Foundr Instagram Domination Review – Scam? Read This First!

Are you looking for a review of Foundr’s Instagram Domination course? Is Nathan Chan a Scam?

If you want to grow an Instagram account for your online business, you may wonder if this course can really teach you how to do it. It’s always good to do some research before investing time and money.

In Instagram Domination, you supposed to learn how to use Instagram to grow and scale your business. The problem is whether the strategies taught in the course really work in reality.

As a graduate of the Instagram Domination course, I feel qualified to talk to you about it. You may have read other online reviews but those people didn’t take Instagram Domination. So their words are not incorrect.

This detailed review is meant to help you decide whether Instagram  Domination is right for you so that you can make an informed decision.

Instagram Domination Review – Takeaways

In this Instagram Domination review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

Instagram Domination by Foundr Introduction

Instagram Domination is a complete course on Instagram that teaches you how to build your Instagram following and use it for business.

foundr instagram domination review – scam or legit?

Having an effective Instagram strategy will help you engage your audience and get your message across to the community. By doing so, you can drive more traffic to your website and increase sales.

Instagram Domination was designed by Foundr to lead you toward that. It’s instructed by Foundr CEO Nathan Chan. It shows you the ins and outs of the system Foundr actually uses to grow their own account.

This course has helped over 5000 students to scale their Instagram followings and generate millions of dollars in sales through Instagram marketing.

In this YouTube video, Nathan Chan explains how Foundr gets a million followers on Instagram in just 2 years.

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Who is Nathan Chan?

Nathan Chan is the CEO for Foundr and holds a masters in business from Victoria University. He has interviewed the many successful entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, and Tim Ferriss.

Nathan Chan has a passion and a specialty for using Instagram to grow a business. In The Instagram Domination, he shares the secrets to growing the Foundr’s Instagram account to help you replicate his success.

At the time of writing, Foundr’s Instagram account has 3.2 million followers, which is incredible.  It’s very rare to see such a massive Instagram account in a business niche.

foundr instagram domination review – scam? read this first!

Who is Foundr?

Foundr has been helping people start up online businesses, acquire more sales, and develop side hustles for extra income. It is a media and education company that has reached millions of people over the past seven years.

They have created many premium online courses, which impart valuable business strategies to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Foundr courses cover copywriting, finance, content marketing, Facebook advertising, and much more.

Foundr has a great reputation and rating online. At the time of writing, their Trustpilot rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars, which is incredible:

foundr instagram domination review – scam? read this first!

An Overview of Instagram Domination

A comprehensive Instagram course, Instagram Domination discusses the following topics in detail:

  • Instagram foundations – do the account set up that is necessary for success. 
  • Nathan’s signature “Unicorn Strategy” – A tactic that can boost engagement of your Instagram posts
  • How to develop your content strategy – create content that is guaranteed to resonate with your audience. 
  • How to find the right influencers – find out how to engage influencers and get them to promote your product or service to generate more sales.
  • The “Influencer Marketing Product Outreach Machine”A strategy to make influencers promote your products or services on autopilot. This is exactly how Nathan lands 100-200 influencers posting on Healthish’s behalf every month.
  • How to keep your audience engagedHow to maintain a loyal community of fans (and how to reactivate a dying IG account)
  • How to create your own sales funnel using InstagramHow to use Instagram to create a sales funnel for e-commerce, digital products, services, and even brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • An entire “Growth Hacks Toolbox”how to use Instagram more effectively to attract followers, engage with users and drive sales

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What You Can Get From Instagram Domination?

The Instagram Domination course consists of 8 modules and more than 50 video clips where Nathan Chan will take you through every step of the process. From what business is the best for you to what to post, you will learn it all.

Each lesson is actionable, short and up-to-date. When you’ve completed the course you’ll increase your followers dramatically and start making sales. And the reason I believe in this is that they’ve already done it. 

Also included are downloadable workbooks and action steps to make everything simple for you. Even if you already have an Instagram that is doing alright, Nathan will show you how to transform that into a beast and give you the results you deserve.

In addition, the Instagram Domination course includes five bonuses, worth over $1,000USD (and not available anywhere else) for free, according to Foundr.

Bonus #1 – Private Facebook Group

In addition to your free membership, when you join today you’ll receive access to the private group where you can find influencers and people to collaborate with. Staffed by the Foundr team, this is the place where you can ask for help while building your Instagram empire.

