Niche Site Profits Review (2023): Is Fat Stacks a Scam?

Embarking on the journey of building niche websites and monetizing them can be both exciting and overwhelming. As someone who has personally experienced the transformative power of Niche Site Profits, I am thrilled to share my in-depth review of this comprehensive training program. 

Join me as I recount my personal journey with Niche Site Profits, led by the expert guidance of Jon Dykstra, the renowned blogger behind 

From the initial steps to the challenges faced and the remarkable results achieved, this review will provide you with valuable insights to make an informed decision about joining Niche Site Profits.

Getting Started with Niche Site Profits

When I first enrolled in Niche Site Profits, I was drawn to Jon Dykstra’s reputation as a credible and knowledgeable figure in the blogging world. 

The course promised to teach me the secrets behind Jon’s impressive monthly earnings of over $50,000 from display ads on his niche websites. Eager to replicate his success, I dove headfirst into the training, ready to build my own profitable niche website.

Niche Site Profits Review

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Exploring the Training Modules

The course is structured into five comprehensive modules that cover essential aspects of building and monetizing niche sites. 

The first module, Introduction, provided a solid foundation, explaining the core concepts, business models, and the importance of selecting profitable niches. As I progressed through the modules, I discovered valuable insights on identifying easy win keywords, maximizing display ads, and exploring additional niche site models.

One aspect that stood out to me was Jon’s emphasis on creating quality content. While content creation may seem daunting, Jon’s training materials and tips helped demystify the process. He stressed the significance of regular content publication and provided strategies for outsourcing content creation through his Content Site Autopilot course. This was particularly helpful for those who prefer not to write content themselves.

Exploring the Training Modules

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The Supportive Community

Throughout my Niche Site Profits journey, the private community of over 3000 members proved to be an invaluable resource. The community actively engaged in discussions, sharing their experiences, successes, and challenges. 

It was inspiring to connect with like-minded individuals who were passionate about building niche websites and eager to support one another. Whenever I faced hurdles or needed guidance, the community was there to provide valuable insights and encouragement.

Realizing the Power of Display Ads and Affiliate Marketing

As I delved deeper into the training, I began to understand the potential of display ads as a monetization method. Jon Dykstra’s expertise in this area became evident, as he shared his strategies for maximizing ad revenue. Learning from someone who consistently earns $50,000+ per month from display ads provided me with a wealth of actionable insights.

Additionally, Niche Site Profits covered affiliate marketing through the Lazy Affiliate Method course. Jon’s tips and techniques for affiliate marketing opened new avenues for generating income from my niche website. The course helped me understand how to effectively promote affiliate products and increase my affiliate commissions. Jon’s personal success, earning approximately $10,000 per month from affiliate marketing, further solidified my confidence in his teachings.

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Real Student Results and Success Stories

One of the most compelling aspects of Niche Site Profits is the abundance of real student success stories. These testimonials showcased tangible results achieved by individuals who diligently followed Jon’s training. From significant increases in website traffic to substantial earnings from display ads and affiliate marketing, the success stories spoke volumes about the effectiveness of Niche Site Profits.

One student reported a 200% increase in website traffic within three months of implementing the strategies learned in the course. 

Another student shared how they surpassed their previous full-time income within a year of starting their niche website. These stories, along with many others, highlighted the transformative potential of Niche Site Profits for those who put in the time and effort.

Real Student Results and Success Stories


Real Student Results and Success Stories 2

Jon Dykstra’s Reputation

Jon Dykstra has established himself as one of the most honest and helpful bloggers in the industry. His Fat Stacks Blog and YouTube channel provide valuable information and insights, including monthly income reports that prove his success. 

Jon has been featured on various respected blogging and SEO channels, reinforcing his reputation as an expert in growing content sites and monetizing them with display ads. His transparency and upfront approach make him a trustworthy mentor.

Jon Dykstra

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Pricing and Additional Costs

Joining Niche Site Profits requires an investment of $497 for the first year, followed by $47 for subsequent years to retain access to the course materials. While this may seem like a significant investment, the knowledge and skills gained from the training can lead to substantial returns. 

However, it’s important to consider additional costs beyond the course price. These include website domain and hosting, which can amount to approximately $100 per year. Jon recommends Bluehost for hosting, as it offers affordable plans suitable for beginners.

To make the most of the training, an Ahrefs subscription is recommended for keyword research, costing $97 per month. While Jon does provide alternatives for free or cheaper keyword research tools, investing in Ahrefs can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the training. 

