Ecommerce Masters Course Review – Scam? Read This First!

Are you looking for an honest review of Ecommerce Masters course? Is Ecommerce Masters by Foundr a Scam? Can it really help you scale your eCommerce business to the next level? You will find the answer in this review.

This course is suitable for eCommerce entrepreneurs who are struggling to scale their business.

It may seem as though there are many Ecommerce courses on the market, but not every course is valuable or is worth your time and money. So you may wonder if Ecommerce Masters by Foundr is the best program to help you grow your online store.

I have attended this course myself and implemented the strategies discussed in this course. So I can tell you everything you need to know.

In addition to Ecommerce, I’m interested in helping business owners discover the best online courses or tools to scale their businesses. I’ve reviewed hundreds of programs so far. This review is just one of them.

Ecommerce Masters by Foundr Summary

  • Course Name: Ecommerce Masters by Foundr 
  • Website:
  • Special Offer: Get A Special Offer Here
  • Instructor: Nick Shackelford; Gretta Van Riel; Rob Ward; Rich Li; Chase Dimond
  • Overall Ranking: 4.8/5
  • Who it’s for: Existing Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Struggling to Scale their Online Stores

In order for you to make an informed decision, I am going to cover the following points in this Ecommerce Masters review.

About Ecommerce Masters by Foundr

Foundr’s Ecommerce Masters online course is taught by five successful Ecommerce multi-millionaires. These 5 instructors are world-class entrepreneurs who have built seven-figure online stores.

ecommerce masters course review – scam? read this first!

If you want to find out how to grow your online store to a million dollars, this course will be right for you. 

With the right strategy, taking your online store from $50k to $1m won’t be hard. You don’t have to take a huge risk at all. Just one product to hit the one-million-dollar goal.

It is one of the best things you can do to learn from five successful entrepreneurs, all of whom have successfully run their own Ecommerce stores. I do not like the concept of a “know-it-all guru” because no one knows everything.

The real 7-figure entrepreneur just uses one scaling strategy and repeats it over and over again. They don’t waste time and money trying to do it all.

Ecommerce Masters is a course built around 5 world-class Ecommerce founders teaching you their own “scaling strategy”. You don’t have to use all the strategies they show you, but choose one most suitable for your business.

By enrolling in the Ecommerce Masters program, you are like gettingng access to 5 Ecommerce courses within the same program.

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E-commerce Masters by Foundr Instructors Introduction

This course is very unique because it is not taught by one instructor, but by five. That means you will learn from five successful entrepreneurs within one course. 

No other program allows you to learn from five entrepreneurs all at once. The value and insight you will gain is tremendous.

Watch this YouTube video where you can get a brief idea of what Ecommerce Master is:

The following is a brief introduction to each of the instructors:

Nick Shackelford

Nick Shackelford is a Facebook advertising expert who helps more than 150 online stores to scale their businesses using Facebook ads. He has spent more than $85 million in Facebook ads so far.

In fact, Nick Shackelford was the one who popularized fidget spinners. His Facebook campaigns brought in a lot of money.

If you’d like to learn more about Facebook advertising from Nick Shackelford, you should consider enrolling in his most comprehensive Facebook advertisement course: How to Run Facebook Ads by Foundr. This course will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook advertising.

Gretta Van Riel

Over the years Gretta Van Riel has built several seven-figure Ecommerce brands such as Skinny Me Tea and Drop Bottle. 

In just four years, Gretta scaled four brands that she owned to seven-figures using Influencer Marketing. She is the go-to person for learning how to do influencer marketing.

If you are new to Ecommerce, you might consider enrolling in Gretta Van Riel’s other course, Start and Scale Your Online Store. So far, more than 10,000 students have enrolled in this course.

Rob Ward

Quad Lock is the famous brand founded by Ro Ward. He bootstrapped his online store from 0 $ to $ 9M in 4 years. He sells millions of goods to over 100 countries now. He, too, won the Shopify Build a Business award just like Gretta.

Today, it’s being featured on Apple’s website as well as by celebrities like Chris Froome and Kylie Jenner.

Rich Li

You may not have heard of Rich Li, he is the co-founder of the online furniture retailer Brosa and the luggage venture July.

Brosa is Australia’s largest online furniture retailer, valued over AU$50 million. Also, Rich Li generated $5 million in revenue in his first year of starting July.

You can learn from Rich Li’s experience managing supply chains in Asia and set up your own.

Chase Dimond

A leading expert in email marketing, Chase Dimond helps his clients achieve seven to eight figure sales online by using email marketing.

Just by sending emails, he generated over $20M in revenue. He has helped brands such as The Chive, Original Grain, IBEX, etc., grow their online stores through email.

Chase Dimond is the person you need to learn from if you want to use email marketing for your online store.

Did You Hear About Foundr?

I am a huge fan of Foundr because it produces high-quality education materials. Foundr is a reputable global media and educational media company that has millions of followers on social media. It was founded by Nathan Chan.

Did you read Foundr Magazine? If not, you should pick one up because every issue of Foundr Magazine offers a variety of business insights. They talked to numerous successful entrepreneurs around the world and imparted their knowledge to business owners.

