GeneratePress vs Genesis – Which One Is The Best?

Are you making a comparison between GeneratePress and Genesis? It’s quite a headache to compare these two themes because they are both very popular.

A great WordPress theme should be fast, easy to customise, and most importantly lightweight. Some themes are specifically made for certain purposes, such as online stores, directories, review sites etc.

GeneratePress and Genesis are both known for speed and flexibility. They are optimised for SEO, so if your major traffic source is from search engines, these two themes should be your best choices.

But the question here is whether you should choose GeneratePress or Genesis. In this article, I’m going to compare these two themes for you.

Overview of GeneratePress and Genesis Themes

Genesis Theme Introduction

Genesis has existed for a long time, which is a very famous WordPress theme. 

Genesis theme is developed by Studiopress, which advocates the usage of parent and child themes in developing a WordPress site.

GeneratePress Theme Introduction

GeneratePress is a newcomer when compared to Genesis, but it doesn’t mean GeneratePress is not as good as Genesis. 

Actually, GeneratePress’s popularity is growing pretty fast. Many people shift to use GeneratePress in recent years because of its emphasis on lightweight. I like its minimalistic approach because complicated or heavy websites are outdated. 

To rank well on Google, you have to make sure your website is fast and easy to navigate. So keeping things simple is a better approach.

Comparing the Features of GeneraPress and Genesis Theme

Genesis Features

Using the Genesis Theme requires installing the Genesis Framework. It is the foundation for installing a child theme. You can then make customisation to the child theme.

Genesis allows other WordPress developers to develop different child themes for their Framework.

If you use Genesis, you can have the following features:

SEO features: Genesis comes with in-built SEO features. But if you are using an SEO plugin, these features might become redundant.

Basic Theme Settings: Genesis theme allows you to add Google Adsense, change the layout, breadcrumbs and others.

Export/Import: You can export the settings of Genesis Theme and import for the other WordPress websites.

Child Themes have different customisation options: Genesis has many child themes. Each one has different options to customise. You can choose the one that fits your needs.

What I don’t like about Genesis Theme is that it’s a bit difficult to customise without coding knowledge. 

If you are a developer and know CSS, JS, PHP, Genesis Theme might be good for you. If not, the Genesis theme is hard to manage. For example, you have to add additional CSS code to the theme files to make a logo responsive on mobile devices.

Since Genesis is not very user-friendly when it comes to customisation, you may have to install a lot of plugins to add customisation options. For example, you may need to install the plugins like Genesis Simple Edits, Genesis Simple Hooks. Genesis Custom Footers, CSS Hero, Genesis Responsive Menu, Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

GeneratePress Features

GeneratePress is the theme that I am using on this website. It has a free and premium version. I’m using the Premium version.

Actually, the GeneretePress free version is comparable to the Genesis framework. It allows you to customise a number of things like the logo, header, primary navigation, sidebars, containers, footers and even add custom CSS.

But I personally use the premium Generatepress, because it comes with other useful add-ons that allow you to customise anything of the theme easily. 

Here’s a list of the premium add-ons you get when upgrading to the premium version:

  • Colors
  • Typography
  • WooCommerce
  • Sections
  • Menu Plus
  • Page Header
  • Blog
  • Backgrounds
  • Spacing
  • Secondary Nav
  • Copyright
  • Disable elements
  • Hooks
  • Import/Export

I like using the Hooks of GeneratePress because you don’t need to add code snippets to the pages and can do customisation.

GeneratePress theme is also optimised for SEO, so you can expect your web pages to rank higher than other websites with heavy themes.

Comparing the Speed and Performance of GeneratePress and Genesis Theme

Genesis Theme Speed and Performance

Genesis Theme lacks customisation options, so you need to install many plugins to add some simple functions or features to your website. This will slow down your website.

GeneratePress Theme Speed and Performance

GeneratePress theme has a very quick page load speed. When hosting on a good quality server with caching settings, the speed is even faster.

With GeneratePress, you don’t need to install many plugins because a lot of the customisation can be done easily.

When it comes to speed, I would say GeneratePress theme is faster than Genesis Theme in general.

Comparing the Ease of Use of GeneratePress and Genesis Theme

Is Genesis Theme Easy To Use?

As mentioned, to customise Genesis Theme, you need some coding knowledge. You also have to install plugins to get some features. When your site has many plugins to handle, it can be quite difficult to figure out the issues.

Is GeneratePress Theme Easy to Use?

The GeneratePress theme is easy to use. There are many powerful customisation options that do not require coding knowledge. You can use the theme customise to design your website easily.

So I think in general, GeneratePress is an easier theme to use.

Comparing the Price of GeneratePress and Genesis Theme

Genesis Pricing

Genesis Framework costs $59.95. It will get lifetime updates for the Genesis Framework.

However, as mentioned, you also need a child theme if you use Genesis. The child theme will cost at least $50 more. 

GeneratePress Pricing

GeneratePress is freemium. I recommend people investing in the premium version because it comes with many more features. When you use GeneratePress, you don’t need to purchase an additional child theme.

It costs $59/year for the GeneratePress premium. They also have a lifetime offer, which is $249. 

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FAQs on GeneratePress vs Genesis

Are GeneratePress and Genesis Themes SEO Friendly?

Both themes are SEO friendly. They are very lightweight. But if you install a lot of plugins with the Genesis theme, it might affect your site speed and hence the SEO.

Can I Use Child Themes With GeneratePress and Genesis?

If you use Genesis, you must use a Child Theme, but for GeneratePress, you don’t need it. But still, if you want to use a child theme, you can download it from GeneratePress for free.

Are Generatepress and Genesis Themes Free?

Genesis doesn’t have a free theme. For GeneratePress, you can install the free version to have a try. Just search within your WordPress dashboard and install.

Are GeneratePress and Genesis Compatible With Gutenberg?

Both themes are compatible with the new Gutenberg editor of WordPress. If you use Generatepress, you can even install the GenerateBlocks, which makes the Gutenberg editor even more powerful for building and designing web pages.

Final Verdict: GeneratePress vs Genesis

Considering all the factors above, GeneratePress is the clear winner. It offers more value for the price. 

Most importantly, GeneratePress is easier to use. It’s very SEO friendly and great in terms of performance and speed. The cost of the premium version is also very reasonable.

That’s why I choose to use the GeneratePress theme for this website.

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GeneratePress vs Genesis

GeneratePress vs Genesis

GeneratePress vs Genesis

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GeneratePress vs Genesis

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