7 SEO Trends To Rank On Google in 2021

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the best ways to get prospects to visit your website. Every marketer competes to rank on the first page of Google search result (SERP) because the click through rate for the results on the second page is below 1%.

Therefore, to get organic search traffic, you must strive to rank on the first page of the SERP. To achieve this, you need to learn and understand SEO.

Google’s algorithm changes from time to time, so you also have to adapt your SEO strategy in order to maintain your ranking on Google.

In this article, I’m going to talk about 7 SEO tips that can help you rank better on Google.

1. Core Web Vitals

Google announced three new metrics in 2020, which are called Core Web Vitals. It is used for measuring user experience and will be one of the most important ranking factors.

The three metrics are loading, Interactivity and Visual Stability. These three metrics are all related to one thing: site speed. Google will measure how fast your page load, how soon to get interactive and how stable it is while loading.

7 Seo Trends To Rank On Google In 2021

To get a great score for Core Web Vitals, you should use a better web host and a lightweight theme. I recommend using WPX Hosting as it’s one of the fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Providers at an affordable price. As for WordPress theme, GeneratePress theme is the most lightweight theme on the market. 

2. Google Can Understand Search Intent

Google is getting smarter. It uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand what users are searching for.

Google can interpret the search intent like a human brain. So even if your content is high-quality and long-form, if it cannot satisfy the search intent, your webpage will not be ranked for a given query.

Google always aims to help users find the most relevant and useful content. So if you want to rank for a certain keyword, you must understand the search intent of that keyword and publish quality and relevant content that can answer the search intent.

For example, a user might be searching for an answer for a question, alternatives, how to tutorials, product reviews etc. So you have to make sure your content and the target keyword’s intent can match.

I suggest searching your target keyword on Google and see what type of content is ranked by Google. That way, you can understand the keyword intent and write relevant content for it.

3. Keyword Research is Important

Google ranking has become more competitive, so it’s important to invest time in keyword research in order to find keywords that can be ranked and drive traffic to your website.

I personally use both Mangools and Jaaxy to find long-tail and targeted keywords. Sometimes, you need to be creative to dig out the low-hanging fruits, which are lucrative but low competition.

In the process of keyword research, most people forget doing the SERP analysis for the targeted keyword, which is a common SEO mistake. It’s important to do a search on Google and analyse the competitors ranking for that keyword. 

You need to analyse their content, domain authority, backlink profile to see if you can outrank them. If not, try other keywords because it is meaningless to write something that cannot be ranked and generate no traffic.

4. Google Likes Original Content

Original content means unique content that has not been published before. There are many similar contents of a certain topic on Google. If your content is similar to the existing content ranked on Google, it’s less likely for Google to rank your content higher than others.

Therefore to outrank the existing content, you have to create authentic, useful and value-added content in your own words.

For example, you can create case studies, do experiments and surveys to create unique content.

5. Featured Snippets will become more important

Featured snippets appear at the top of SERP, which is what we call Position Zero. It is done by Google algorithm bots.

7 Seo Trends To Rank On Google In 2021

It’s unclear how to get your content in the Featured Snippet, but one strategy you can try is to answer a specific question in a good structure like bullet points within your content.

Getting in the featured snippet can drive a significant amount of traffic for a certain keyword.

6. Long-Form Content

According to a research report by SEMrush, Posts with 3,000 or more words have 3 times more traffic and four times more shares. They tend to attract 3.5 times more backlinks when compared with the average length of 1000 words.

Therefore, if you want to get higher ranking, you must create long-form content. However, you should maintain quality and relevance because the ultimate aim is to provide users with the information they are searching for.

To create long-form content, you should use subheadings like H2 and H3 tags to break up your content. That way, people can easily scan the content without reading every single word.

I like creating a table of content for long-form content, which can help improve user experience. Just install the free plugin, Easy Table of Contents, to automatically add a table of content to every post.

7. Google EAT Principle

Google likes quality content. But how does Google determine the content quality? The EAT principle, which stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, are the factors used to decide if a web page is of good quality.

Google is putting more emphasis on branding and authority. The more authoritative your brand is, the easier you can rank on Google for a certain topic.

You can establish your brand’s reputation by increasing your brand’s search volume. If many people are searching your brand, it can actually help your website content rank higher because direct traffic to your website tells Google that users are repeatedly visiting your website to find answers.

Moreover, when you are writing your content, you should back up your position with statistics and facts by linking to reputable sites. If some authoritative sites link back to you, it can also help you fulfill the EAT criteria.

Last but not least, you should include a great author profile for the posts on your website. For example, the qualification and recognition of the author.


SEO is getting more complicated as Google becomes smarter. To succeed in SEO, you have to adapt your strategy to the changing ranking metrics. The days of simply optimising for keywords are gone.

However, there is one thing that will never change: relevant and quality content. If your content is of high quality and relevant to a certain topic that can answer the user’s search intent, you would actually benefit from Google’s algorithm update. Because ultimately, Google is striving to serve quality and relevant content to its users.

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