The Best Email Marketing Services For Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking for the best email marketing service for your affiliate marketing business?

Using the right email marketing service can save you from a lot of hassles and increase your chance of success in promoting affiliate products.

In this article, I’m going to introduce 3 email marketing services for you.

Why Choosing the Right Email Marketing Service is Important For Affiliate Marketing?

Unlike running Facebook ads, email marketing costs much less and hence is an important strategy for affiliate marketing. You will see a much higher return on investment with email marketing.

In email marketing, you have full control of how to build a relationship with your prospects and convert them into customers. The email list is your asset. In contrast, if you run Facebook ads, the data doesn’t belong to you and Facebook can shut down your ad account without prior notice.

If you want to succeed in email marketing, the software you use is a determinant factor because you rely on it to set the marketing funnel and get them delivered to the inbox of prospects.

If you choose a bad email marketing software, you will waste your time and money because the emails may go to spam boxes or there are no marketing features to implement your strategy.

What are the Criteria in Choosing a Good Email Marketing Software?

An ideal email marketing tool should have an easy user interface for creating newsletters.

It should be capable of sending bulk email with personalisation in order to build a close relationship with your audience.

Mostly important, the email marketing tool should allow you to easily segment your contact list into different categories for more accurate retargeting. 

Last but not least, you should consider the email deliverability. Different email service providers vary when it comes to this. You wouldn’t want your emails to go into spam boxes and destroy your marketing campaign.

Below, I will review the most popular email marketing service providers and compare them with each other.


GetResponse is one of the best email marketing solutions for affiliate marketing. It provides amazing automation features that allow you to create automated email campaigns.

I personally like their drag and drop builder, which is very easy to use. You can create campaigns, segment contacts and send unlimited numbers of emails.

Moreover, GetResponse allows you to build landing pages to sell products and take payments. It also has a built-in webinar feature, whereas with ActiveCampaign you would need to use a third-party integration for this. 

Most importantly, GetResponse is affiliate friendly, meaning you can include affiliate links in your email without being banned. Other email marketing services have restrictions on this.


ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular email marketing services. It’s affordable but offers very powerful automation features.

I like their segmentation functionality where you can manage your subscribers with simple tags and lists. You can tag your subscribers automatically based on their behaviour on your website.

The most powerful thing about ActiveCampaign is its automation features. You can create any kind of email automation with ActiveCampaign. With a very flexible visual automation builder, you can create different triggers for your automations.

ActiveCampaign is also a CRM, which allows you to keep track of your leads and customers, and use automation to enhance your sales process. It will allow your sales team to nurture the leads and convert them.

In terms of automation features, ActiveCampaign is better than GetResponse. Nevertheless, if you are doing affiliate marketing, I don’t recommend ActiveCampaign because they impose some restrictions on including affiliate links in your marketing emails. 

The reason is that they don’t allow sending emails to promote other products or businesses, which are affiliate offers. The rationale is that people opt into your email list for receiving emails about you, your product and services instead of third-party offers. 

Your account will be flagged for review if you include affiliate links in most circumstances. They will require you to modify your emails before you can send emails again. Because of this strict policy to protect their email reputation, ActiveCampaign has the best email deliverability, so it is a great choice as long as you don’t do affiliate marketing.


AWeber is another popular email marketing software. The reason is that it has been established for a lot of years and offers robust features of autoresponder.

It has an easy-to-use drag and drop editor and offers over 150 customized email template options.

What I like about AWeber is that the integration options are vast, making it a very flexible tool to integrate with third party apps.

Moreover, AWeber’s pricing model is simple. It does not tie pricing to features. Its pricing model is based on the number of list subscribers. 

Nevertheless,  AWeber isn’t my favorite solution for managing email marketing.

The reason is that AWeber is list focused, not subscriber focused. AWeber treats the same email address (customer) on two different lists as two different people. So it’s hard to understand your subscriber behavior and history in a holistic sense. 

Also, although AWeber’s price looks cheap when compared with others, it can get very expensive if you don’t manage your email list well. If a person opts into multiple lists, it will be counted as multiple subscribers and being charged multiple times. They will also count unsubscribed users towards your billing. So make sure you check regularly and remove unsubscribed users on your list.

Final Verdict: The Best Email Marketing Service For Affiliate Marketing

There are many email marketing services and each one is a bit different and caters to different business needs.

If you are doing affiliate marketing, I highly recommend using GetResponse. The price is affordable and the features are amazing. Most importantly, GetResponse is very affiliate friendly.

If you are doing online business other than affiliate marketing, ActiveCampaign is the best choice. The automation features are very powerful, but the price is quite cheap. You can use their advanced segmentation and funnels to promote your business as well.

Bonus Tip: Build Your Email List Faster

After picking an email marketing service, you then have to think about your strategy to get more subscribers.

I recommend using Thrive Leads, which is a powerful tool to convert visitors into email subscribers and customers.

What I like about it is that it comes with a solid list of targeting and trigger rules. For example, you can target your forms to specific content, devices, types of WordPress users, and so on. 

You can integrate your email marketing service with Thrive Leads easily, which makes your marketing automation process very smooth.


I hope you find this post about email marketing services helpful. If you haven’t started doing email marketing, do it now by picking the email marketing service suitable for your business.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about email marketing.

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