7 Unconventional Tactics to Grow Your Blog Fast

Do you want to speed up your blog’s growth? You may know a lot of strategies like sharing content on social media, sending emails to subscribers, but you may not see some satisfying results at the moment. So what can you do?

In this article, I will tell you some unconventional strategies you can use to grow your blog faster. These tactics are seldom mentioned, but are very effective in getting more traffic and revenue.

1. Running Giveaways

Giveaway is a very powerful way to spread the word about your blog. People like free stuff, especially if you are giving away something that your audience likes.

7 Unconventional Tactics To Grow Your Blog Fast

Most bloggers do not use giveaways because of cost concern. But actually, you don’t have to pay for the prizes. You can reach out to some brands and ask for cooperation. It’s a mutually beneficial cooperation as both you and the brand can benefit from the promotion.

The process of finding a brand relevant to your niche might be a bit tedious. There may be only a few brands saying yes to you. You can use some cold email automation tools like Woodpecker to automate the process and save time.

In the giveaway, you should require the participants to take some actions to win the competition. For example, they are required to share your blog on social media, follow your social media accounts, join your email newsletter etc. As a result, both you and the brand will be able to capture more leads.

To get this strategy to work easier, you should try to contact the brands you have connections with before. It can be the brands of which you are the affiliate or have paid you for sponsored ads.

As for how to run giveaways, I recommend using the WordPress giveaway plugin RafflePress, which is affordable but powerful.

2. Improve Your Email Deliverability

Having an email list does not mean you can make money. Many marketers ignore the importance of email deliverability

Many email marketing tools like GetResponse have detailed analytics where you can analyse the email open rate, bounce rate etc. If you do the analysis to cleanse your email list from time to time.

7 Unconventional Tactics To Grow Your Blog Fast

If an email is inactive, you should remove it from your list. Having a lot of emails going into spam boxes will negatively impact your email reputation and hence your email deliverability.

Use this free tool MailTester.com to check your email’s spam score and quality before sending out.

3. Use Category Targeted Opt-in Forms

We all know email marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and generate sales. In order to build a huge email list, you need to get people to subscribe.

If your blog has a lot of blog posts but has few people on your email list, this strategy is suitable for you. To get people onto your email list, you have to laser target people with relevant content.

Try to create one lead magnet (content upgrades) for each category of your blog posts. If you don’t have a good categorisation of posts, please do so. 

After grouping the blog posts into different categories, you can create a sidebar opt-in form, after post opt-in form or popup form for each category. 

The lead magnet should be highly relevant to each category or topic your visitor is interested in. People are much more likely to subscribe for something that is related to the content or topic they are reading.

You can use the great WordPress plugin called Thrive Leads to do this. With Thrive Leads, you can easily create an opt-in form for each category of your blog posts. 

7 Unconventional Tactics To Grow Your Blog Fast

Thrive Leads can also integrate perfectly with my highly recommended autoresponder, GetResponse. From there, you can continue to nurture your leads and sell them products or services.

4. Use Quizzes to drive traffic from social media

Did you see quizzes on social media? Quizzes are very engaging that they can attract a lot of people on social media. It’s not uncommon to see a lot of comments for that kind of post.

You can customise your quiz and make it fun. It’s easy to get viral as people like to share their quiz results with friends. Not only can this drive traffic to your website, also help you capture a lot of emails.

7 Unconventional Tactics To Grow Your Blog Fast

It’s easy to create a quiz on your website by using a WordPress plugin called Thrive Quiz Builder. You don’t need to know any coding with this plugin. You can create a professional quiz by just drag and drop.

5. Use Quora to Brainstorm Great Keyword Ideas

Every blogger wants to get ranked on Google for more traffic. To get more organic traffic from Google, you need to find great keywords to target. I personally like using Mangools, which is an amazing and affordable keyword research tool.

In addition to using the keyword research tool, actually you can find some more ultra specific and long-tail keyword ideas from Quora.

7 Unconventional Tactics To Grow Your Blog Fast

On Quora, you can choose a topic that is relevant to your blog. You will see lots of questions and answers of a selected topic. It’s very useful to find out some popular questions relevant to your niche, which can actually be a topic of your blog post.

When most people are just using keyword research tools, you can definitely find some less competitive topics from Quora and write a blog post for it. It’s much easier to rank for low-competition keywords.

6. Reach New Audience By Repurposing Your Blog Posts

It’s very time consuming to create new content, especially if you are not hiring a virtual assistant to help you. Repurposing your old blog posts is the best way to reach a new audience without creating anything new. It will save you a lot of time.

You can turn a blog post into a video, a SlideShare presentation, infographic, newsletter etc. By doing so, you can get thousands of extra views with minimal efforts.

7. Create Infographics To Get More Backlinks And Higher Ranking

Getting backlinks is important for ranking on Google, especially if you want to outrank your competitor for a certain competitive keyword.

One of the most effective and easiest ways to earn backlinks is infographics.

You should choose some of your popular blog posts which have lots of link clicks on Google. If you want to know which blog post is popular and has the most traffic, you can go to Google Search Console > Performance. It will show how many link clicks your blog post has.

7 Unconventional Tactics To Grow Your Blog Fast

Turning a blog post into an infographic is not difficult. You can do it by yourself using Canva. However, I like hiring someone at Fiverr to do it for me to save time. If you have hired a virtual assistant who works for you on an ongoing basis, you can also assign this task to him or her.

Once the infographic is ready, add it to your content. Remember to create the embed code for the infographic so that people can copy and embed it on their website easily. To do this, use the Siege Media’s Embed Code Generator, which is free and easy to use.

7 Unconventional Tactics To Grow Your Blog Fast

With an infographic, you can upload it to Pinterest to drive more traffic as well. You can also search for websites in your niche on Pinterest, who might want to use your infographic in their content.

Just go to Pinterest and search for [topic + infographic]. You will find a lot of websites in your niche publishing infographics. So they are likely to republish your infographic as well. 


By now, you have learnt 7 effective tactics to grow your blog.

Choose one tactic at a time and implement it. If it doesn’t work as expected, try to use other tactics. Some tactics might work better for some niches.

If you have other unconventional tactics to share, please comment below and let’s discuss.

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  1. Hi Isaac,
    Great article. I found you through our mutual membership of Wealthy Affiliate and have to say that the tools and methods you recommend have opened my eyes to a lot of opportunities to grow my blog audience.
    very much appreciated!

    • Hi Adrian, thanks for your comment. Yes, I’m also a member of Wealthy affiliate, which is a great platform to learn. Glad that you found my recommendations helpful.

  2. Thank you Isaac, good post with useful information.
    I am always looking for better ways to improve. I expect it’s my generation (grandmother) but I don’t do emails because I dislike being bombarded with them myself.

    I shall read other posts of yours too.


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