Foundr YouTube Ads Course Review – Is Tommie Powers a Scam?

Is Foundr YouTube Ads Course a scam? Would it be a good idea for you to join Tommie Powers’ YouTube ads course “How to Master YouTube Ads by Foundr”?

Until recently, YouTube’s advertising platform was hidden in plain sight for many marketers. But over 1.3 billion people use the site every day, generating 5 billion views/day, with an average session lasting over 40 minutes. 

What’s more, YouTube ads allow you to advertise based on intent.

So why not use this channel to your advantage?

If you are interested in running YouTube ads but do not know how Foundr’s YouTube Ads course might be a great way to get started.

Making money online is my passion, so I’m dedicated to helping people learn about the best online programs. I’ve reviewed hundreds of similar courses, such as Foundr’s YouTube Ads Course in the past.

There may not be much information available about “How to Master YouTube Ads by Foundr” at the moment since it is a brand-new course. 

Having completed the course, I am able to tell you everything you need to know before enrolling in the course.

With this review, I’ll take you through Foundr’s YouTube Ads Course and let you know what I like about it. Since nothing is perfect, I will also talk about what can be improved.

After you’ve finished this review of Tommie Power’s Foundr YouTube Ads Course, you will know whether you should enrol.

Foundr YouTube Ads Course Review – Key Takeaways 

The following is what I’ll be covering in this Foundr’s YouTube Ads Review:

What is “How to Master YouTube Ads by Foundr”?

‘How to Master YouTube Ads by Foundr’s a course that teaches you how to make your brand go viral using YouTube ads. From start to finish, you will learn everything you need to know about creating real-life YouTube ads.

The course was created by Foundr in collaboration with YouTube advertising expert Tommie Powers.

Instructor Tommie Powers will demonstrate the scalable “C3 Formula” he’s used to scale fast-growing brands. 

Tommie Powers promises you that you will learn how to create “Easy YouTube Ads” and start making sales with just $5-$10 per day. A script, a smartphone, and a story are all that’s needed.

Moreover, you will discover:

  • The best way to construct YouTube ads (script, video, targeting, and so on) that convert consistently;
  • How you can use little-known media buying techniques to find your perfect audience on YouTube;
  • Using YouTube ads effectively (prospecting, remarketing, and re-engagement) without complicating it overly; and
  • A lot more

There are a few key components to every successful YouTube ad that are often overlooked. With “How to Master YouTube Ads by Foundr”, you’ll learn everything you need to know before you open your Google Ads account and risk losing money.

According to Tommie Powers, if you enrol in his “How to Master YouTube Ads by Foundr”, you will be able to get rid of any guesswork. The information Tommie Powers provides will eliminate time and money wasted on “trial and error”.

The number of marketers using YouTube ads for lead generation has increased dramatically over the years, from real estate agents to software vendors to influencers. What do you think? Should you follow their lead? In the next section, I’ll tell you more about Tommie Powers.

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Who is Tommie Powers?

Tommie Powers is also known as “Tommie Traffic”. He is one of the most prominent authorities on YouTube advertising in the world, founder of Video Ads Academy and Official Google Partner.

foundr youtube ads course review – is tommie powers a scam?

Tommie Powers has run over $30 million worth of YouTube ads, as well as over $100 million on all paid platforms combined since his first YouTube ad aired back in 2012. Therefore, he has a lot of experience in running YouTube ads.

Among the smartest brands in the world, Tommie Powers’ expertise in online marketing has nourished dozens of today’s top startups at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm 500 Startups.

Using YouTube advertising, Tommie has helped companies such as Organifi, Natural Health Sherpa, Dean Graziosi, and Alex Becker achieve growth, unlike anything they’ve ever imagined.

The track record of Tommie Powers is remarkable. He is not your ordinary guru. Foundr probably chose to collaborate with him to create this course for that reason. The next section will go into more detail about his track record.

His advertising strategies have been applied in virtually every niche or industry, which is one of the most amazing things about Tommie Powers. Among them are e-commerce, supplements, software, real estate agents, and influencer marketing.

