23 Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs (2023)

Discover the realm of high-ticket affiliate programs that promise substantial rewards for your marketing efforts. In this article, we unveil a curated list of the best high ticket affiliate programs, where lucrative commissions meet top-notch products and services. From e-commerce giants like Shopify to the luxury of private jets with Villiers Jets, delve into a world of opportunities that can transform your affiliate marketing journey into a realm of impressive earnings and unique niches.

23 Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs

1. Shopify

Shopify’s dominance in the e-commerce realm is undeniable. With over a million online retailers across the globe relying on Shopify’s platform, including major brands like Gymshark and Pepsi, it’s evident that Shopify is a powerhouse. What makes Shopify an enticing high ticket affiliate program is its stringent selection criteria. Shopify seeks affiliate marketers who own active websites, possess established audiences, and create original content related to commerce, entrepreneurship, or e-commerce platforms.

While the affiliate entry barrier might be higher, the potential rewards are substantial. Shopify’s commission structure stands out prominently – a bounty commission worth a staggering 200% of the monthly plan price for every referral. With monthly plan prices ranging from $29 to $299, potential earnings can soar up to $598 per conversion. Additionally, Shopify’s enterprise-grade solutions open doors to even greater earnings.

2. Kinsta

Kinsta emerges as an excellent high ticket affiliate program due to its commitment to elevating WordPress hosting to unprecedented levels of performance and customer support. As a managed WordPress hosting provider, Kinsta distinguishes itself by offering exceptional load times and unwavering support. When your blog or website inevitably outgrows shared hosting, Kinsta becomes the natural progression, ensuring seamless scalability as your business expands.

Unlike budget hosting options, Kinsta isn’t focused on being the cheapest choice; rather, it prioritizes delivering quality and value. This quality extends to their affiliate program, which stands out as a golden opportunity for affiliate marketers. Kinsta’s affiliate program boasts an impressive commission rate, offering up to $500 per sale referred through your affiliate link. This payout is one of the most attractive in the affiliate marketing landscape.

The allure of the Kinsta affiliate program doesn’t stop at the initial commission. Affiliates also receive a 10% monthly recurring commission for the entire lifetime of the customer they referred. This model presents an enticing prospect – earning a lifetime commission from a single sale. The icing on the cake is the 60-day cookie duration, ensuring that even if conversions happen after the initial click, you still earn your deserved commission. Kinsta’s combination of exceptional hosting and an affiliate program with substantial rewards makes it a prime candidate for high ticket affiliate marketers.

3. Cloudways

Cloudways, a web hosting platform catering to individuals, small businesses, and agencies, establishes itself as a strong contender in the realm of high ticket affiliate programs. Its commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, managing over 250,000 websites across 60 data centers with an impressive 94.7% customer happiness score.

What sets Cloudways apart is its range of affiliate commission structures, allowing marketers to choose between the “Slab” model and the “Hybrid” version. The “Slab” model offers one-time commissions of up to $125, with the potential for higher earnings for prolific affiliates. On the other hand, the “Hybrid” version presents a recurring commission of 7%, complemented by a $30 bounty payment. This flexibility empowers marketers to tailor their approach based on their strengths and audience.

Cloudways’ commitment to accommodating both one-time and recurring commission structures, coupled with its reputation for customer satisfaction, makes it an enticing option for high ticket affiliate marketers.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot’s prominence in digital marketing is well-founded, with its products being embraced by more than 113,000 customers worldwide. This digital marketing giant’s affiliate program is a high ticket treasure trove for marketers who wish to align themselves with a reputable brand while reaping substantial rewards.

HubSpot’s products, while valuable, come with a price tag. However, this works to the advantage of affiliate marketers. HubSpot’s commission structure reflects its commitment to rewarding affiliates generously. Commissions per sale vary based on the product tier, ranging from $250 for Starter/Basic to $1,000 for Enterprise. The multi-tiered structure incentivizes marketers to target higher-paying products, potentially leading to impressive earnings.

Furthermore, HubSpot’s cross-selling benefits amplify the potential for higher commissions. Affiliates earn commissions on multiple products purchased by a single customer, providing an avenue for exponential earnings. HubSpot’s rich repository of marketing assets, including demo videos, banners, and landing pages, further equips marketers to drive conversions effectively.