Foundr focuses on sharing practical knowledge, working only with practitioners rather than academics, so their courses are proven to work.

For this Ecommerce Master class, Foundr partners with 5 successful entrepreneurs and gathers all their business insights on e-commerce. This is one of the best offerings in the E-commerce industry.

Foundr’s Trustpilot rating is very high. At the time of writing, the rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars. I think they deserve such a high rating given the course quality and customer service.

gretta van riel – foundr start and scale course review, scam or legit?

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Ecommerce Masters by Foundr Overview

I mentioned in the previous section that Ecommerce Masters is taught by 5 instructors who will teach you the core drivers to grow your business.

This course can help you significantly increase your online store’s average order value and have a higher profit margin.

The course consists of five modules that are each taught by a different expert. Each module is focused on one specific marketing strategy, and the course goes for more than 10 hours.

Module 1: Scaling With Facebook Ads

In this module, you will learn how to scale your store using Facebook ads. This module is taught by the Facebook advertising expert Nick Shackelford.

I am sure you would be interested to know how Nick Shackelford used Facebook ads to scale a store to $10.5M in 32 days.

Module 2: Scaling With New Products

This module is taught by Rob Ward. He will show you how to add products to stores that consumers want to buy.

Learn how to sell lots of new products using Rob Ward’s “Product Success Formula.”

Module 3: Scaling With Advanced Operations

This module is taught by Rich Li. Whenever you work in Ecommerce, you must understand how important it is to set up a smooth and reliable supply chain.

The “Double Spy Framework” by Rich Li wowed me, as it will enable you to negotiate better prices with your suppliers so that you will have a higher profit margin.

Module 4: Scaling With Advanced Influencer Marketing

I joined Gretta Van Riel’s “Start and Scale course” and learned a lot from her.

In this module, she shares advanced influencer marketing strategies that she used to create millions in sales and follower growth. The four-stage influencer funnel she developed for increasing sales is a game-changer. I suggest you do not miss her insightful tips.

Module 5: Scaling With Multi-Million Dollar Email Marketing

A master of email marketing, Chase Dimond, teaches this final module. Marketing can be expensive, but if you know email marketing, you can make millions without spending a dime on advertising.

He will show you how to make thousands of dollars more from your subscribers and automate that process. It is amazing what he teaches about abandoned carts that he can help you generate thousands of dollars more month after month.

7 Bonuses

After enrolling in this course, you may join a private Facebook group to ask questions and discuss your assignments with fellow students. 

Lastly, there is a bonus chapter on “Outsourcing Your Influencers” in which Gretta brings to light exactly the systems, documents, and strategies for outsourcing to a virtual assistant.

In addition, you will receive the Facebook ads swipe file used by Nick Shackelford to help you write high-converting Facebook ads.

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Who Should Join Ecommerce Masters by Foundr?

Those already running an eCommerce store and making sales can benefit from this Ecommerce course, it’s not for newbies.

You should join Foundr’s most popular course: Starting and Scaling Your Online Store, taught by Gretta Van Riel, if you don’t have an online store and want to build one from scratch.

The Ecommerce Masters course is specifically created for online retailers who want to gain additional sales from their online store. You will learn how to grow your e-commerce store to attract more customers.

Five successful entrepreneurs have tested the strategies outlined in this course and they are guaranteed to work.

Who is Ecommerce Masters by Foundr Not For?

Ecommerce Masters is not a beginner course. If you don’t have an online store at the moment, you shouldn’t join Ecommerce Masters. Instead, you should join another course that I will tell you more about it in the last section of this review.

Also, if you want to get massive results in a few weeks after taking this course, it’s not going to happen. Ecommerce Masters is not a get-rich-quick course. It takes time and efforts to implement the strategies taught by the eCommerce experts.

Those strategies are proven to work, but you have to implement them step-by-step in order to succeed. So if you are not a patient entrepreneur, don’t join this course.

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Ecommerce Masters Course Complaints and Cons

1. Ecommerce Masters is not beginner-friendly

Some people complain that Ecommerce Master is not basic enough. It’s true because this course is for advanced eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Your online store may not make a lot of money but at least you are already familiar with the basic stuff. Ecommerce Masters focuses on teaching you some hacks to scale your online store to a million-dollar business.

So if you are new to eCommerce, you should take another course which I will tell you at the end of this review.

2. Ecommerce Masters is too expensive

It’s true that Ecommerce Masters is not the cheapest eCommerce course on the market. But sometimes, the price indicates quality. You cannot find another eCommerce course that is taught by 5 successful eCommerce entrepreneurs. These 5 experts are not normal gurus, but real practitioners.

What they teach you has been proven to work for their own online stores. What can be better to learn from someone who has a million-dollar online store running? If you think in this way, you should understand the value far exceeds the price.

3. Ecommerce Masters is not about dropshipping

I have read some reviews saying that Ecommerce Masters is a dropshipping course, but it’s incorrect! Ecommerce Masters is not a dropshipping course. It doesn’t teach you how to do dropshipping.