Based on my research, I cannot find anyone more qualified than Tommie Powers to run YouTube ads for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

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What’s Inside the Foundr YouTube Ads Course?

Foundr’s YouTube Ads Course is very comprehensive and covers YouTube advertising in detail from post creation to ad placement. There are six modules and a few bonuses throughout the course.

Check out the module-by-module explanations for more information about what will be learned in each one.

Module 1: Mastering the YouTube Ad Fundamentals

In this module, Tommie will teach you his proven C3 Formula and the essential YouTube ad fundamentals.

You can follow this guide if you’ve never used YouTube advertising before. Using this information, you will minimize the risk of wasting money and ensure you perform tasks correctly.

The lessons in Module 1 are as follows:

  • Lesson #1: Tommie’s ouTube Ads C3 Formula
  • Lesson #2: Smart Marketers Success metrics
  • Lesson #3: How to Make The Most Money With Lifetime Value
  • Lesson #4: Busting the 12 Common Myths About YouTube Ads
  • Lesson #5: YouTube Ads vs Facebook Ads Breakdown
  • Lesson #6: Setting up Your Google Ads Account
  • Lesson #7: Setting Up Your YouTube Channel
  • Lesson #8: Navigating YouTube & Google Ad Manager

Module 2: Smart Media Planning & Market Research

This module will help you locate your target market, no matter how difficult it may be to locate.

You will learn not only how to drive YouTube traffic, but also how to drive the right traffic.

The course will also conduct a deep dive into Google’s leading prospecting data (youtube is owned by Google).

Module 2 includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson #1: Mind Blowing Market Research (Template Included)
  • Lesson #2: Hidden Keys To Keyword Research Strategy
  • Lesson #3: “Borrowing Data” With Competitive Research
  • Lesson #4: Burning Questions You Must Answer First
  • Lesson #5: Building Your “Bleeding Neck” Buyer Persona’s
  • Lesson #6: The Right Way To Think About Targeting
  • Lesson #7: Critical Tweaks To YouTube Specific Landing Pages

Module 3: Creative: Making Killer Video Ads That Convert

The goal of this module is to help you create high-converting videos from beginning to end. 

With everything you need to start confidently creating breakthrough video ads, from scriptwriting templates to creative ad ideas, you’ll get everything you need to get started.

Here are the lessons in Module 3:

  • Lesson #1: Tommie’s Proven “Video Creative Framework”
  • Lesson #2: How Leading Video Agencies Create Ads
  • Lesson #3: Brainstorming Creative Ad Concepts
  • Lesson #4: $30M+ High-Converting Video Ad Framework
  • Lesson #5: Launching “Remarketing” Creatives That Crush
  • Lesson #6: Quick & Easy 1 Minute Script That Converts Like Crazy
  • Lesson #7: The Hard-Hitting “Problem Driven” Conversion Script
  • Lesson #8: The Magical Storytelling Script For Ads Your Prospects Love
  • Lesson #9: How To Model Your Creative After Proven Ads

Module 4: Campaigns: Setting Up Your Campaigns The Right Way

The purpose of this module is to teach you how to set up your campaigns correctly to maximize conversions, regardless of the campaign’s goals. 

You will learn to track everything (from leads to sales) so you can find out what works and what does not work without wasting anyone’s time or money guessing.

The lessons in Module 4 are as follows:

  • Lesson #1: Campaign Creation With The “C3 Formula”
  • Lesson #2: Conversion Action & Tag Setup
  • Lesson #3: Creating Your Perfect Audience – Remarketing
  • Lesson #4: Creating Your Perfect Audience – Custom Audiences
  • Lesson #5: Detailed Campaign Setup & Types Of Campaigns
  • Lesson #6: Setting Up Your Campaigns – Skippable Instream
  • Lesson #7: Setting Up Your Campaigns – Video Discovery

Module 5: Conversions: How To Create YouTube Funnels That Convert

The objective of this module is to teach you how to create Facebook ad funnels that are high conversion focused. 