Bonus #2 – Instagram Account Audit

While other companies charge up to $300 for this service, Foundr is including it as a free bonus just for you.  

Once you have updated your account as instructed in the training, just let Foundr know so they can conduct an account audit on your Instagram account. They will review your account and give you feedback, suggestions, and guidance for faster growth.

Bonus #3 – Million Dollar Interviews

The Foundr team has tracked down some of the biggest Instagram success stories and twisted their arms to show you how they did it. 

They are talking about brands like Frank Body, SkinnyMeTea, HiSmile, which are making a significant impact with Instagram and have worked with celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Connor Mcgregor and many more.

Bonus #4 – “Followers Into Dollars” Training

Having thousands of followers doesn’t mean a thing if they aren’t generating revenue. Instagram Domination takes you beyond Instagram with strategies to make money with your following and generate additional revenue for your business.

Bonus #5 – Influencer Fastpass (Templates)

The outreach templates can be used to contact global Instagram influencers and find out how your products or services can be promoted together. 

Success Stories of Instagram Domination 

The Instagram Domination course has produced a lot of success stories of students who took their business to the next level after receiving its teachings.

In some cases, students successfully used Instagram to increase sales and raise funds for their crowdfunding campaigns.

Here are some inspiring success stories of the students:

foundr instagram domination review – scam? read this first!

foundr instagram domination review – scam? read this first!

foundr instagram domination review – scam? read this first!

Foundr is actually a great example of using Instagram to scale a business. Instagram is their main channel for marketing and customer acquisition. They have 2.7 million followers on Instagram at the time of writing. Hence, they are qualified to share their experience.

Over the years, Foundr has generated over one hundred thousand leads and sales via Instagram.

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Instagram Domination Complaints and Cons

1. Growing an Instagram Account Takes Time

Growing an Instagram Account is not as fast as running Facebook ads in terms of driving traffic. However, it’s less capital intensive and is a long term asset.

When your online business has a big Instagram account, your customers are more likely to trust you. In addition to helping you drive traffic to your product or service, it’s also an indicator of your company’s reputation and brand.

So even if it takes time to grow an Instagram account, I think it’s worth the investment.

2. Instagram Changes Algorithm From Time to Time

It’s true that Instagram changes its algorithm all the time and hence some tricks might not be useful after a certain period of time.

However, it’s something that online marketers cannot control and we have to learn how to adapt to it and take advantage of the changes.

Nathan Chan always updates the course content whenever Instagram launches new functions. So after enrolling in the course, it really feels like having a private consultant of Instagram by your side and teach you how to maintain and grow your account.

3. Instagram Domination Doesn’t Teach Blackhat techniques

Instagram Domination is a legit course, meaning everything you learn in the course complies with the law and policy of Instagram.

You will not want to breach the rules and get your account banned. It’s a nightmare to see your account being banned and cannot be recovered. So never take the risk to use blackhat techniques.

People who like cutting corners end up in failure. In business, you should always play by the rules and leverage what is in your hands.

4. Instagram Domination is a bit Expensive

Some people grumble that the course is too expensive. It’s true that not everyone can afford to pay $997 for the course.

However, investing some money in learning and preparing yourself for success is necessary. If you don’t learn the right way to grow an Instagram account, you may end up losing much more money and time.

Nathan Chan has been successful with Instagram marketing, so why take the risk and do the wild guess?

What I Like About Instagram Domination?

This course does more than just teach you how to get more instagram followers. It teaches you everything you need to know about using Instagram to promote your business. 

Whether you want to increase traffic to your site, revenue, or brand awareness, you can learn how with this course.

Furthermore, Nathan Chan always ensures the information is up-to-date and relevant.

Foundr completely updated their course in the past year, adding over 20 new videos on everything from shoutouts, the best tools to use, hashtags, content creation, growth hacks, and analytics.

New content for the course is free for students who have already purchased it.

The Instagram algorithm changes frequently, so information might become outdated from time to time. With Instagram Domination, there won’t be any need to worry about this.

Nathan Chan, the creator of the course, always works hard to update the course materials and teach the students how to take advantage of the new features and changes. You can go back to the course whenever you want. It’s like having a lifetime expert available whenever you need.

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Who Should Join Instagram Domination?

Every business needs traffic and an audience to thrive. Instagram Domination is for anyone who is serious about growing their business.

Instagram is a powerful tool that can lead to business growth no matter what industry you’re in or what your goals are. If you’re looking to grow your mailing list, increase conversions, and opt-ins, Instagram Domination is the course you’re looking for.

