12 Best Affiliate Programs for Streamers (2023)

Live streaming has transformed into a thriving industry, offering streamers the opportunity to turn their passion into a profitable occupation. 

As an avid streamer myself, I understand the challenges of trying to monetize your online following and diversify your revenue stream. That’s why I’ve delved deep into the world of affiliate programs and tested numerous options to bring you the ultimate guide to the 12 best affiliate programs for streamers. 

In this article, I’ll share my personal experiences and recommendations based on firsthand testing, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make the most of these lucrative opportunities.

12 Best Affiliate Programs for Streamers

1. Twitch Affiliate Program

As a streamer, Twitch is undoubtedly the platform you’re most familiar with. Twitch’s affiliate program is an invite-only opportunity that allows you to monetize your profile through subscriptions, ads, and bits. 

I personally experienced the seamless process of becoming a Twitch affiliate, meeting the eligibility criteria and unlocking the benefits of this program. 

With various payment methods available, including check, direct deposit, wire transfer, and PayPal, Twitch ensures that streamers can easily receive their earnings.

2. Razer Affiliate Program

As a streamer, having reliable and high-quality gaming peripherals is crucial. Razer, a powerhouse in the gaming industry, offers an affiliate program that provides an opportunity to earn up to 3% commission on peripherals and $5 per unit on gaming systems. 

I personally enjoyed the benefits of this program and even had access to their dedicated program for streamers, #RazerStreamer, which offers exciting perks and benefits such as discount codes for Razer products.

3. Newegg Affiliate Program

Being an avid tech enthusiast, the Newegg affiliate program naturally caught my attention. Newegg specializes in a wide range of tech gadgets, computer hardware, and gaming accessories. Through their program, I earned a flat 1% commission on each sale, which might sound modest at first. 

However, given the high-ticket nature of their products, the potential for substantial commissions is significant. Additionally, the seven-day cookie duration provides ample time for conversions.

4. NVIDIA Affiliate Program

Graphics processing units (GPUs) and graphics cards are critical components for streamers and gamers alike. NVIDIA, a global technology company, offers an affiliate program through Rakuten. 

While the commission rate of 0.5% may seem low, the high prices of NVIDIA’s products make each sale lucrative. 

As a streamer who values top-notch graphics performance, promoting NVIDIA products felt like a natural fit, and I was pleased with the seamless integration of their affiliate program.

5. Origin PC Affiliate Program

Origin PC is renowned for its high-end custom gaming PCs, and as a streamer, having a powerful gaming rig is essential. 

Through their affiliate program, managed via CJ Affiliate, I earned a 2% commission on each sale. Origin PC’s program is specifically designed for passionate PC gamers with social media accounts, Twitch or YouTube channels, or gaming-related websites. 

The detailed product catalog and marketing resources provided by Origin PC were invaluable in promoting their products.

6. GameStop Affiliate Program

GameStop, a major player in the video game and consumer electronics space, offers an affiliate program managed through Rakuten. 

As a streamer who appreciates the latest games and gaming accessories, partnering with GameStop felt like a natural choice. 

With tiered commissions ranging from 0.5% to 7% per sale, depending on the product category, I had the opportunity to earn substantial commissions. The extensive collection of new and pre-owned products available through GameStop made promoting their offerings a breeze.

7. Logitech Affiliate Program

Logitech’s reputation for high-quality gaming and streaming products precedes them. Through their affiliate program powered by Impact Radius, I had the opportunity to earn commissions ranging from 3% to 10% per sale, depending on the product category. 

What truly stood out for me was the unique perk of earning a commission on my own purchases through self-referrals. With an average order value of $125, the potential earnings from promoting Logitech’s products were impressive.

8. CORSAIR Streamer Program

CORSAIR, the parent company of Origin PC, is a well-known brand in the gaming industry. While CORSAIR does not have a traditional affiliate program, their streamer program offers enticing opportunities for all types of streamers. 

Starting with affiliate links and discount codes, streamers can progress to earn financial and peripheral sponsorships, travel assistance, and even marketing photography. Being a part of the CORSAIR streamer program added a new level of excitement to my streaming journey.

9. Nerd or Die Affiliate Program

Nerd or Die specializes in products, designs, and resources for content creators. Their affiliate program offered me commissions ranging from 10% to 30% per sale, depending on my affiliate tier level. 

Nerd or Die’s extensive range of stream designs, alerts, and overlays compatible with all major streaming platforms provided ample opportunities for promotion. Access to marketing tools and the Nerd or Die affiliate portal made the process seamless and efficient.

10. ExpressVPN Affiliate Program

As a streamer concerned about online privacy and security, I found the ExpressVPN affiliate program to be a perfect fit. ExpressVPN is one of the world’s largest VPN providers, offering a vast network of VPN locations. 

Through their affiliate program, I earned cash commissions of up to $54 per sale, depending on the contract length. The availability of customized landing pages and dedicated support for various aspects of content creation further enhanced my experience as an ExpressVPN affiliate.

11. Secretlab Affiliate Program

Comfort during long streaming sessions is paramount, and Secretlab is synonymous with premium gaming chairs. 

Through their affiliate program, I had the chance to earn up to 12% commission per sale. Secretlab’s partnerships with high-profile esports and entertainment brands contributed to their remarkable conversion rates. 

With a seven-day cookie duration and the assurance of quality backed by a five-year extended warranty, promoting Secretlab’s products was a pleasure.

12. OneStream Affiliate Program

OneStream is a cloud-based streaming solution that simplifies live and pre-recorded streams across multiple platforms. Their in-house affiliate program provided a generous 55% commission on all sales. The additional opportunity to earn 10% on sales generated by sub-affiliates I recruited made it even more enticing. 

With an excellent rating on Trustpilot and a user base of over 200,000 active users, promoting OneStream’s reliable and user-friendly streaming solution felt like a valuable recommendation.


As a streamer myself, I understand the importance of diversifying revenue streams and maximizing earning potential. 

Through personal experiences and extensive testing, I have curated this list of the 12 best affiliate programs for streamers. Each program offers unique benefits and opportunities to earn commissions. From monetizing your Twitch channel to promoting high-quality gaming products and streaming solutions, these affiliate programs open doors to new revenue streams. 

Embrace these opportunities, leverage your online presence, and turn your streaming passion into a sustainable and profitable career.

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