Using Tommie’s funnel process, any business can grow with YouTube ads. He has spent more than $30M+ perfecting it. Hence, you can be certain of the success of this funnel process.

Module 5 includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson #1: Ecommerce Funnels
  • Lesson #2: Digital Products – Courses – Membership Site Funnels
  • Lesson #3: Lead Gen – Services – Agency Funnels
  • Lesson #4: Webinar Funnels
  • Lesson #5: Free Plus Shipping Funnels
  • Lesson #6: SaaS + Software Funnels
  • Lesson #7: How To Instantly Troubleshoot Non-Converting Ads
  • Lesson #8: Steps To Ensure Your Website Is Google Compliant

Module 6: Metrics That Matter: Building A Data-Driven YouTube Ads Machine

This module will teach you how to build a data-driven YouTube ad system and spend less while making more money. 

Having well-defined results will enable you to make data-driven decisions that will empower you to scale and optimize your business faster.

Module 6 consists of the following lessons:

  • Lesson #1: Metrics, Optimization, & Data-Driven Decisions
  • Lesson #2: “Revenue Based Tracking” (Money In – Money Out)
  • Lesson #3: Analyzing Your Primary Success Metrics
  • Lesson #4: Key Metrics To Review For Creative Decisions
  • Lesson #5: Understanding “Conversion Windows”
  • Lesson #6: What To Do Once You’ve Got Winning Ads

Foundr’s YouTube Ads Course not only includes the core modules but also offers a few bonuses that are intended to facilitate your success. Below you will find a list of bonuses.

BONUS 1: Foundr’s Private Youtube Ads Community

Without the support of a community, it’s hard to succeed. The Foundr team will provide you access to a private Facebook community where you will be able to ask questions, receive accountability, and share progress with your cohort.

In addition, you will be supported by and be able to learn from a group of peers.

BONUS 2: How To Master Youtube Ads 2-for-1 License

In order to create successful YouTube ads, you need to have a team or business partner on the same page.

The course allows you to invite your friends, colleagues, business partners, etc. for free (all participants have access to the same training and the private community at once).

You can split the investment, but both of you will still be able to access everything.

BONUS 3: Tommie’s Multi-million Dollar Youtube Ads Swipe File

Making a video can be a challenge if you don’t know what script to use and what style to employ. However, Tommie Powers can help you resolve these issues.

Tommie’s Multi-Million Dollar YouTube Ads Swipe File contains YouTube ads from some of the most popular brands. Ads that have made millions can inspire you.

Here, you’ll find everything: eCommerce, SaaS, service, and digital products. Instead of thinking about what to run, consider modelling these existing ones. By using it, you will save yourself a lot of time.

BONUS 4: Private 2-day “Scaling Your Spend” Workshop Recordings

In this bonus, Tommie provides recordings from his most popular 2-day private workshops. The recordings are not available anywhere else.

Tommie reveals innovative ways to scale YouTube ads, increase conversions on a low budget, and optimize your entire YouTube ads funnel in these 20 videos.

BONUS 5: “Make Money Now” Media Planning Template

Tommie’s 10 years of experience are collected in this bonus to help you create effective ads that people will actually enjoy while avoiding annoying ads.

Tommie has spent more than $30M on YouTube ads in the last 10 years, so using the unique media planning process you will save time and make more money.

These templates will allow you to track and predict ad success much easier than those offered by your competitors.

BONUS 6: Landing Page Formula (Retails At $497)

You’ll also receive free access to the entire Landing Page Formula course by Foundr to further boost your YouTube ad conversions.

In the Landing Page Formula, Unbounce’s founder Oli Gardner reveals the key strategies to optimize your most important websites.

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7 Reasons Brands Are Running YouTube Ads 

Throughout the last few years, Facebook ads have been the talk of the town and how good the algorithm makes them work. 

It is true in general, but Facebook does have its limitations, so it is time to think outside the box and not only focus on Facebook. 

YouTube Ads offers a lot of possibilities, something that a lot of agencies use quite a bit for their clients.

