12 Best Tech Affiliate Programs (2023)

As technology continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, there is a tremendous opportunity to earn a monthly income through affiliate marketing in the tech niche. 

However, the key lies in choosing the right tech affiliate programs that not only offer lucrative commission rates but also deliver exceptional products and services. 

Fear not, for we have done all the legwork and research for you. Get ready to discover the 12 best tech affiliate programs that have been tried, tested, and approved for maximum earnings.

12 Best Tech Affiliate Programs

1. Rocketbook

Rocketbook caught my attention as a brand that combines sustainability with cutting-edge technology. Their infinitely reusable notebooks, which allow you to effortlessly integrate handwritten notes into your digital life, left me intrigued. 

The special pen and paper technology provided the authentic writing experience while enabling easy scanning and uploading to your preferred cloud service. The ability to tag each page for specific cloud storage systems was a remarkable feature. 

In terms of earnings, the Rocketbook affiliate program offers a generous 10% commission on every sale generated through referral links. As a relatively new company, being an early adopter of this program has its advantages.

2. Sonos

Imagine the joy of being able to listen to your favorite music in any room of your home, on any device, and with the convenience of voice commands. Sonos makes this dream a reality. With the added bonus of being able to set it up as an alarm clock, Sonos brings a new level of technological automation to your life. 

As an affiliate, I personally experienced the ease and efficiency of their affiliate program, which offers a flat 8% commission on all purchases from the Sonos store. 

No more juggling multiple rates! Furthermore, Sonos stands out as one of the top-performing programs on the Commission Junction affiliate network, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.

3. Kellyco Metal Detectors

While metal detectors may not be considered cutting-edge technology, their allure remains strong even after decades. Intrigued by their potential, I delved into the Kellyco Metal Detectors affiliate program and was pleasantly surprised. 

The founder’s realization of the modified landmine detectors’ value after serving in the Korean War resulted in a surge of interest among treasure hunters. 

As an affiliate, I earned a solid 5% commission on every sale generated through my affiliate links. With metal detectors ranging from $69 to $339, the potential to earn around $11 per referred sale was indeed enticing.

4. GoPro

Wearable technology has come a long way in the past decade, and GoPro cameras stand at the forefront of this revolution. These rugged action cameras have gained popularity among extreme sports enthusiasts, military personnel, and content creators alike. 

During my personal testing of the GoPro affiliate program, I found that the brand recognition and high-quality products made it a compelling choice. With a 5% commission on all referred sales, I realized the potential to earn while promoting a product that resonates with adventure-seekers.

5. Kinsta

While we often associate technology with hardware, digital products such as web hosting services play a vital role in the tech industry. Kinsta, the web host I personally use for my endeavors, impressed me with its professional managed WordPress hosting and focus on speed and reliability. 

Undoubtedly, this level of performance comes at a cost, with their basic package priced at $30 per month. 

However, as an affiliate marketer, the potential to earn up to $500 per sale with the Kinsta affiliate program caught my attention. This program offers one of the highest income potentials among tech affiliate programs.

6. Microsoft

Microsoft needs no introduction, considering its ubiquitous presence in the tech industry. However, what surprised me during my testing of their affiliate program was the diverse range of products available for promotion. 

From Windows licenses and Microsoft 365 subscriptions to Surface tablets and Xbox consoles, Microsoft covers multiple markets simultaneously. 

Although the program features various commission rates, I found that the highest payouts were for Xbox and Office 365 products. 

While the multiple payout rates could potentially lead to confusion, the wide product selection opens up ample opportunities for affiliate marketers.

7. Garmin

Garmin is renowned for its GPS navigation systems, but during my exploration of their affiliate program, I discovered a treasure trove of tech products beyond navigation. 

From smartwatches and satellite phones to GPS trackers for sporting dogs and fish-finding sonar, Garmin caters to diverse interests and niches. 

Affiliates can earn an 8% commission on all referred sales, presenting the potential to earn up to $119 per sale, depending on the product. This top-performing program adds significant value to any tech-focused affiliate marketing strategy.

8. EcoFlow

Power outages can be a major inconvenience, rendering everyday tasks impossible without electricity. EcoFlow, with its portable power banks, addresses this problem effectively. I was intrigued by their devices, which can be charged from a utility socket or even using solar panels, providing unlimited green energy. 

Given the current focus on climate change and sustainable solutions, promoting EcoFlow products as an affiliate felt both rewarding and relevant. 

With commission rates ranging from 5% to 8%, affiliates can earn around $73 per sale, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

9. Trackimo

The concept of tracking devices, once confined to spy movies, has become part of our daily lives thanks to companies like Trackimo. 

The demand for affordable GPS trackers has soared, and Trackimo offers devices with versatile applications, including locating lost pets, drones, or luggage, and even ensuring the safety of elderly family members. 

During my testing of the Trackimo affiliate program, I found the 20% commission on all sales particularly appealing. With each sale yielding an average payout of $39, the potential for earnings across various niches is undeniable.

10. Epson

Epson, synonymous with printers, surprised me with its diverse product range, extending beyond the realm of printing. 

My exploration of the Epson affiliate program revealed projectors, industrial robots, and augmented reality glasses among their offerings. The integration of AR glasses with DJI drones exemplifies the synergy within the tech industry. 

While the commission rate of 2% may initially seem modest, considering the high price point of Epson smart glasses (over $900), each referral can still earn affiliates $18, showcasing the income potential of this program.

11. DJI

While flying cars may still be a thing of the future, drones have brought us closer to the skies. DJI, one of the biggest names in the drone industry, offers an extensive range of high-quality drones for professional photography, industrial inspections, and agricultural applications. 

During my personal experience with the DJI affiliate program, the 5% commission on all drone products and services caught my attention. 

While 5% may seem modest, considering the high price tags of DJI drones, such as $2,000+, the potential to earn $50 per sale remains substantial.

12. Frontpoint Home Security

As I concluded my search for the best tech affiliate programs, I stumbled upon Frontpoint Security, specializing in DIY home security systems without the constraints of long-term contracts. 

Their wireless systems provide comprehensive protection against break-ins, fires, and floods, and continue functioning even in extreme weather conditions or power outages. 

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Frontpoint Security offers a substantial $175 commission per lead, making it an exciting opportunity to generate income while helping individuals secure their homes.


After personally testing and exploring numerous tech affiliate programs, these 12 best programs emerged as tried, tested, and approved options that offer exceptional earning potential. 

With commission rates ranging from $175 to $500 per sale, these programs allow affiliate marketers to tap into the tech industry’s vast market and monetize their efforts effectively. 

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a technology connoisseur, or a sustainability advocate, there’s an affiliate program on this list to suit your niche. 

So, take the leap, join these programs, and embark on a profitable affiliate marketing journey in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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