5. Villiers Jets

The allure of private jets has always been associated with the opulence of the rich and famous. Villiers Jets opens the door for affiliate marketers to tap into this world of luxury and convenience. What makes Villiers Jets a standout high-ticket affiliate program to join?

Private jets, the ultimate symbol of affluence, present a unique opportunity for affiliate marketers. Villiers Jets, a distinguished private jet leasing company, steps onto the scene with an extensive fleet of over 10,000 jets spanning international locations. This opens a realm of possibilities for affiliates to target a niche audience of high-net-worth individuals seeking unparalleled travel experiences.

The program’s commission structure is where the real magic happens. Affiliates are rewarded with a recurring 30% commission on each sale. The “empty leg” flights offered by Villiers Jets, a cost-effective option, allow for enticing bargains for potential clients. This creates a win-win situation for affiliates who can pitch the luxury of private jet travel while offering affordability through these special deals.

With the potential to earn $541.50 in commission for a single sale of the cheapest “empty leg” flight, the sky’s the limit for affiliate earnings. The ongoing nature of the commission ensures a steady stream of income as clients continue to utilize Villiers Jets’ services. This unique blend of luxury and financial reward makes Villiers Jets an irresistible high-ticket affiliate program to consider.

6. Luxury Card

Luxury Card’s distinctive approach to credit card affiliate programs positions it as a standout choice for high ticket affiliates seeking exclusive opportunities. Luxury Card is not your average credit card offering; it’s an exclusive, niche card that provides premium perks, including air miles, airport lounge access, and a 24/7 concierge service. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that affiliates can even promote a 24-karat gold version of the card.

Affiliate marketers who choose to partner with Luxury Card are presented with an unparalleled commission structure. For every sign-up directed through an affiliate link, a substantial $405 commission awaits. This commission amount far surpasses the norm within the credit card affiliate landscape, making Luxury Card a prime option for those seeking high ticket opportunities.

7. ClickFunnels

In the realm of online marketing, ClickFunnels emerges as a prominent player, offering a high-ticket affiliate program that resonates with marketers and entrepreneurs. What sets ClickFunnels apart and makes it a compelling high-ticket affiliate program to join?

ClickFunnels, led by marketing guru Russell Brunson, provides a versatile platform for creating sales funnels that convert leads into paying customers. As affiliate marketers navigate the competitive landscape of online marketing, ClickFunnels offers a distinct value proposition. Its reputation as a powerful tool used by experts underscores its credibility and effectiveness, making it an appealing proposition for affiliates.

The program’s commission structure boasts a recurring 40% commission on monthly subscriptions ranging from $97 to $297. This arrangement ensures a consistent revenue stream as subscribers continue to use the platform. Additionally, affiliates have the opportunity to earn $100 per lead on select products, enhancing their income potential.

The 30-day cookie duration further enhances the attractiveness of ClickFunnels’ affiliate program. This period provides ample time for potential customers to explore and make informed decisions, maximizing the chances of conversion. ClickFunnels’ combination of proven efficacy, competitive commissions, and a solid cookie duration makes it a standout high-ticket affiliate program in the digital marketing landscape.

8. Oceanscape Yachts

Owning a superyacht remains a distant dream for most, but Oceanscape Yachts introduces a captivating affiliate opportunity that brings the thrill of yachting to a broader audience. Here’s why Oceanscape Yachts stands out as a high-ticket affiliate program worth joining.

The notion of cruising on a superyacht, away from the masses, resonates with luxury enthusiasts. Oceanscape Yachts, a pioneer in the yacht charter industry, bridges the gap between aspiration and reality. Affiliates can tap into the allure of exclusivity, offering clients the chance to have a private superyacht experience in breathtaking destinations worldwide.

The program’s allure lies in its generous commission structure. Affiliates earn an average commission of $1,250 per sale, placing it among the most lucrative affiliate programs available. This exceptional earning potential is a testament to the high-ticket nature of yachts and the demand for curated luxury experiences.

With a cookie duration of permanent attribution, affiliates have the advantage of long-term revenue generation. This unique attribute enables affiliates to reap the benefits of their efforts over an extended period, resulting in a sustainable income stream. Oceanscape Yachts’ combination of luxury escapades and substantial earnings solidifies its position as an exceptional high-ticket affiliate program.