In fact, YouTube can be a great way to generate leads for your online business. The use of YouTube ads has been seen for everything from books and fitness plans to expensive cars, corporate training, and personal coaching.

You might regret not starting YouTube ads a year from now. The same thing happened when people were late with Google ads, Facebook ads, and even the internet itself.

YouTube is now used by virtually every type of business you can imagine. Perhaps you are wondering why this is so. The reasons are as follows:

1. YouTube appeals to a wide audience.

YouTube was founded in February 2005 and has since become one of the most popular sites on the internet. It’s likely that your audience is already using YouTube because it has more than 1.9 billion users who are active every month.

On the video platform, a large number of customers search for solutions or follow industry influencers. 

2. It is the second-largest search engine in the world.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine behind Google, with billions of searches each month. Businesses should take advantage of this – especially if they have a product or service that solves a problem.

You can use relevant keywords to describe what your product or service does as well as the problem or desire that it solves.

For instance, if your company sells shoe insoles and specializes in back pain, either shoe insoles or a broader term like “back pain” may be relevant.

3. The platform provides information and entertainment instead of feeds.

When YouTube is opened on a smartphone or tablet, people use it to entertain themselves or further their education. You’ll probably find them watching YouTube for a long time.

Compared to Facebook or Instagram, this is a completely different approach. While waiting for the bus, most people open these apps to chat with their friends and family. Sometimes, they just use the platforms to pass the time – they don’t want to invest much time into them.

4. It includes Google Adwords campaign management.

Since 2006, Google has owned YouTube. By using the Google Ads website or the Google Ads mobile app, you can create, manage, and monitor your YouTube ads. It will be easy for you to run YouTube ads if you already run Google Search, Display or Shopping ads.

5. Depending on what you want to achieve, different campaigns are available.

You can run different types of ads on YouTube. Here is a quick overview:

  • In-stream ads: In-stream ads are familiar to most people. They run before a video begins, and you can skip them after five seconds.
  • Discovery ads: Discovery ads are sometimes referred to as “TrueView Video discovery ads” and they appear in search results and watch pages.
  • Bumper ads: A bumper ad is a short video that is no longer than six seconds, and viewers are unable to skip it.

In summary, you can choose from a variety of target projects that serve different purposes. Conversions are often high on in-stream ads, while audience growth is achieved better with bumper ads.

6. You can target your audience in different ways.

Audiences can be targeted in a variety of ways. YouTube offers three ways to target users:

  • Keywords: Like a regular Google search, keywords work the same way. You pay to have your ad displayed when someone types in a keyword for which you want to rank.
  • Placements (videos, channels): If you are using Placements, you can target ads at video content or channels – such as influencers or competitors in your niche.
  • Audiences (affinity and in-market): Audiences by Google consist of affinity audiences and in-market audiences. When you target affinity audiences, you reach people according to their interests. Using in-market audiences means you reach Google users who actively search for and compare products and services.

To create a highly relevant audience for your ad, you can either use one or all of these options.

7. YouTube ads are easy to create.

Perhaps you find YouTube advertisements interesting, but your equipment isn’t professional. Good news for you: Your smartphone is more than capable of creating a YouTube ad.

A modern smartphone has a 4K camera and good audio quality, such as the iPhone. YouTube is a platform for amateurs. Because of this, amateur-style advertisements can be as effective as fancy, spectacular ads. Your first ad is ready for you if you have a smartphone.

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What is Foundr about?

Foundr was created to help people start online businesses, increase sales, and create side hustles for additional income. This is a global media and education company that has reached millions of people globally since its formation seven years ago.

Since 2013, Foundr has strictly adhered to its “no guru” policy. Foundr works with only the highest-calibre practitioners.

Before working with Foundr, instructors must meet a stringent set of qualifications.

For one thing, they need to be an entrepreneur who has built a successful business in the same field (oftentimes multiple ones) in which they will be teaching you. Foundr doesn’t allow BS, theory, or fluff.

