9 Best Affiliate Programs for YouTube (2023)

Looking to boost your YouTube revenue? Explore these 9 affiliate programs for content creators. From ClickBank’s high commissions to Shopify’s e-commerce opportunities, find the perfect fit for your niche and audience. Let’s dive into platforms that turn your influence into income.

9 Best Affiliate Programs for YouTube

1. ClickBank

ClickBank, an established affiliate network with a history dating back to 1998, serves as a valuable avenue for YouTube content creators seeking a wide range of products to promote. While it initially focused on digital products, ClickBank has expanded its marketplace to include both digital and physical goods, offering over 4,000 products for affiliates to choose from.

What sets ClickBank apart is its potential for high commission rates, soaring as high as 90% for some products. Over the years, ClickBank has paid out an impressive $4 billion in commissions to affiliates, underscoring its potential as a lucrative affiliate network. However, the commission rates vary based on the products promoted, and the cookie duration is subject to change. Navigating ClickBank’s offerings requires a keen understanding of product quality, relevance, and audience preferences.

2. Etsy

Etsy, a prominent marketplace for independent crafters, traders, and artists, emerges as a strong contender for YouTube affiliates. Focusing on unique and artisanal products, Etsy caters to a specific audience that resonates with many YouTube content creators. The platform’s prominence in the crafting and vintage space positions it as a leader in its niche.

For YouTube creators producing content aligned with Etsy’s offerings, the platform’s affiliate program can be a valuable revenue stream. A fixed 4% commission rate on each sale made through an affiliate link is alluring, especially when targeting viewers interested in artistic, handcrafted, and vintage items. Additionally, the extended 30-day cookie duration provides a more lenient window for potential customers to finalize their purchases.

3. eBay Partner Network

eBay, one of the oldest and largest e-commerce platforms globally, also offers an affiliate program known as the eBay Partner Network. This program opens doors to around 1.4 billion product listings, with 80% representing new items. The platform hosts both prominent brands and individual vendors, presenting a wealth of options for affiliate marketers.

For YouTube content creators, eBay’s diverse product range makes it an appealing platform to promote in their videos. However, like Amazon, the eBay Partner Network has its limitations. Commission rates range from 1% to 4%, falling on the lower end of the spectrum. The cookie duration is also a mere 24 hours, urging affiliates to target highly qualified traffic to maximize their earnings. Despite these limitations, eBay’s recognizable brand presence and wide range of products can build trust with viewers, potentially overcoming conversion barriers.

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates stands out as a prime choice for YouTube content creators looking to monetize their channels. With YouTube’s widespread appeal across demographics, it becomes an effective platform to promote a diverse array of products. Enter Amazon Associates, an affiliate marketing program that allows YouTubers to promote a staggering assortment of products encompassing around 350 million listings at any given time.

The program’s flexibility empowers affiliates to curate product selections tailored to their specific YouTube subscriber base. This strategic alignment increases the likelihood of converting clicks into sales. However, Amazon’s affiliate program comes with certain drawbacks. The commission rates can be modest, ranging from 1% to 5% for most product categories. Yet, there’s a silver lining for those in the beauty niche as luxury beauty products fetch higher commissions of up to 10%. Another challenge stems from the relatively short cookie duration of 24 hours, which means a referred customer needs to make a purchase within this time frame for the affiliate to earn a commission.

5. ShareASale

ShareASale, a long-standing affiliate network with roots tracing back to the early 2000s, offers a unique avenue for YouTubers to expand their revenue streams. With over 16,000 affiliate programs under its belt, some of which offer up to $350 per sale, ShareASale boasts an impressive repertoire of opportunities.

While it might not flaunt the same roster of household brands as its competitors, ShareASale focuses on the retail niche—a perfect fit for content creators targeting consumer audiences. This specialized approach ensures that YouTubers can tap into a variety of affiliate programs that align with their content themes. As commissions vary across programs, YouTubers have the potential to secure substantial passive income through ShareASale’s platform.

6. ShopStyle

ShopStyle, a mammoth fashion and lifestyle shopping platform, has ingeniously integrated influencers into its business model, making it a prime choice for YouTube content creators seeking affiliate opportunities. The standout feature is its ShopStyle Collective affiliate program, an ingenious gateway for over 20,000 influencers to monetize their digital presence.

ShopStyle Collective unveils two distinct affiliate programs: Standard and Advanced. The Standard program suits newcomers to the affiliate marketing realm, compensating them for each click they generate. On the flip side, the Advanced program caters to seasoned content creators with established audiences, granting them a percentage of every order they drive. While the Advanced program promises higher earning potential, eligibility necessitates a substantial following on one’s YouTube channel.

The beauty of ShopStyle Collective lies in its ability to seamlessly blend with diverse influencer platforms, from YouTube channels to Instagram profiles and blogs. This flexibility allows YouTubers to harness their creativity and engagement while earning a lucrative income through the vast array of fashion and lifestyle products available.

7. MaxBounty

MaxBounty enters the scene as a formidable affiliate network, extending access to over 2,000 active affiliate programs spanning diverse industries. This platform caters to YouTube creators across various niches, ensuring that no matter the specialization, there’s a fitting affiliate program to leverage.

MaxBounty’s unique value proposition lies in its provision of a dedicated affiliate manager—a personal consultant to guide YouTubers in selecting campaigns and devising effective digital marketing strategies. This support system enhances traffic generation, propelling earnings to new heights. Furthermore, MaxBounty’s global reach ensures that YouTube videos targeted at non-US or non-European audiences don’t go unnoticed, expanding the horizons of earning potential.

8. Shopify

Shifting the focus from marketplaces to e-commerce solutions, Shopify emerges as an exciting prospect for YouTube affiliates seeking substantial earnings. As a globally recognized e-commerce platform, Shopify powers millions of online retail businesses, generating billions in sales annually. This presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to promote Shopify’s offerings to their YouTube audiences.

The key allure lies in Shopify’s commission structure, offering affiliates a one-time commission equal to a significant portion of the subscription fee for each referred customer. This can range from up to $598 for specific subscription tiers and climb as high as $2,000 for enterprise-level sales. However, achieving substantial earnings from Shopify’s affiliate program demands high-quality, informative videos that showcase the platform’s benefits to potential online entrepreneurs.

9. RewardStyle

RewardStyle, rebranded as LTK, thrives on bringing brands, creators, and shoppers into a symbiotic relationship through a unified platform. Facilitating a staggering $2.9 billion in annual sales, LTK has cultivated partnerships with 5,000 fashion merchants, making it a lucrative option for YouTube creators in the fashion and lifestyle realm.

What sets LTK apart is its proprietary technology that enables creators to craft mobile-first content that seamlessly integrates shopping options. This innovation empowers YouTubers to create shoppable content not only on YouTube but also across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. This multi-channel approach ensures a diversified revenue stream, mitigating reliance on a single platform.

For YouTube content creators whose themes align with fashion and lifestyle, LTK offers an avenue to monetize their creativity while providing viewers with immediate purchasing opportunities.

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Incorporating these affiliate programs into your YouTube strategy can open the doors to enhanced earnings. Tailor your choices to your content and audience, leveraging the strengths of each platform. From ClickBank’s versatility to RewardStyle’s fashion flair, the options are vast. Embrace these opportunities to transform your YouTube influence into a sustainable income stream, paving the way for a more prosperous content creation journey.

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