9. Dream Cloud

While mattresses might seem like an unconventional high-ticket affiliate product, DreamCloud defies expectations by offering an affiliate program that combines quality, affordability, and attractive earnings. Here’s why DreamCloud’s program is a sleeper hit in the high-ticket affiliate landscape.

The mattress industry, valued at billions of dollars annually, signifies a vital component of comfort and well-being. DreamCloud enters this market with a disruptive approach, offering high-quality mattresses at accessible prices. This unique value proposition resonates with audiences seeking both luxury and affordability.

The average order value of nearly $1,200 places DreamCloud’s affiliate program in the high-ticket category. While some programs rely on commission percentages, DreamCloud opts for a flat $150 commission per sale. This straightforward approach simplifies earning potential and ensures that affiliates earn a substantial reward for each successful referral.

A 365-day cookie duration amplifies the program’s appeal. This extended timeframe allows potential customers to explore and consider their purchase, increasing the likelihood of conversion. DreamCloud’s convergence of quality, affordability, and substantial earnings renders it a standout high-ticket affiliate program in an unexpected industry.

10. Fiverr

The evolution of remote work and the gig economy has ushered in new avenues for affiliate marketers, with Fiverr emerging as a dynamic platform that appeals to freelancers and entrepreneurs alike. Here’s why Fiverr’s affiliate program stands out in the high-ticket landscape.

Fiverr, renowned for connecting businesses with skilled freelancers across various disciplines, taps into the burgeoning demand for remote services. As startups and businesses seek specialized talent, affiliates can align their marketing efforts with the needs of this evolving landscape. Fiverr’s diverse range of services provides ample opportunities for affiliates to cater to a broad audience.

What makes Fiverr a high-ticket affiliate program is its unique offering – the ‘Pro Services’ package. Affiliates can earn up to $150 in commission for every referral that purchases this package, aligning with the high-value nature of professional services. This substantial commission potential positions Fiverr’s affiliate program among the top earners in the affiliate marketing arena.

The program’s lifetime attribution through cookies ensures that affiliates continue to earn from referred clients without limitations. This long-lasting benefit underscores Fiverr’s commitment to rewarding affiliates for their ongoing contributions. Fiverr’s convergence of a dynamic gig economy, substantial commission potential, and persistent cookie attribution make it an enticing high-ticket affiliate program for marketers to explore.

11. WP Engine

WP Engine’s high ticket affiliate program gains its prominence from the evolution of hosting services and the growing emphasis on user experience. As websites become central to business operations, the speed, security, and support provided by a hosting provider have gained paramount importance.

The narrative of progression from basic hosting to premium hosting creates a relatable journey for affiliate marketers. This progression mirrors the natural trajectory of website owners’ needs, making WP Engine an apt recommendation at the right stage. The testimonial of 500,000+ WordPress bloggers underpins the platform’s reliability and popularity, further encouraging potential affiliates to align with WP Engine.

The affiliate commission structure is enticing, with potential earnings of up to $200 per sale. The mention of the bonus system for referring a substantial number of accounts adds an aspirational dimension. This incentive appeals to affiliate marketers seeking to optimize their earnings, creating a symbiotic relationship where the affiliate’s success translates into higher commissions.

The emphasis on user benefits – speed, security, support – resonates with website owners’ core concerns. This, coupled with the mention of the competitive advantage gained from premium hosting, fortifies the program’s value proposition. The broader appeal of WP Engine’s services ensures a wider audience, ranging from bloggers to small businesses, seeking optimized hosting solutions.

12. Sucuri

Sucuri stands out as a robust high ticket affiliate program due to its paramount importance in the digital landscape. In a world where cyber threats loom large, website security has become a non-negotiable necessity. The value proposition of Sucuri lies in its ability to prevent security breaches before they occur and salvage compromised sites after an attack.

The narrative of a real-life hacking incident underscores the urgency of Sucuri’s services. The personal experience of falling victim to a cyberattack adds a relatable element, resonating with potential affiliates and customers alike. This incident serves as a cautionary tale, compelling audiences to recognize the vulnerability of their own websites.

The commission structure, albeit nuanced, adds to the program’s appeal. The tiered approach of $100 per sale for the “Agency” package and $210 per sale for the “Business Firewall” solution reflects the diverse needs of businesses. The potential to earn substantial commissions appeals to affiliate marketers seeking high-ticket opportunities.