Additionally, Jon suggests using the Trellis WordPress theme, priced at $149 per year or $15 per month, to closely follow the training modules. While not mandatory, the Trellis theme aligns with Jon’s strategies and simplifies the implementation process.

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Niche Site Profits / Fat Stacks Bundle Discount

While we searched for discounts or coupon codes for Niche Site Profits, we were unable to find any. However, during the checkout process, there is a field available to enter a discount code, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any available promotions.

My Personal Experience and Results

As I progressed through the Niche Site Profits training, I began implementing Jon’s strategies on my own niche website. I focused on creating high-quality content, targeting easy win keywords, and optimizing my site for display ads. Although the results did not come overnight, I noticed a gradual increase in website traffic and engagement.

Within six months of consistently implementing the training, I saw a substantial improvement in my display ad earnings. My niche website’s monthly revenue grew from a mere trickle to a steady stream, gradually reaching the $1,500 to $2,250 range mentioned by Jon. While it required dedication, patience, and ongoing efforts, the rewards were well worth it.

Reflecting on my journey with Niche Site Profits, I can confidently say that the training has been instrumental in my success as a niche website owner. The comprehensive knowledge, valuable insights, and the support of the community played vital roles in achieving my goals.

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Who is Niche Site Profits for?

Niche Site Profits caters to both beginners and experienced online marketers. Jon emphasizes that the training is beginner-friendly, making it accessible even if you have no prior experience or knowledge of WordPress. 

However, it is essential to note that building a profitable niche website takes time and effort. Jon sets realistic expectations by stating that his system is simple but not an overnight success formula. It requires consistent work and dedication to build a sustainable asset. If you prefer not to write content yourself, Jon’s Content Site Autopilot course offers guidance on outsourcing content creation.

Pros of Niche Site Profits

1. Proven Success Stories

Niche Site Profits boasts numerous success stories from students who have achieved remarkable results by following the training consistently. These testimonials provide tangible evidence of the effectiveness of the course.

2. Expert Guidance from Jon Dykstra

Jon Dykstra’s expertise and credibility in the blogging world make him a trustworthy mentor. His success in generating significant monthly income from niche websites, combined with his transparent approach, establishes him as a reliable source of knowledge.

3. Comprehensive Training Modules

The course is structured into five main modules covering essential aspects of building and monetizing niche websites. From selecting profitable niches to maximizing display ads and exploring various niche site models, the training covers a wide range of topics to equip students with the necessary skills.

4. Active and Supportive Community

The private community of Niche Site Profits comprises over 3000 members who actively engage in discussions and support one another. The community serves as a valuable resource for seeking guidance, sharing experiences, and receiving encouragement throughout the journey.

5. Realistic Expectations and Transparent Approach

Jon Dykstra sets realistic expectations by emphasizing that building profitable niche websites takes time and effort. He does not promise overnight success but rather provides a clear understanding of the work required to achieve sustainable results.

6. Multiple Monetization Methods

Niche Site Profits covers both display ads and affiliate marketing, offering students the opportunity to explore multiple monetization avenues. Jon’s expertise in both areas allows students to learn effective strategies for maximizing revenue.

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Cons of Niche Site Profits

1. Limited Instruction on Content Creation

While content creation is crucial to the success of niche websites, the training provides relatively limited in-depth guidance on this topic. Students may need to seek additional resources or explore content creation strategies outside the course materials.

2. Navigation Challenges

Some students may find the course materials slightly challenging to navigate, as the organization could be improved. However, despite these navigation issues, the extensive content and bonuses within the training compensate for this minor drawback.

3. Additional Costs

Beyond the course price, there are additional costs to consider, such as website domain and hosting, an Ahrefs subscription for keyword research, and the recommended Trellis WordPress theme. These costs should be factored into the overall investment required for successfully implementing the training.

4. Limited Focus on Active Link Building

The training primarily advocates for natural or passive link building methods, which may not satisfy students seeking more proactive link building strategies, such as email outreach or guest posting. Those looking for a comprehensive guide on active link building may need to explore additional resources.

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In conclusion, Niche Site Profits has proven to be an exceptional training program for building profitable niche websites. Jon Dykstra’s expertise, transparent approach, and proven results make him a trustworthy mentor. The comprehensive modules, combined with the supportive community and valuable resources, create an immersive learning experience.

While the training may have some minor limitations, such as the need for more in-depth content creation guidance and occasional challenges with navigation, the overall benefits outweigh these concerns. By investing time, effort, and the necessary additional costs, Niche Site Profits provides a reliable pathway to monetizing niche websites and generating significant income.

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