Due to Foundr’s course quality, their rating on Trustpilot is 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Who is Suitable to Join the Foundr YouTube Ads Course?

The Foundr YouTube Ads course is useful to you if you are a media buyer, business owner, or advertising agency.

Foundr’s YouTube Ads course is recommended for those who meet the following criteria:

  • You need more customers
  • Your advertising budget is too reliant on Facebook ads, and you would like to diversify it.
  • You want to diversify your traffic sources because Facebook ads are unstable
  • You run a busy business and do not have the resources or time to discover how to run YouTube ads.
  • Faced with scaling issues with Facebook ads
  • Traffic and conversions rely heavily on Facebook ads
  • You find it hard to scale existing YouTube ad campaigns 
  • Have tried Youtube ads before but couldn’t get results
  • You are a media buyer who understands YouTube ads’ power, but you don’t know how to use them.

Who is Not Suitable to Join the Foundr YouTube Ads Course?

YouTube Ads Course by Foundr is not for everyone. You should not sign up for Foundr’s YouTube Advertising Course if you have the following characteristics:

  • YouTube advertising is something you’re very familiar with.
  • Your skill level is already advanced, so you don’t have much to learn.
  • As a world-class YouTube media buyer, only the most innovative scaling strategies are of interest to you.
  • Currently, you do not have a product to sell or a budget to market.

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Why Consider Foundr YouTube Ads Course Over Other Courses?

If you find some other YouTube Advertising Courses in the market, then you may ask what makes Foundr’s different.

There are other YouTube Ads courses offered by gurus who really don’t have the expertise in YouTube ads.

Tommie Powers, on the other hand, has a lot of experience running YouTube Ads.

A quantitatively-based method for optimizing YouTube ads, the C3 Formula is revealed in this course.

Tommie has developed the C3 Formula, which consists of:

  • CREATIVE: Mastering the Art of Making & Structuring High-Converting YouTube Ads. 
  • CAMPAIGNS: Identifying Your Target Audience and Creating Campaigns To Target.
  • CONVERSIONS: The Best Way To Make Your Ads Actually Convert & Make Money!

Your ads can be run without guesswork using the C3 Formula. It is important to know what you should do and what you should not do when developing a successful campaign.

When using Tommie’s C3 Formula, there is no requirement for expensive equipment. A simple iPhone is all you need, and you don’t need to let anyone see your face.

Utilizing and focusing on Google’s algorithm, you can create Google-friendly ads with the C3 Formula. It cannot be hacked, “gamed,” or outsmarted.

Tommie has grown his business with steady leads and sales thanks to the “C3 Formula.”.

Tommie is not like other gurus who like to talk about theories. The purpose of this course is to take you behind the scenes of YouTube advertising and show you how the Google algorithm really determines which ads to show.

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Pros of Foundr YouTube Ads Course

1. Tommie Powers is a leading expert on YouTube marketing

The system Tommie Powers has been using since 2007 has been perfected with more than $100M in advertising across all platforms.

Among the 134th fastest-growing companies on the INC 5000, Organifi went from zero in revenue to $30M in 3 years after starting.

The method was designed after countless failures and successes. He already did the hard work and slept through the nights, so you don’t have to worry about it.

2. The course teaches techniques that have been proven effective

Based on “data-driven” principles, the Foundr YouTube Ads Course does not focus on tactics or hacks but instead teaches proven approaches that will continue to be effective in the future.

You shouldn’t learn something that will only be useful for a short time.

Among the world’s best YouTube advertisers, Tommie Powers created this formula after years of experience. It has taken him thousands of tests to succeed.

He is the only person with his level of expertise who can provide this class with priceless data and knowledge.

3. All the content in the course is up-to-date

You won’t learn outdated content and outdated theories in this whole course. There is no “overnight guru” compiling these lists who was just lucky when a few YouTube ads worked one time for a specific business.

A YouTube advertiser who is also an actual entrepreneur is teaching this course, and he is internationally known as one of the best in the industry.