Moreover, the inclusion of an “emergency hotline” reinforces Sucuri’s commitment to customer support. This aspect addresses a critical concern for businesses, adding a layer of trust and reliability. The affiliate program’s narrow focus on security services ensures a niche audience, which, although specific, consists of individuals and businesses willing to invest in safeguarding their digital assets.

13. Thinkific

Thinkific’s high ticket affiliate program taps into the burgeoning market of content creators and educators seeking a streamlined platform. The narrative of individuals with valuable expertise but limited technical skills resonates with potential affiliates who can empathize with the challenges of digital course creation.

The platform’s simplicity, evident in its no-code approach, is a cornerstone of its value proposition. The story of enabling individuals to share their knowledge effortlessly creates a narrative of empowerment, appealing to both potential affiliates and customers. The incorporation of payment processing adds practicality, addressing a critical aspect of online course creation.

The 30% recurring commission structure ensures sustained income for affiliates. The monthly nature of these commissions aligns well with the subscription-based model of online courses, further cementing the program’s value. The cap at $1,700 per referral per year ensures an attractive earning potential without seeming unreachable.

The universal appeal of Thinkific’s offerings transcends industries and niches. This universality ensures a wide potential customer base, ranging from professionals seeking to monetize their expertise to businesses aiming to provide internal training. The 90-day cookie duration accounts for the often longer customer decision-making process, offering affiliates a reasonable window to convert leads.

14. Teachable

Teachable’s high ticket affiliate program finds its strength in the prevailing trend of online education and the rise of digital content creators. The transition from traditional learning platforms to modern, accessible digital courses is a testament to the platform’s relevance. The switch to Teachable by established figures like Pat Flynn underscores its appeal to a wide spectrum of experts.

The story of Teachable replacing older platforms serves as a narrative of evolution, akin to the transition from outdated marketing methods. The diverse range of courses, curated by respected authors and industry experts, reinforces Teachable’s credibility and educational value. The platform’s provision of free courses for preselling demonstrates a strategic approach to converting potential customers.

The 30% commission rate translates into tangible earnings, and the focus on skill acquisition and self-improvement is resonant. This commission structure aligns with the value proposition of education and personal growth, offering affiliate marketers a chance to contribute to others’ development while earning a substantial income.

Teachable’s relevance across various niches, from business to arts, expands its potential audience. This universality, coupled with the enduring trend of online courses, ensures a continuous stream of potential customers. The 90-day cookie duration provides ample time for potential customers to deliberate, making the affiliate program adaptable to various customer decision-making timelines.

15. Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker stands out as an exceptional high ticket affiliate program due to its unique blend of expertise, credibility, and generous commissions. In a crowded landscape of affiliate marketing courses, Authority Hacker sets itself apart by practicing what it preaches. Unlike other courses that regurgitate forum content, Authority Hacker researches, builds, and runs its own portfolio of successful affiliate sites. This real-world experience lends immense credibility to their offerings, making them a trusted resource for aspiring affiliate marketers.

One of the program’s standout features is its commitment to white hat practices. This means that the strategies they teach adhere to ethical guidelines, ensuring that affiliates can promote their courses without fear of running afoul of search engine algorithms or facing penalties. This level of integrity not only safeguards affiliates’ reputations but also enhances the value they provide to their audiences.

Moreover, Authority Hacker regularly updates its courses, ensuring that affiliates and learners always have access to the latest insights and techniques. Their dedication to keeping their materials current demonstrates a commitment to providing real value, which resonates positively with potential customers.

From an affiliate perspective, Authority Hacker offers a substantial commission of up to $990 per sale. This high payout reflects the premium quality of their courses and the potential for significant earnings for affiliates who can effectively promote them. The commission structure aligns well with the potential value that affiliates can offer their audiences by connecting them with actionable and proven strategies for success in the affiliate marketing world.

In essence, Authority Hacker’s high ticket affiliate program excels in combining authenticity, expertise, ethical practices, and generous commissions. For affiliate marketers seeking a program that not only offers lucrative earnings but also aligns with their commitment to quality and credibility, Authority Hacker emerges as an exceptional choice.

