How to Evaluate the Value of Your Website?

Do you plan to sell your website? Are you doing website flipping business? No matter what website you have, as long as it has traffic and generates income, you can sell it for a multiple of monthly net profit.

Your website is your asset. In order to know how much your website is worth, you can use the website valuation tools. Then, you can set a reasonable selling price for it. Usually, the evaluation tools calculate your website value by taking into account your website income, expense, domain age and website type.

Website Valuation Tools For Flipping Websites

1. Flippa Website Valuation Tool

Flippa is a well-established website for buying and selling websites. It has a free business valuation tool that you can use to calculate your website value.

How To Evaluate The Value Of Your Website?

If the price is good, you can list your website for sale on Flippa. If you want to buy a website on Flippa, you can also use the tool to gauge if a website is worth buying and negotiate a price with the seller.

2. Empire Flippers Valuation tool

Empire Flippers is another great flipping website. They also offer a free valuation tool that you can use. To use the tool, you have to create a free account. You can evaluate unlimited websites.

How To Evaluate The Value Of Your Website?

You just have to select the type of website and complete the valuation form. You can then use the estimated sales figure to list your website for sale. 

3. AdSense Benchmark Tool

Adsense Benchmark Tool is provided by the famous SEO research tool SEMrush. This tool is more suitable for websites that are primarily monetised through Google AdSense. If your website’s main income source comes from affiliate marketing instead of Google AdSense, your website may be undervalued by this tool.

How To Evaluate The Value Of Your Website?

What is the Value of Your Website?

Website valuation test gives you an idea of how much your website is worth. The tools mentioned above are doing a good job in the calculation. This is very useful for people who are doing website flipping business. Flipping websites can be very profitable that some people can make 6 to 7 figure income.

If you want to get a more accurate result in assessing the website value, you need to maintain a proper record of income and expense by yourself. Otherwise, your data input into the tools will affect the accuracy of calculation.

If you have experience of flipping websites and know other great website valuation tools, please share it with us in the comment below.

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