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What is the best Kartra pricing plan for your business? This analysis explains each plan’s benefits and determines what pricing tier best fits your business.

Please see the Kartra pricing plan section below if you are in a hurry or sign up for a $1 trial period here.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra Pricing


$99 / mo
($79/mo when billed annually saving $240 a year)

Contacts (Up To) – 2,500

Emails Per Month – 15,000

Pages Created – 100

Products – 20

Helpdesk Portals – 2

Custom Domains – 1

Bandwidth Per Month – 50GB

Page Visits – Unlimited

Membership Sites – 2

$1 14 Day Trial Period (Available Through Our Links)


$199 / mo
($149/mo when billed annually saving $600 a year)

Contacts (Up To) – 12,500

Emails Per Month – Unlimited

Pages Created – Unlimited

Products – Unlimited

Helpdesk Portals – Unlimited

Custom Domains – 3

Bandwidth Per Month – 125GB

Page Visits – Unlimited

Membership Sites – Unlimted

$1 14 Day Trial Period

BONUS: Kartra Agency Included


$299 / mo
($249/mo when billed annually saving $840 a year)

Contacts (Up To) – 25,000

Emails Per Month – Unlimited

Pages Created – Unlimited

Products – Unlimited

Helpdesk Portals – Unlimited

Custom Domains – 5

Bandwidth Per Month – 250GB

Page Visits – Unlimited

Membership Sites – Unlimited

$1 14 Day Trial Period

BONUS: Kartra Agency Included


$499 / mo
($379/mo when billed annually saving $1440 a year)

Contacts (Up To) – 50,000

Emails Per Month – Unlimited

Pages Created – Unlimited

Products – Unlimited

Helpdesk Portals – Unlimited

Custom Domains – 10

Bandwidth Per Month – 400GB

Page Visits – Unlimited

Membership Sites – Unlimted

$1 14 Day Trial Period

BONUS: Kartra Agency Included

Starter Plan at $99 a month ($79 per month if billed annually)

Karta’s 2,500-contact plan and 15,000-email plan are designed for small businesses just getting started with email marketing. If you are just starting out, this will suit your needs, but don’t be surprised if you want the Silver plan after a while.

Once you’ve got a few automated campaigns in place and your list grows, 15,000 emails is actually not that much a month.

At this level, you are limited to one custom domain. In the early stages, you should focus on just one website.

Would it be possible to get Kartra for free?

At this time, there is no free offering. 

On desktop/laptop, you can also sign up for a Kartra 30 day $1 trial using our links. By clicking the button below, you will be taken to a landing page where you must click ‘Start Trial’ in the middle of the page (screenshot below). You will be taken to the pricing plan page.

After hovering over the back-up arrow several times, a pop-up screen will appear (screenshot below). You will be able to try Kartra for 30 days at $1.

The offer is only valid for signups made on desktops or laptops for a limited time (correct as of June 2021). If you sign up using a mobile device or tablet, you will not be able to get this 30-day trial, so please use your desktop or laptop.

All major credit cards are accepted, including Mastercard, VISA, and American Express. Below is a screenshot of the payment page.

Other Limitations


Kartra’s Commerce platform allows you to sell a maximum of 20 products. According to my experience, new online businesses with small email lists often promote no more than a handful of products at any one time. Physical product companies are an exception. You should consider moving up the tier.

Bandwidth per month

You can think of it as the capacity of your website. Your website’s capacity is taken up as more images and videos are uploaded and downloaded. 

With the Starter Plan, you get 50GB of bandwidth, while 20 minutes of HD Youtube videos use between 400 and 500MB.

It will take up less space to have more straightforward short videos. So, 50GB is sufficient for beginners, but it is difficult to make an exact estimate. In your funnels, for example, you may use a large number of webinars that take up considerable space. 

To remove unneeded data from hosted files, I recommend using a video compressor like Handbrake.

Silver Plan at $199 a month

In January 2021, the Silver Package will cost $199. It is possible to reduce this to $149 by paying annually instead of monthly (a 25% reduction). The number of contacts increases to 12,500, and the number of e-mails is unlimited. In May 2020, Kartra increased the email limit from 125,000 to 200,000 as part of the Silver Plan.

With these increases comes a jump in bandwidth to 125GB, and this plan also enables you to use three websites with Kartra’s software and have unlimited pages.

At this tier, all other features are unlimited as well. For those of you looking to move up, that 100 dollar jump packs a lot of value.

As a free bonus for Silver Plan members, Kartra Agency is also included. A central master console allows you to control and manage all your agency accounts and client accounts. 

Gold Plan at $299 a month and other plans

In terms of pricing, the Platinum and Diamond plans vary depending on how many contacts you have. The domains and the bandwidth are essential facets of the larger list.

Is it possible to cancel or change Kartra plans at any time?

It is possible for you to cancel, upgrade, and downgrade your Kartra plan whenever you want using its billing portal.

Kartra Pricing Summary

What is Kartra’s monthly price? Here are your pricing options again:

  • Kartra Starter plan is $99 per month.
  • Kartra Silver plan is $199 per month.
  • Kartra Gold plan is $299 per month.
  • Kartra Platinum plan is $499 per month.
  • Kartra Enterprise plan: please contact support.

Kartra Pros

  • Online marketing software that is truly all-in-one
  • A collection of funnel templates designed by marketing gurus
  • Helpdesk, membership sites, and other unique features
  • Consolidating features onto a single platform saves money in a significant way
  • Support team with knowledge and responsiveness

Kartra Cons

  • There are so many features on the platform that learning them can take time
  • You may incur high bandwidth charges if you use a lot of videos

Kartra Tutorial

If you don’t know how to use Kartra, this YouTube video will give you an overview:

Kartra Alternative: A Must-Have Online Marketing Tool

As you are reading this review, I’m sure you are an online entrepreneur, so I would like to introduce a very powerful marketing tool to you to help you scale your business to the next level.

It’s called ClickFunnels. You may have heard of it, but if not, let me explain why you should consider using it to generate more sales online.

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ClickFunnels is the only piece of software you will ever need to run an internet business.

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But How Much Can You Earn With ClickFunnels?

Many online entrepreneurs are using ClickFunnels and have earned at least $1 million in sales using ClickFunnels. The earning potential is limitless.

ClickFunnels created an award called the “Two Comma Club” award for entrepreneurs who reached the 7-figure financial milestone inside one of their ClickFunnels funnels.

The screenshots below are some of the winners of the “Two Comma Club” award. Do you want to be one of them?

Kartra pricing
Kartra pricing
Kartra pricing

With ClickFunnels, you can drastically increase the opt-in rate and upsell conversion rate:

Kartra pricing
Kartra pricing

Where to Get ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial.

If you want to try ClickFunnels and see if it fits your online business model, you can sign up for the free trial here (no worries that you can cancel it anytime within 14 days and won’t be charged a penny).

With the free trial, You can get instant access to every amazing feature of ClickFunnels:

  • Drag-And-Drop Website/Page Builder
  • One-Click Upsells & Downsells
  • Optin-Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Membership Area Pages
  • A/B Testing
  • Follow-up Funnels
  • Email List Building Tools
  • Email Management
  • Integrated Affiliate Management System
  • Sales Analytics
  • Pre-Built Funnel Templates
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Third-Party Integrations & Apps
  • CRM
  • And many more…

If you want to see a detailed evaluation of ClickFunnels, you can read this ClickFunnels review.

Anyway, I strongly recommend you to register a free account with ClickFunnels and see it yourself.

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