4. You Don’t Need a Big Budget to Get Started

It’s not about throwing nearly as much money at ads as your competitors that permits you to succeed.

It only takes $5-$10 in ad spending a day to get started using Tommie Powers’ method. So, not only big businesses but also individuals can benefit from this course.

Cons and Complaints of Foundr YouTube Ads Course

1. Foundr YouTube Ads Course is expensive

The Foundr YouTube Ads Course isn’t cheap. Even though you receive more value than you pay for, not everyone can afford the price. Success, however, is really a matter of how much you’re willing to sacrifice.

When you can spend less on other things, you can afford to take the course. You can also choose from a payment plan that does not require a one-time payment. At the end of the day, the money can be earned back in the business.

Many people wonder why Foundr and Tommie Powers don’t decrease the course price. It’s because the cost of producing top-notch training is high.

To create the course, Founder and Tommie Powers have put in a lot of time and energy. What matters most is that it works.

You can find a number of YouTube ads courses online, and some of them are more affordable than Foundr. However, none of their creators has ever had success in YouTube advertising. If you go to them for secrets, they have no problem selling them to you. 

College degrees are an excellent example. What makes a degree so expensive? The reason is that it can bring you a job. The YouTube Ads course offered by Foundr can help you generate more sales and leads, so the price is fair if you think of it that way.

2. Joining the Foundr YouTube Ads Course won’t make you rich overnight

Many gurus sell courses on how to become rich in a month or two. Rather than being a get-rich-quick scheme, the Foundr YouTube Ads Course educates through practical experience. You won’t get rich overnight just by taking this course. 

It has taken Tommie Powers a lot of effort to test different ads strategies and succeed. If you enrol in the course, you can better avoid costly mistakes and succeed faster, but you won’t get rich overnight.

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Is “How to Master YouTube Ads” Course a Scam or Legit?

The Foundr YouTube Ads Course is definitely not a scam. It is a legit course from which you can learn how to run profitable YouTube ads for your business.

Tommie Powers and Foundr are both reputable firms in the marketing field, so they’re not scams.

In fact, you’ll learn how to make YouTube ads from scratch through Foundr’s YouTube Ads Course. From the creative to the copy to the media buying to the profit margins, they’ve got it all here.

When Tommie can help you create profitable campaigns from the start, why launch ads that were “built to fail” out of the gate? Isn’t it easier and more efficient to use a data-driven strategy across markets and industries?

Furthermore, be careful if you decide to take another YouTube advertising course. Online, there are plenty of conflicting and dangerous YouTube gurus giving advice for free. Most of them simply don’t work, so you might lose a lot of money.

How Much Is “How to Master YouTube Ads” Course? Any Additional Costs?

The “How To Master YouTube Ads” course is a new one, so Foundr is offering a special discount to the first batch of students.

You can save $1,000 by enrolling now. In the regular price range, this item is $1,997, so when you get a discount, it’s only $997. There is a payment plan if you like, but you will need to pay $397 in three instalments.

This huge discount will not be available after the promotional period.

You should definitely take advantage of this special offer if you are serious about growing your business with YouTube ads.

Additionally, it is backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee. Within 365 days of completing the course, applying, and finding it isn’t working, you can request a refund from Foundr. A guarantee is as generous as this cannot be found anywhere else.

In case you are unsure whether you should join this course, you can enrol in the free masterclass first.

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Is Foundr YouTube Ads Course Worth the Price?

The Foundr YouTube Ads Course isn’t cheap. If you order during the promotional period, it will cost you $997 instead of $1,997. This is less than $3.00 a day (a cup of coffee).

The number one thing you need to consider when deciding whether the Foundr YouTube Ads Course is worth it is whether it will increase your business’ revenue.

Tomie Powers has helped some of today’s largest brands get results through YouTube ads by following the blueprint outlined in the course. For his clients and partners, he has generated total revenue of more than $500M. That cup of coffee will vanish in a few minutes, but this knowledge will last a lifetime.

The hourly consulting rate for Tommie Powers is $3,500. Most small businesses will not be able to afford this rate, but his larger clients have been happy to pay it without question.