Instagram has more 500 million active users monthly. Imagine what it would be like to be able to market your business or product to so many people.

Thousands of students have already taken this course, and it has contributed to hundreds of case studies of accelerated growth.

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Who is Instagram Domination Not For?

Instagram Domination is not for everyone. If you are looking for some blackhat tactics to grow your Instagram account, Instagram Domination course is not for you.

Foundr’s Instagram Domination only teaches the strategies that comply with Instagram’s policy and rules. The reason is that it takes a lot of time and efforts to grow an account, and it’s going to be your asset. You won’t want to see your account getting banned by Instagram for violating the rules.

If you are not patient and want to get massive results in a few weeks, don’t join Instagram Domination. Growing an Instagram account is like building a house. You must be patient and apply what you learn every day.

Instagram Domination Pricing

Instagram Domination is not a cheap course that you would find on some course marketplace like Udemy.

It’s priced at $997 at the time of writing. The regular price is $1,997, so if you enrol now, you should be able to get a $1,000 discount.

I’m not sure if they would raise the price in the future given its popularity. So if you can still see the $997, you are recommended to enrol as soon as possible.

Some people may think $997 is still expensive, but if you consider the value you receive in the course, you will understand the price is very fair.

Think about it, if you have an Instagram account that has thousands of followers, you can get a lot of free traffic to your business. As a result, you can save a lot of money on running paid ads. If you run paid ads, one thousand dollars is just enough to get your pixel to warm up only, not to mention getting leads or sales.

So I personally think Instagram Domination is worth the investment. If you are still not sure, you can join the free masterclass. Nathan Chan will generously share some hacks with you in the free masterclass.

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Pros and Cons of Instagram Domination

Instagram Domination has pros and cons. Here’s a summary for your reference.

Pros of Instagram Domination

  • Learn how to build a massive following of fans by finding and attracting your target audience
  • Learn how to brand your page to attract followers
  • Learn how to convert followers into email subscribers and customers
  • Learn how to work with Instagram influencers to scale your business
  • Course content is updated regularly
  • Lifetime access to future updates

Cons of Instagram Domination

  • A bit pricey, but you can finance the course through a payment plan.

Is Instagram Domination a Scam?

Instagram Dominance is not a scam. It was created by a legit company, Foundr.

Instagram is an important social media platform for most online businesses. You can find your potential customers there. Foundr has been using Instagram to attract new followers for their magazine and courses.

Different from other courses, Foundr themselves have tested and proven every strategy and tactic taught in Instagram Domination.

There are also some courses that teach you a black hat technique that promises fast results, but making use of such techniques is dangerous. At the end of the day, you will be blocked from using Instagram.

Inside the Instagram Domination course, you will learn how to play by the rules of Instagram while still growing your account effectively. You are going to learn sustainable strategies not taught by other gurus.

Thus, if your business needs to leverage Instagram to grow, you cannot go wrong by joining Instagram Domination.

Feel free to take the free masterclass here first if you are still uncertain.

Final Verdict: Instagram Domination Review

My experience with Instagram Domination has been great thus far. The courses creator really does strive to help students by letting them know all he knew.

While the course was a bit pricey, I believe that it will turn out to be the best investment you have ever made. By growing a big Instagram account, folks will automatically be drawn to your website. That means you can save thousands of dollars on paid ads.

To conclude, if you need help growing your Instagram account, or learn how to get the best results on Instagram, you need to sign up for Instagram Domination and start building your business today.

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Instagram Domination Alternative

Actually, I cannot find a good alternative to Instagram Domination. There is no course that is as comprehensive as Instagram Domination when it comes to growing an Instagram account.

However, if you think Instagram is not for you and you want to use Facebook ads to drive traffic, you might consider the Facebook ads course by Foundr.

The course is called “How to Run Facebook Ads” and is taught by an expert called Nick Shackelford. What makes this course unique is that Nick Shackelford is going to teach you the algorithm-proof method to run Facebook ads.

If you are familiar with Facebook ads, you should know that its algorithm changes a lot and hence your ad strategy might have to change accordingly.

However, in “How to Run Facebook Ads by Foundr”, Nick Shackelford will teach you some strategies that will work in all circumstances. So you don’t have to worry about if the strategies will become outdated or not.

If you want to know more about the Facebook ads course, you can read this detailed course review.

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