13 Best Luxury Affiliate Programs (2023)

Welcome to the ultimate guide to luxury affiliate programs, where I’ll share my personal experiences and top recommendations for affiliate marketers looking to tap into the world of high-end products. 

As someone who has tested and explored various luxury affiliate programs, I understand the appeal of promoting high-ticket items that can result in generous commissions. 

Throughout this comprehensive guide, I will provide in-depth insights into the 13 best luxury affiliate programs, offering a reader-friendly tone that combines personal experiences with valuable information to help you make informed decisions. 

So, let’s dive in and explore the world of luxury affiliate marketing together.

13 Best Luxury Affiliate Programs


As a fashion enthusiast myself, I couldn’t resist exploring MR PORTER’s affiliate program. With an extensive selection of top brands across male grooming, sportswear, fashion, and accessories, MR PORTER offers an enticing opportunity to earn commissions ranging from 3% to 6%. 

Partnered with the reputable affiliate network Partnerize, MR PORTER’s program provides not only substantial commission rates but also exceptional support and prompt payments. 

The availability of dedicated affiliate management teams in London, Hong Kong, and New York further enhances the experience of promoting this luxury affiliate program.

2. JR Dunn Jewelers

As someone with a penchant for exquisite jewelry, JR Dunn Jewelers caught my attention with its family business offering high-end jewelry, Rolex watches, and more. 

Although the commission rate of 3% might seem modest at first glance, the astonishing average order value of $1,884.50 makes this luxury affiliate program truly worthwhile. 

The program’s presence on the ShareASale platform, known for its reliability and user-friendly interface, further enhances the experience. 

With a 15-day cookie window and flexible payment options, JR Dunn Jewelers provides a promising opportunity for affiliates in the luxury jewelry niche.


When it comes to luxury fashion, SSENSE stands out as a Canada-based retailer offering designer fashion and high-end streetwear from over 500 brands. 

With my passion for fashion and the potential to earn commissions ranging from 5% to 12%, I couldn’t help but explore SSENSE’s luxury fashion affiliate program. 

Available through two networks, SOVRN and Skimlinks, this program offers competitive commission rates and favorable conversion rates. 

The access to marketing materials, including weekly newsletters and exclusive collaborations, adds value to affiliates looking to drive sales and engage with their audience effectively.

4. Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s reputation as one of the biggest names in the fashion industry instantly grabbed my attention. With a wide range of high-end clothing, shoes, and accessories available both online and in-store, Nordstrom presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliates. 

While the commission rate of 1% might appear modest, the strong brand recognition and high average order value compensate for it. The affiliation with the Rakuten Linkshare network and access to affiliate newsletters featuring upcoming promotions and top product categories further add value to the Nordstrom affiliate program.

5. The RealReal

The concept of pre-owned luxury items always intrigued me, and The RealReal allows individuals to indulge in luxury at more affordable prices. 

As an affiliate, earning a 5% commission on all online sales through the Impact Radius network is an attractive proposition. The RealReal’s commitment to authenticity and quality, along with their thorough vetting process, ensures that customers receive genuine luxury products. 

With timely payments and a diverse range of payment options, including BACS, direct transfer, and PayPal, The RealReal provides a seamless experience for luxury affiliate marketers.


As someone passionate about designer fashion, LUX LAIR’s affiliate program instantly captured my attention. With a 7% commission on all sales and a 30-day cookie duration, LUX LAIR offers affiliates the potential to earn substantial commissions. 

Despite the relatively low conversion rate, the program’s high average order value and strong EPC make it an attractive option for luxury affiliates. 

The availability of promotional coupon codes and a dedicated affiliate management team enhances the overall affiliate experience, ensuring seamless support and resources for successful promotions.

7. Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue’s rich history and reputation as a world-famous luxury department store make it an enticing affiliate program to explore. 

With a diverse range of luxury fashion items and home decor products, Saks Fifth Avenue offers affiliates a commission rate of 2.4% through the FlexOffers network. 

Although the commission rate might seem relatively low, the association with a prestigious brand like Saks Fifth Avenue and the 14-day cookie duration make it a program worth considering. 

The availability of multiple payment options, including bank transfer, wire transfer, check, and PayPal, further enhances the affiliate experience.


AMARA’s online luxury interiors retail offers a vast range of furniture and home decor products from over 300 brands. 

As an affiliate, earning a 5% commission on all sales and accessing regularly updated content, banners, and promotions through the Rakuten Linkshare network provides a solid foundation for successful promotions. 

AMARA’s emphasis on reviewing affiliate applications and the availability of a dedicated affiliate team ensures a personalized and supportive experience for affiliates in the home decor niche.

9. Rockford Collection

Rockford Collection’s focus on luxury men’s rings and wedding bands made with gold, platinum, and natural diamonds intrigued me. 

As an affiliate, earning a remarkable 10% commission through the ShareASale platform is an opportunity worth exploring. 

However, Rockford Collection’s commitment to partnering with affiliates with highly relevant content marketing assets, strong follower engagement, and aligned brand values sets a high bar for acceptance. 

The availability of various marketing materials and flexible payment options adds further value to this exclusive affiliate program.

10. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo’s reputation as a big-name luxury fashion brand known for its high-end women’s shoes and handbags is hard to overlook. 

As an affiliate, earning an 8% commission through the Rakuten Linkshare network while promoting these luxurious products is a dream come true. 

With a 30-day cookie duration and multiple payment options, including direct deposit, PayPal, and check, Jimmy Choo’s affiliate program ensures a rewarding experience for affiliates in the fashion and luxury niches.

11. KOIO

KOIO’s luxury trainer brand, handcrafted in Italy, combines style and artistry. With a 10% commission on net sales, a 30-day cookie duration, and an impressive seven-day EPC, this affiliate program on the CJ Affiliate network presents an exciting opportunity. 

KOIO’s commitment to manually vetting affiliate applications ensures that the brand partners with affiliates who align with its values and aesthetics. Access to daily product feeds, real-time tracking, and reporting further empowers affiliates to optimize their marketing strategies effectively.

12. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective’s global marketplace for luxury pre-owned fashion products presents a unique affiliate opportunity. 

While the fixed commission structure of €3 to €10 per sale may seem relatively low for the luxury niche, the extensive catalog of authenticated luxury items and the global reach of the brand compensate for it. 

Affiliates can leverage the program’s product feeds, banners in multiple languages, and trend-focused newsletters to engage their audience effectively. 

With payment options including check, direct deposit, and Payoneer, Vestiaire Collective ensures a seamless payment experience for its affiliates.

13. Cruise Direct

Cruise Direct’s online cruise travel company offers an extensive range of cruises to various destinations worldwide. 

Despite the relatively modest commission rate of 3% per completed trip, the average order value of $2,200 compensates for it. 

The affiliation with the CJ Affiliate network ensures reliable tracking and timely payments. Cruise Direct’s efficient application review process and the availability of high-quality banners, text links, and interactive booking units further support affiliates in their promotional efforts.


In conclusion, the world of luxury affiliate programs offers a myriad of opportunities for affiliate marketers. 

Through my personal experiences and extensive research, I have curated a list of the 13 best luxury affiliate programs.

 From fashion and jewelry to home decor and travel, these programs provide a platform to promote high-end products and earn substantial commissions. 

While competition may be fierce, with strategic planning, quality content, and effective marketing strategies, success in the luxury niche is attainable. 

So, embark on your luxurious affiliate marketing journey, and embrace the world of high-end products and affluent consumers.

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