earnings from their blogs and YouTube channels.


  • Workload Management: Some students find it challenging to handle the workload associated with the training. Building a successful blog or YouTube channel requires time and dedication, and Project 24 is no exception.
  • No Refunds (except in specific cases): Project 24 does not offer refunds as a general rule, which may be a drawback for those seeking a risk-free trial. However, the majority of students seem satisfied with their purchase.
  • Lack of Advanced Information: Project 24 may not cater to the needs of advanced internet marketers seeking in-depth knowledge on topics like off-page SEO and advanced link building strategies.
  • Additional Expenses: While the course price is reasonable, there are additional expenses beyond the initial payment. These include domain and hosting fees for bloggers and equipment costs for YouTubers.
  • Lack of Search Functionality: Currently, Project 24 does not have a search function within the course dashboard, making it challenging to locate specific lessons quickly.

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Based on my personal experience and the feedback from other Project 24 students, I consider Project 24 to be a solid investment for individuals seeking to build profitable blogs or YouTube channels. The authenticity, transparency, and effectiveness of Income School’s training materials are commendable.

While there are potential concerns, such as the workload and lack of advanced information, the overwhelming satisfaction expressed by the majority of students indicates that the training delivers positive results for those who put in the effort consistently.

In conclusion, if you are a productive and family-oriented individual with a genuine interest in content creation, Income School Project 24 is likely to provide you with the necessary guidance and support to succeed. However, it is essential to recognize that building a successful blog or YouTube channel requires time, commitment, and continuous effort, regardless of the training platform chosen.

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