16. Liquid Web

Liquid Web’s high ticket affiliate program distinguishes itself by catering to businesses’ specific hosting needs. The program’s strength lies in the recognition of quality over affordability in the realm of hosting. This resonates with affiliate marketers who understand the intrinsic value of reliable, high-performance hosting.

The longevity of Liquid Web’s presence since 1997 underlines its industry experience and credibility. The affiliate program’s history further attests to its stability and commitment to partnerships. The decision to forego shared hosting showcases the platform’s focus on quality and targeted clientele.

The narrative of providing solutions even at a lower entry point, such as the $19 per month package, positions Liquid Web as an attainable yet high-value choice. The flexible commission structure, ranging from $150 to $7,000 per referral, accommodates both entry-level customers and those seeking premium solutions.

The emphasis on quality resonates with businesses prioritizing reliability and performance. The acknowledgment that higher investments yield substantial rewards aligns with the philosophy of high ticket affiliate marketing. The 90-day cookie duration offers a reasonable timeframe for potential customers to make informed decisions, and the broad range of hosting solutions ensures relevance across various business sizes and industries.

17. BigCommerce

BigCommerce emerges as a compelling option for high ticket affiliate marketers due to its all-in-one e-commerce solution that aligns with the needs of both affiliates and aspiring online store owners. This program’s appeal lies in its user-friendly platform, scalability, and substantial commissions, making it an attractive proposition for affiliates looking to tap into the e-commerce market.

Setting up an e-commerce store can be daunting, especially for newcomers. BigCommerce steps in with an intuitive platform that streamlines the process, allowing store owners to focus on their products and customers rather than grappling with technicalities. This user-centric approach resonates with potential customers and can be a strong selling point for affiliates.

Moreover, BigCommerce’s scalability ensures that as online businesses grow, their e-commerce platform can evolve seamlessly alongside them. This eliminates the need for disruptive transitions to different platforms, enhancing the long-term value and stability that BigCommerce offers to both customers and affiliates.

From an affiliate perspective, BigCommerce’s commission structure is particularly enticing. Offering 200% of the referral’s first monthly payment, affiliates have the potential to earn substantial commissions that reflect the value of the service being promoted. This commission model is especially advantageous when promoting higher-tier plans like the ‘Enterprise’ plan, which can result in a $1,500 commission for a single sale.

In essence, BigCommerce’s high ticket affiliate program combines a user-friendly e-commerce solution, scalability, and generous commissions. For affiliates who want to tap into the thriving e-commerce market and provide value to entrepreneurs, BigCommerce offers an excellent avenue for both earning potential and customer satisfaction.

18. Smart Proxy

Smart Proxy emerges as a standout player in the realm of high ticket affiliate programs, offering a solution that goes beyond the conventional proxy service and taps into the critical need for unrestricted internet access. What makes Smart Proxy a great high ticket affiliate program is its unique value proposition and the significant potential for affiliates to earn substantial commissions.

In an age where geo-restrictions and content accessibility limitations are increasingly common, Smart Proxy steps in as a versatile solution. They provide both residential and data center proxy products, catering to various needs, whether it’s data scraping, accessing content from different countries, or ensuring a seamless online experience while traveling. This unique positioning makes Smart Proxy a relevant and sought-after service, thereby enhancing its appeal to potential customers.

Crucially, Smart Proxy differentiates itself from the mass of low-quality proxy providers by offering a premium product with millions of IPs, virtually eliminating the risk of blocks or service disruptions. This reliability and performance guarantee reinforce the value that Smart Proxy brings to the table, making it an attractive proposition for affiliate marketers looking to promote a high-quality service.

From the affiliate perspective, Smart Proxy offers a compelling 50% commission on all sales. What’s more, the potential to earn up to $1,500 for a single sale by promoting premium packages with higher price points adds to the program’s allure. This translates into significant earning potential for affiliates who effectively target the right audience and highlight the advantages of Smart Proxy’s reliable and versatile proxy solutions.

19. Plus500

Plus500 stands out as a unique high ticket affiliate program, focusing on online trading and the lucrative world of Contracts for Difference (CFDs). The program’s appeal lies in its specialization, global reach, protective measures, and the potential for significant earnings in a dynamic market.