With over 7 hours of video content, Foundr YouTube Ads is only priced at $997. It is, therefore, more cost-effective to learn the same thing from Tommie Powers.

Let’s do some simple maths. A seven-hour engagement with Tommie Powers would cost you $24,500 (7 x $3,500 per hour). Additionally, he might not be able to explain everything that he did in the well-organized YouTube Ads course.

You will also have to hire someone if you do not know how to run your own YouTube ads. Someone could run your ads for $5,000 a month for you.

In the event someone runs your ads for you and cannot deliver the results they promise, you will lose a great deal of money. Since there is no guarantee that the person you hire will be adept at running YouTube ads, hiring them is a risk.

Alternatively, if you are using Foundr’s YouTube Ads course, which is an online course, you can use it as a guide to training you or a member of your team to run your ads.

It is my recommendation to entrepreneurs that they become familiar with YouTube ads themselves and then delegate the job to someone in their team in the future.

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Success Stories of Tommie Powers’ Clients

There are a lot of success stories Tommie Powers can tell about his clients.

Some of the success stories are as follows:

1. Orgranifi

Tommie’s coaching and mentoring helped Organifi grow from zero to $30 million in less than three years.

Organifi grew from zero revenue in 2014 to the 134th fastest-growing company in America according to INC 5000 in 2016 and has been on the list for three years straight.

2. The Breakup Doctor

Within a year of Tommie Powers’ mentoring on YouTube advertising, The Breakup Doctor was generating over $7 million annually.

3. Axe Wellness

Axe Wellness generated $1M by implementing just one of the strategies Tommie recommended to them after he offered consulting services to them.

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Is There A Better Alternative to “How to Master YouTube Ads” Course?

I have studied a lot of online courses as an entrepreneur. YouTube Ads Course from Foundr is certainly not the only course available, some of the other courses are even cheaper.

Even so, I still prefer Foundr’s YouTube Ads Course over other YouTube ad courses. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Foundr YouTube Ads Course is the most comprehensive on the market

Foundr’s YouTube Ads Course is by far the most comprehensive I have studied. 

Tommie Powers covers all aspects of YouTube advertising, unlike many YouTube ads gurus who only teach the basics.

Split testing to find an effective YouTube ads strategy costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

In Foundr’s YouTube Ads Course, Tommie Powers will teach you the proven YouTube ads strategy that works, so you will save a lot of money in the long run.

If you want to promote your business through YouTube ads, just copy his strategy.

2. Tommie Powers’ strategies are suitable for people of all financial backgrounds

Most gurus teach you strategies that only work if you spend a million dollars on YouTube ads, which is not feasible for beginners and most small businesses. 

In this course, you will learn how to succeed without spending a lot of money.

The method of Tommie Powers differs from most others. No matter what size your business is, it works.

3. Cheap courses are cheap because they are ineffective

Other courses have taught me about YouTube ads, but the methods they taught me were ineffective, so I spent a lot of time, money, and energy on them.

I didn’t realize there were reasons why some courses were so cheap. The reason for this is that they don’t work. It is not uncommon for gurus to offer cheap but useless strategies.

Tommie Power’s strategies would have prevented me from losing thousands of dollars on outdated strategies, not to mention the revenue I could have gained.

As one of the most important sources of traffic online, YouTube ads are critical to successful online marketing.

I like to play it safe in business. This is why I prefer Foundr’s YouTube Ads Course to other courses of a similar nature.

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Final Verdict: Foundr YouTube Ads Course Review

In summary, I recommend Foundr’s YouTube Ads Course to anyone who wishes to become successful at running YouTube ads.

If you cracked the YouTube advertisement code, imagine what that would be like. Now you don’t have to worry about having your Facebook ads account banned by mistake. You can also avoid paying sky-high ad prices if you choose to run ads on YouTube instead of on overcrowded ad platforms.

If you are serious about your online business, take action today to enrol in the course.