Ecommerce Masters is an eCommerce course for those with a legit brand. Students of Ecommerce Masters should have an online store selling unique and high-quality products.

If you want to learn how to do dropshipping, this course is not for you. Dropshipping is not a legit and long term business, so Foundr doesn’t have a course of dropshipping at the moment.

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Good Things About Ecommerce Masters Course

Foundr’s Ecommerce Masterclass is the best course I’ve seen so far. It combines the knowledge of five successful entrepreneurs into one course that can be found nowhere else. 

It doesn’t promise too much but lets you down. They don’t teach complicated techniques you’ll never use.

I am glad that this course teaches you the strategies that work, as opposed to giving you numerous options. Some gurus ruin your thoughts with too many choices. But in this course, there are only strategies that work. You can apply the strategies right away by following the course material.

Though I had experience in Ecommerce, this course helped me master eCommerce on a whole new level. I gained knowledge that I wouldn’t have learned from ordinary courses. 

Because the course picks out the key players for me, I don’t feel overwhelmed. I need just one strategy to double my online store’s sales. I’m glad the instructors shared their secrets with me.

Ecommerce Masters by Foundr Pricing

Ecommerce Masters is not cheap. It costs $997 at the time of writing. The regular price is $1,997. I am not sure if Foundr would raise the price in the future because this course is getting more popular.

There is no free trial for this course. Usually, you can only get a free trial for software but not a course. The product nature is different.

However, if you are not satisfied with the course, you can request a refund. Foundr offers a 365-day money-back guarantee. It means if you finish the course, implement the course content and find it doesn’t work, you can ask to take your back money. This is a generous offer and it shows that Foundr is very confident in the course quality.

So is the course worth the price? It depends on how you perceive the importance of learning in business. Some people like testing by themselves. But for me, the smarter way is always to learn from successful people. You can save a lot of time and avoid costly mistakes in that way.

If you are not so sure if Ecommerce Masters for you, you can take the free masterclass first. You will gain some insights from the free class.

Pros and Cons of Ecommerce Masters by Foundr


  • Video lessons are easy to understand and digest
  • This course is very well organized.
  • A lot of the strategies discussed in the course cannot be learnt anywhere else.
  • Each instructor possesses a successful track record in the Ecommerce industry.
  • It is very useful to join a private Facebook group where questions can be asked
  • It is very useful to use the workbooks, as they are professionally made, which guide you through the course.
  • The course comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee, which shows Foundr’s confidence in its quality.
  • In comparison to other courses on the market, the course price is very reasonable.


  • Honestly, I cannot find anything negative about this course. Some might say it’s expensive, but the value is worth it.

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Is Ecommerce Masters Course a Scam?

Ecommerce Masters is not a scam. It is a legit course that teaches you the legit but powerful way to scale your online store.

As I mentioned, Foundr is a very reputable company that specialises in teaching people how to start an online business. They have received many positive customer reviews over the year regarding their course quality and customer service.

I know there are many scammy courses online and I have reviewed those as well. Those scammy courses tend to have some common characteristics. For example, the course quality is very bad and you get no response when you have questions.

Ecommerce Masters is different. Foundr’s team and the instructors are there to help you. They really want to help you succeed so that they can succeed themselves.

You won’t be disappointed by the Ecommerce Masters as Foundr has spent a lot of money to hire these eCommerce experts and create this course for people like you.

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Conclusion: Ecommerce Masters Course Review

It is my opinion that everyone who owns an Ecommerce business should take the Ecommerce Masters course from Foundr. I am very impressed by the brilliant content of this course and can see that Foundr and the instructors are very committed to this course.

Those of you who have struggled to scale your online store can learn proven strategies from five successful E-commerce entrepreneurs. Their strategies are the most effective when it comes to Ecommerce.

Since Foundr’s courses are always new and practical, I prefer their courses to others in the industry.

If you do not know if you want to enrol in the Foundr Ecommerce Masters course, you can try the free masterclass first.

Once you have done that, I strongly recommend that you proceed with the full training program if you are serious about growing your Ecommerce business.

Where to Get the Best Price For Ecommerce Masters Course?

Ecommerce Masters Course was priced at $1,997. But you can get a $1,000 discount for a limited time here.

Since Foundr keeps investing more money to create more valuable and new content, it’s possible that it will raise the course price later. So if you are really serious about scaling your online store to the next level, I recommend you enrol in this course as soon as possible.

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Ecommerce Masters Alternative

If you don’t have an online store and have no prior experience, you should join another eCommerce course called “Start and Scale Your Online Store”.

As I mentioned, Ecommerce Masters is not a beginner course. It’s for those who have an existing online store and is looking for a way to scale to the million-dollar sales revenue. So the course won’t cover the basic stuff at all, but the strategies to scale.

Actually, many graduates from the ‘Start and Scale” course join the Ecommerce Masters. The combination of the “Start and Scale” course and Ecommerce Masters is the best for anyone who wants to achieve great success in eCommerce.

So Start and Scale course is not exactly an alternative to Ecommerce Masters. These two courses are designed to complement each other.

Anyway, if you are just a beginner, check out the Start and Scale course review here and join if you think it fits your needs.

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