The specialization in CFDs sets Plus500 apart, offering affiliates a niche that caters to traders looking to profit from price fluctuations in various financial instruments. This specialization ensures that the program caters to a specific audience, enhancing its relevance and attractiveness to potential customers.

Furthermore, Plus500’s global reach, available in 50 countries, broadens the program’s appeal and potential customer base. As a high ticket affiliate marketer, promoting a service that spans multiple international markets can be a strategic advantage, especially when tapping into the growing interest in online trading.

Crucially, Plus500’s protective measures, such as safeguarding against negative balances, enhance its credibility and appeal to potential customers. The program’s emphasis on protecting traders’ interests aligns well with the trust that affiliates can build when promoting its services.

From the affiliate perspective, Plus500 offers commissions ranging from at least $150 to potentially $600 per sale. While not the highest on the high ticket spectrum, it’s a competitive offering in the online trading niche, especially considering the potential for recurring trading activity among referred customers.

20. Frontpoint Home Security

Security is a paramount concern in today’s world, driving the demand for home security solutions. Frontpoint Home Security caters to this need by providing comprehensive security systems that offer peace of mind to homeowners. The program’s appeal lies not only in its relevance but also in its substantial commission rate and cookie duration.

The $125 commission per lead stands out as a competitive payout in the affiliate marketing landscape. Every referral can yield impressive returns, especially considering the consistent demand for home security solutions. The 20-day cookie duration ensures that affiliates are rewarded for their efforts even if conversions take a bit longer to materialize, enhancing the program’s attractiveness further.

21. Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits emerges as a top-tier high ticket affiliate program that caters to individuals seeking investment guidance from seasoned experts. The program’s appeal lies in its reputable content, substantial commissions, and the potential to provide tangible value to individuals looking to make informed investment decisions.

One of the standout features of Capitalist Exploits is the credibility of its investment guidance. Backed by seasoned investors who invest their own money, the program’s insights carry a weight that sets it apart from run-of-the-mill financial advice. This credibility resonates with individuals looking for trustworthy investment recommendations, making it an appealing proposition for both affiliates and customers.

Capitalist Exploits’ commitment to providing valuable content is evident through its accessible blog posts and downloadable reports. These resources not only educate potential customers but also showcase the depth of knowledge and expertise within the program. This combination of credibility and value adds to the program’s allure for both affiliates and customers.

From the affiliate perspective, Capitalist Exploits offers a substantial 50% commission on sales, translating into attractive earnings potential for affiliates who successfully promote their products. Additionally, the high ticket items, some costing up to $3,499, provide avenues for even higher earnings, especially considering the program’s year-long cookie duration.

22. Embroker

Embroker stands as a testament to the fusion of technology with a traditional industry – business insurance. As businesses seek comprehensive coverage, Embroker’s tech-driven approach offers tailored solutions, streamlining a process that has historically been complex and time-consuming. This innovation not only enhances customer experience but also creates an opportunity for affiliates to capitalize on the company’s unique selling proposition.

The $250 commission per lead offered by Embroker makes it an attractive high ticket affiliate program. Every referred customer can translate into a significant payout, making it possible to achieve impressive earnings with relatively few conversions. The 90-day cookie duration further extends the potential for conversion, providing affiliates with an extended timeframe to earn commissions from their referrals’ interactions with Embroker.

23. STD Check

STD Check addresses a critical healthcare need that often goes unnoticed due to social stigma and apprehension. The program offers confidential STD testing at local centers, providing quick and discreet results. The soaring rates of STD infections in developed countries, especially the US, underscore the relevance of this service. The growing demand translates into a steady market, ensuring a consistent flow of potential customers.

From an affiliate marketer’s perspective, the program’s appeal is further accentuated by its high payout. With an average commission of $102 per referral, affiliates can potentially earn substantial income by directing individuals to STD Check. Moreover, the 40% commission rate is significantly above industry standards, making it a lucrative prospect for those who can tap into the relevant audience.

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In the realm of affiliate marketing, the best high ticket affiliate programs provide a gateway to remarkable earnings and diverse niches. Whether you’re aligning with e-commerce leaders or delving into the luxury of private jets, these programs combine substantial commissions with top-quality offerings. As you navigate this landscape, remember that the world of high-ticket affiliate marketing holds doors to both financial success and the chance to cater to unique and affluent audiences.

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