If you are not so sure, you can enrol in Tommie Powers’ free masterclass first and find out how to create YouTube campaigns that can generate leads and customers.

Taking Tommie Powers’ classes won’t disappoint you since he is an expert who puts his knowledge into practice.

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Foundr YouTube Ads Course FAQ

1. Does YouTube advertising require high production values or a video team to be successful?

The answer is no. Some of the most successful advertisements have been created using mobile phones. The “here in my garage” advertisement by Tai Lopez was shot right on a smartphone, regardless of your feelings about Tai Lopez.

2. Do I need to be in front of the camera?

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Some of the most successful advertisements don’t show the person behind the camera.

3. Will this work with my industry, my product, or my target audience?

Tommie Powers has run thousands of split tests on various niches and industries all over the world. By using this, he has come up with a clear and detailed blueprint that includes step-by-step instructions.

All types of products, from eCommerce and high-ticket services to software and digital products, have demonstrated their effectiveness.

The 365-day money-back guarantee at Foundr lets you have your money back if the steps outlined inside do not result in more profitable ads.

4. Will YouTube ads still work with a small budget?

The clients Tommie started with have made millions, and he started them with a small budget.

No matter what your income is, you can start small before going crazy, even if you can afford to invest in your business.

5. I have tried some YouTube marketing tactics. Do you think yours is better or different from mine?

The majority of YouTube courses are taught by overnight “gurus” who have run ads for one industry, one business, and one time.

Their tactics and “fixes” promote outdated tactics that might help today, but won’t help tomorrow when Google or YouTube change their policies.

The “How To Master YouTube Ads” course is unique. Since 2012, Tommie Powers has been advertising on YouTube, and he has invested over $30M in developing the “C3 Formula” that he reveals in the course. Even if YouTube’s policies change, the formula he teaches you will still work.

7. Is this also applicable to B2B?

Yes, it is! Tommie uses the same process to acquire new clients for his agency.

It’s really just how people engage with each other, and YouTube is the perfect place to identify your target market.

B2C and B2B may have different points of purchase and sales cycles, but the concept of engaging YouTube ads remains the same.

8. Are you going to need a team for this to succeed?

There’s no need to. Using this course as a “playbook” for your ads will allow your media buying team to concentrate on other tasks.

You can complete the entire ad creation process on your own. During the course, Tommie will reveal all of his agency’s methods and tools for creating successful ads. You can simply replicate their success.

9. Is it challenging to understand YouTube ads if you’re just starting out?

“How To Master YouTube Ads” is suitable for beginners.

A beginner or “intermediate” advertiser or media buyer who has run ads but knows that there is still a lot that can benefit from Foundr’s Youtube Ads Course.

10. How much money do I need to get started?

A data-driven approach will allow you to run your ads regardless of your budget.

You can begin with just $5-$10 per day, says Tommie. The most important benefit of the course is that you will learn exactly how much you should (or can) spend in order to generate a profit that is consistent.

11. I’m not very technical, is that okay?

It’s not necessary to be technical. Like Tommie always says, to create a successful YouTube ad, one needs to understand both psychology and math.

Through this course, you will learn how to follow the proven “C3 Formula” without any prior “technical” knowledge.

12. Do you have a lot of examples to illustrate your points?

The answer is yes! There are 46 different training videos, including full walkthroughs, cheat sheets, and examples to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Tommie demonstrates every point he teaches onscreen with plenty of examples.

Moreover, a professionally-produced workbook guides you step by step through the learning activities.

13. Is it applicable everywhere?

Yes, it is. This course content will work wherever you can run YouTube ads.

14. Can I get extra help beyond the course if I need it?

You can ask questions and receive support from Foundr’s Private YouTube Ads Mastermind.  

15. Does the course take a long time to complete?

This course includes more than eight hours of proven YouTube ad content. The pace is your choice; go as fast or as slowly as you like.

16. What is the refund policy?

You can get a full refund from Foundr 365 days after you sign up. If you don’t see any results after completing the course and finishing the action items, Foundr will refund all dollars.

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